Here at Living Simply Free we believe that the good life is the simple life. Among the many philosophical concepts about how people should live, this notion is a near timeless one. From Socrates to Thoreau, great thinkers have been discussing it for more than two thousand years. And to this day it still has plenty of believers and followers.

Through most of human history, frugalness was not a choice but rather a necessity. And because it was necessary, it was also considered the moral path. With the coming of the industrial revolution, capitalism and a consumer society, a system came about that was set to vigorous growth, and with it came a population that was encouraged and given the means to buy lots of things that, by past standards, was surplus to what was required to get by. The result of this was, and is, a disconnect between the traditional values we have inherited and the consumerist urges now ingrained in people by contemporary culture.

Lately a growing interest has arisen in rediscovering the benefits of simple living. Many people are interested in rebuilding what in the past were considered the desirable traits of resilience, frugality and independence. For many the result is more happiness from the promoting of peace of mind and good health.

We’re on board with all of this!

frugal living