Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Summer is coming to a close, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and yet I still feel as if I am waiting for summer to start.  This summer has been irregular, the best word I can come up with.   I only needed to use my fan twice and never did we have those hot muggy days where you get out of the shower and can’t seem to get dry.  The nights have been cold, often hovering between the 40s and low 50s.  It used to be that the minute June came around the windows were all open, day and night, except when it rained too hard.  This year people have put their heat on and most windows need to be closed more often than not.

The rain has been both a treat and a pest.  When I get sick of near constant rain I just remind myself that my organic garden is truly organic as I don’t have to water it with tap water from the hose.  To make this summer stand out, we’ve had so much rain that the garden never once needed watering.

Some plants suffered in the rain. The pumpkins got too wet and developed powdery mildew which I couldn’t control.  The blue hydrangea I was so excited to find to place in the Little Cove died from too much water and is only now coming back. And it didn’t stay blue for those of you who were wondering.

Hydrangea that wasn't totally lost

Hydrangea that wasn’t totally lost

The flowers just started to bloom in the gardens so we went all summer without color which was depressing but at least some finally bloomed many did not from too much rain.

one of the zinnias

one of the zinnias

There is one publication I normally purchase each year, the Farmer’s Almanac.  Even before I had the garden I liked knowing what the weather would be like.  This particular publication is extremely accurate, better than the local news, and helped me for years to plan which mornings I would need to get up early to shovel before work, yes it was that accurate. I even use the almanac to plan when to plant my garden. I wait for a day they call for rain and put my seeds and plants in that day then wait for the rain to do my watering for me to save both time and water usage.

I purchased the 2014 almanac and it was as accurate as could be.  It forecast the bitter cold we had last winter, it even forecast the rains we received in the spring and summer.  I saw the 2015 almanac at the store and decided not to buy one this year.  There is something to be said for not knowing bad news is coming before it arrives and for me extreme cold winter is the worst of bad news, that is after knowing those I love are healthy and safe.

But thanks to the internet I couldn’t resist clicking on a link about the farmer’s almanac’s upcoming year’s forecast when I saw it.  If you are curious, and live in the US, you may want to click this link and see what is predicted for you.

I’m all for planning ahead.  Having warm clothes ready, when I had a car keeping emergency items properly stored. I like to plan for meals that can be reheated on those days I’m not in the mood to cook too.  But I’m beginning to think I should plan for the worst and hope for the best when it comes to the weather.

How was your summer?  Do you like to know what the weather will be or do you prefer to plan for the worst and hope for the best?


25 thoughts on “Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best

  1. Ah, the weather patterns, she be ashifting. Nothing is like it was anywhere. We have to get used to being unsettled. Mother Nature has a mind of her own and has decided to teach us all a lesson in humility. Our summer was hotter and drier than any I remember here. At my son’s place in California, there was no winter. Hot all year long. I saw autumn snap her head last week and we have leaves falling, cooler days and even a torrential downpour. After seeing the weather in the east and mid-west, I’m expecting the worst this year. Hopefully, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I can do without heat a whole lot longer than without cool air. I’ll take a peek at your almanac though. I like to know the weather as that’s how I plan my days.


    • I hope your weather isn’t too cool for your beach-y birthday.

      I don’t know if I can explain the weather we are having this weekend to one who doesn’t live in this area but here it goes, It’s cool and rainy, yet so muggy I needed to plug the fan in. Even for here this is weird.

      I still think you and I need to share a bit of our tolerances for weather. I can’t take much cold but have a good tolerance for the heat. ;-)


  2. Well, it might be nice to know what the weather’s going to be, but no forecasters seem very good where we are, so we always hope for the best and plan for the worst.

    A couple of years ago someone compared the Farmer’s Almanac against the actual weather and it didn’t well either, so it’s not just the local forecasters.


    • I hear it depends on which almanac you use. There are several that go by the name Farmer’s Almanac but only one tends to be accurate.

