Slowin Down

I was cleaning out my inbox and stumbled across one of the newsletters from Handcrafted Travellers and  spotted this quote:

Slowing down takes trust – the trust in your own abilities and your willingness to adapt to an unconsumer (self-reliant) lifestyle. Of course, you must enjoy it too, so let your actions take meaning and be persistent in your endeavors, for the rewards aren’t always immediately apparent. You have to keep at it, day after day, to reap the many benefits of a simple life.

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Desire leads to Disappointment

So many of us live in a state of disappointment, whether that be personal or professional.  Why do I find myself disappointed with some aspect of my life, simply it comes from  DESIRE.   We desire more, more of everything. Continue reading

Good Fortune was mine for the Asking

I just had to share with you my story of good fortune from Friday.   With the snow not far away, I decided to head to the hardware store to purchase some necessary supplies to hold me off through winter, that and new knobs for the dresser I am working on. All pictures are from my outing on Friday, hope you enjoy what looks to be the last of our autumn colors. I love not having a car, I see so much I would normally miss or have to view from a distance if I were driving.


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What are you willing to pay for?

When we hear about people who have, or are looking to, simplify their lives the discussion usually centers on the home.  Decluttering possessions, moving to a smaller home, maybe even giving up home ownership for renting.  Things like cable are cut, and home cooked meals with real ingredients are common.  These are all great ways to simplify.  But in the discussion things are overlooked all too often.


This weekend, Bethany, shared her story of commuting to work on her bicycle and leaving the family car at home.  Not everyone is as fortunate as Bethany and need a car to get around.  A car is a machine, a tool to get us from one place to another, that’s it.  So my question today is, if a car is only a means to get us from one destination to another, what features are you willing to pay for?

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Bicycle Commuting: Guest post

Blogging has opened up my world to some amazing people and  helped me to feel I wasn’t alone in my quest to live a simpler life.  Today, Bethany, a true minimalist, whom I also call a good friend, is here to share her experiences in bike travel.   Making the move from a small town to one of the larger cities in the U.S. calls for a few extra safety measures, which I’m happy to say Bethany is aware of and plans for.

I gave up my car just over a year ago, and while that’s not possible for everyone, Bethany has found that the family car doesn’t have to be used every day, even to get to work.   I hope you enjoy this look into Bethany’s commute and will visit her blog at My Journey to Ithaca.   While you are there you can read my guest post today on the Empty Nest Syndrome.

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Change the world Wednesday

We only have on planet.

We only have on planet.

This week I am again following Reduce Footprints and the Change the World Wednesday challenge. For some this challenge could be very hard to handle, for me this one is easy as both parts of the challenge are part of my every day life. Instead of choosing an option I thought I would show how I made the changes to get to where I am. Continue reading

Extending our home space

Yesterday was a lovely day to have gone for a short trip.  The weather was warm, yet  extremely windy, some of the  trees are starting to bloom giving me  a colorful view while driving.    The computer, well that’s another story and a lesson I should have learned  a  while  ago.

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Fridge-free, car-free update time

It is time to give you an update on life car-free and refrigerator-free.

Car-free living has been surprisingly smooth for for me even though the last time I was car-free I was 17 years old. There is much I forgot in the 33 years  since I was last without a car.

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Just Wait They Will Get You

Today was our first gorgeous spring day with temperatures in the mid 40s and nothing but sun!!  I have been waiting for this for so long I couldn’t wait to get out and explore my town.

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Do you suffer from Affluenza?

As I look around my home today I know I want to make a few changes to streamline a few areas of my home.  While I don’t want my home to lose the feeling of comfort I don’t like clutter.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my place to look like the home of a monk just a little more pulled together.

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