Good News Monday


This past week I had to avoid a lot of the news, it was too grim from Ferguson Missouri to drought conditions leading to more earthquakes and even a new hurricane forming…it’s just too much.  After avoiding mainstream news today I caught a story on the California earthquake.  It seems not a day goes by without news that saddens me.

The good news is that as a result I was actively looking for good news to counter the rest and found several good stories for you.

1.  First up. Thursday I took the grandchildren on a walk to the university to listen to a bag pipe performance. Knowing one of the bag pipers the children felt free to question them on their instruments.  Not only were they open to answering the children’s questions they took their instruments apart to show them how each piece worked and gave them the technical names of each part.  From there we headed over to listen to the marching band practice. it was a lovely evening, but on the way home I stumbled upon something I hadn’t noticed before.  The front grassy section of the local Chinese restaurant had been replaced with an edible garden. Check out those zucchini.  I hope this trend is picked up by other local restaurants.

edible garden

2. Theresa (Living Homegrown) shared the good news that Bell has removed BPA from their canning lids. There are still come questions about some of the new materials used but it’s a good first step. If you can you may want to check out her post on the new instructions for prepping the lids.

3. Environmental news has been positive when talking about renewable energy sources.  Science Daily reports it may be possible to make solar cells from old car batteries.  I’m all for recycling one item that contains toxic elements into a way to produce energy, keeping the toxic elements out of the waste stream.

4. I spotted an add for jam that is embracing the Verified non-GMO label.  while most berries aren’t being genetically modified (as far as I know), it’s nice to see food labels promising no-GM ingredients have been used. This is one way around GM labeling.

gmo free

5.  Looking for help starting a new project in your neighborhood?  New Dream will match funds you raise (up to $2,000) to make your vision come alive.  Check out the current winners and submit your ideas here.

6.  Clare (Eco Friendly link) shares how Leonardo DiCaprio raised $25 million in one evening for the environment.

What good news do you have this Monday?


16 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Thanks for sharing my DiCaprio good news -I appreciate it! Thanks also for doing this “good news” section on your site – I think it’s vitally important!
    I do something on a smaller scale each Friday but it’s to my email subscribers only. Now I’m wondering if I should open it up to my blog…….
    Thanks again, and have a great week!


    • Clare, I do get your newsletter and so often I want to link to it and give you credit but it’s not on your website. You have so many interesting stories in your newsletter if you added it to your blog you might find more people will read them.


  2. Thank you for the much needed good news! I want a solar cell made from an old car battery!

    Let’s see, I had been saving up some good news, but with all the horribleness lately, most of it seems to have slipped my mind. But I do recall reading an article that community solar gardens are flourishing in Colorado. It’s basically a deal where a private company, non-profit or collective sets up and maintains a large solar array and individuals and companies can essentially buy panels at the garden. There are many advantages over rooftop solar including the fact that installation costs are minimized (because they only have to attach one garden to the grid rather than a pile of small rooftop systems) & solar activity is maximized (because the garden can be placed in a location without trees etc which often make rooftop systems less efficient than they otherwise would be). There are also tax credits and other things that make it a really good deal.

    Anyhow, apparently they’re selling out faster than they can build them here.

    So, that’s all I’ve got at the moment!


    • I want a solar array built with old car batteries too. ;-) What a much better idea than extracting more resources from the earth.

      This last week has been filled with really bad news hasn’t it? I’m glad you added your good news to mine. Solar gardens sounds like a great idea is this close enough to you that you could join it?


    • Cynthia that is good news! I am probably making myself sound really old now but when I was in school I had a pen that had refillable cartridges. It never crossed my mind to buy the disposable ones as I grew up with the refillable styles. I hope these pens catch on and do well in sales so more will follow suit.


      • I won’t need to buy a pen for the rest of my life! When students cleaned out their lockers at the end of the school year they would put EVERYthing into the trash. I had a whole shoebox of pens by the time I retired, most of which I left in my classroom but I did take a big handful home. I imagine the ink will dry up before they are used up here!
        I had fountain pens, too, and used to love the light blue ink of a Schaeffer pen. Alas, they were made of plastic as well.


  3. Our local library has a squash vine growing where there are usually flowers. Now the flowers weren’t bad, but it’s nice that people are getting something to eat from the tiny space. And I think the vine is as pretty as anything that’s been planted there.


    • How nice to hear more businesses are growing edible plants. Our library doesn’t own the building it is housed in and the landscaping was done by professionals to tie all the businesses in with the same look. I thought the zucchini and pumpkin plants were lovely in front of the restaurant.


  4. Loved your good news, Lois. I was concerned about the quake, too, as I have friends not too far from there. So it was lovely to read so much good stuff. DiCaprio is such a good example, isn’t he? ~ Linne


    • Linne, I hope your friends are safe and I’ll keep them in my thoughts. DiCaprio is a good example and there are several more actors who are actively trying to do their part for the environment.


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