My New Home

Thank you, each and every one of you, for all your thoughtful comments on my search for a new home.  Today I have some great news to share, I have a new home!!

My dream was to find a small home with land, or land I could build an energy efficient home on.  On my wish list was the ability to add solar, have a garden with collected rainwater for watering needs and so on.  I looked at many properties, from apartment complexes to flats and even an old mobile home.

I thought I had it narrowed down to two properties, one the mobile which I wasn’t sure I would be able to address the safety issues before winter and an apartment in the community I preferred. I finally told my son to turn in the application for the apartment in his town.  He decided to wait until today because he wanted to look at one more property for me.

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Friday Faves, All New

Welcome to the new edition of Friday Faves.  As you figured out I discontinued this series while posting links on Facebook, which didn’t work out well. I missed having my favorite articles in one post and hope you missed them too. If not feel free to let me know in the comments.


This week was saw the children returning to school, or in the case of my grand children, starting kindergarten.  I never looked forward to school when my boys were young as it seemed our lives became less focused on family as we found ourselves attempting to fit family around the demands of school work.  This year it is a bit different and I am glad to have more ME time.

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Peek Inside My Brain

For the last few days I was nearly sure I would go with the option to buy a mobile home.  I finally received the pictures today and knew instantly the home was very old.  The problem is that looking at each picture I could see the end result and it fit me perfectly.  I thought I would take you on a bit of a trip in my mind to see how my brain works when it comes to decorating.

First up the living room.

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Making a List, Checking it More than Twice

I made the decision to look for a new home closer to my youngest son and his family.  I thought that was the hard part. ;-)  I have narrowed down my choices to three completely different homes each with its pros and cons.

I made a list of what I needed and one of amenities I would like.  On the must have list were items that included items such as accessibility, close to public library and thrift stores. Size of the home is another consideration. I refuse to live in a home too large for my needs.   In addition my new home would have to be close enough to my son and not require freeway driving between our homes as his wife is still uncomfortable driving on them.

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Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Summer is coming to a close, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and yet I still feel as if I am waiting for summer to start.  This summer has been irregular, the best word I can come up with.   I only needed to use my fan twice and never did we have those hot muggy days where you get out of the shower and can’t seem to get dry.  The nights have been cold, often hovering between the 40s and low 50s.  It used to be that the minute June came around the windows were all open, day and night, except when it rained too hard.  This year people have put their heat on and most windows need to be closed more often than not.

The rain has been both a treat and a pest.  When I get sick of near constant rain I just remind myself that my organic garden is truly organic as I don’t have to water it with tap water from the hose.  To make this summer stand out, we’ve had so much rain that the garden never once needed watering.

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Good News Monday


This past week I had to avoid a lot of the news, it was too grim from Ferguson Missouri to drought conditions leading to more earthquakes and even a new hurricane forming…it’s just too much.  After avoiding mainstream news today I caught a story on the California earthquake.  It seems not a day goes by without news that saddens me.

The good news is that as a result I was actively looking for good news to counter the rest and found several good stories for you.

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Making Gifts


This afternoon was beautiful. At first I divided my time between chores and the sun then I had company, my granddaughter wanted some grandma time.  I was in the process of determining just how much of a drop sheet I had left. It wasn’t enough for the project I had in mind but the one section was smaller than the rest and an idea came to me, something the little one would enjoy working on.

There is something about the age of five and six where tic-tac-toe becomes an obsession with children. It’s no different here. We use the chalkboards but paper has been used often, a habit I like to discourage. So beginning with cutting a piece of the drop cloth and using fabric markers left from the onesies I did last month, I drew a tic-tac-toe grid.  Little one decided there had to be three, one for herself, her brother, and her oldest cousin, it was too much fun to hoard all for herself.


We had to put each child’s name on the fabric, then we headed to the sewing machine where we sewed the openings to create a bag out of the fabric.  I cut a strip for each to add to the upper one side that would be easy for a child to tie closed.


Then it was time to collect the playing pieces. For this we headed outside and collected rocks. Once we had enough it was time to scrub them down and set them in the sun to dry.  Then it was time for the little one to choose paint colors and paint the rocks. She picked two colors, one for the “X”s and one for the” O”s.


Once the paint was dry we wrote the letters “X” and “O” on the proper rocks and set about giving the game bags a trial run.  After several games with grandma, it was time to challenge dad.  The game bag went home to share with mom.   Tomorrow brother will receive his game bag, and later this week another will be mailed to her cousin.


Total cost, Zero!  These were made with leftover fabric, free paints and rocks from the field.

What started out as a creative project between the two of us became an afternoon of creating gifts.


Have you been in a creative mood lately?