      The forecasters have been really off this year We had many days with pouring rain and yet the forecast said we wouldn’t see any. All we could do is shrug and laugh.


  3. It’s been cooler and wetter than usual here in Denver too, but for me at least, it’s been a welcome change. We’ve had nearly 14.5 inches of precipitation so far this year. 11 is “normal” but the past two years were between 6-8. Anyhow, it’s been a wonderful change with temps in the 80’s and low 90’s instead of high 90’s and 100’s – I’ve even been able to have the windows open in the evenings because it will cool down into the 70’s shortly after sundown – past few years it’s been in the 80’s until midnight or so. But the severe weather has been um… challenging. In fact, we just had a big thunderstorm come through which knocked out my power for about 5 minutes! But, I’ve only had to water about half a dozen times, which has been such a nice treat… and the grass actually looks amazingly green!

    I’ve heard the predictions for a cold winter too – but I figure we’ll just have to wait and see. But I really don’t think there’s any question that our weather patterns are changing and becoming much less predictable. Perhaps I’ll go look at exactly what they’re predicting for Colorado, just for grins. :-)


    • I’m glad you are enjoying the weather. ;-) My son came home today and informed me they are calling for snow the beginning of September, way too early for this area.

      So did you check your forecast? ;-)


      • Well, Denver sits right on the border between two of their areas, so I wasn’t sure which one to go with. But any way you slice it the forecast was for a cold snowy winter!


      • Oh.. and snow in September? Yikes! We had a big storm in September a few years ago – well, probably a dozen years ago now. Anyhow, the trees all still had their leaves and it was a big snowstorm with about 8 inches of heavy wet snow. Tree limbs snapped all over town taking out power to thousands and blocking roads everywhere. It was an exciting one to be sure! Here’s hoping that prediction is wrong. Given the weather you’ve had I think you deserve a nice long Indian summer! :-)


        • The news of snow in September was shocking to me so I turned to the farmers’ almanac that has been accurate so far this year and it says it will be unseasonably cold but doesn’t call for snow.. I’m going with that. ;-)

          The thing is my grandparents used to talk (and show us pictures) of their winters. They had snow when they returned to school in September but it would be gone by January. I’m wondering if we are just in a transitional period that will give us weather like they had. Things do seems to be circular so I wouldn’t be surprised.

          So were you without power after that storm?


          • Can’t remember if I lost power on that one or not… if I did it wasn’t terribly memorable! But what I do remember is that I had tried my first fall crop of spinach that year – only I got it in late so it had just barely come up when news of the coming storm arrived. I covered it with black plastic, but it was one of those years when we just kept having more snow, and then I got busy and I figured the spinach was all dead anyhow so I just left the plastic there. Then one warm day in January I decided to clean up a bit and I went to put the plastic away in the garage. Imagine my surprise when I pulled it back and discovered spinach happily growing under there. It still blows my mind. That’s like 3-4 months without any sunlight, in freezing temps… but it was happy as can be. I spent that winter pulling the plastic off and on, but I had spinach all through until it bolted in June! Pretty amazing.


          • Wow that’s amazing. I’ve been missing spinach this summer. I didn’t bother planting any because it would bolt in the heat, then we didn’t get the heat.

            I sat out in my garden today trying to figure out if I should invest in plastic to protect my plants from the cold weather arriving in a few days or dig up what I can and try to transplant so I can bring them in each night.

            I finally decided to use plastic. I have a tarp here I’ll start using tonight because it got cold enough last night it damaged a handful of tomatoes that were close to picking. But this weekend will probably build frames using clear plastic so I can leave it on during the day but just lift the sides for air. I had the garden set up to thrive whether we had a wet or dry season but hadn’t thought ahead to a short summer of little heat.


  4. Like you, Lois, our summer has been cooler and wetter. The cool and wet have spread out and not dumped on us all in one setting, which has been nice. I can honestly say I’ve really enjoyed this summer. It’s been nice to see everything fresh and green for a change and not brown and dried up. I like the regular, light showers we’re getting especially without the notices of fire threats.


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