Clearing it Out

This is going to be a very short post, I need sleep. ;-)  This week I began watching my grandson while his dad is in school. This means I am woken each morning at 6:45 when my son carries a sleeping child into my home.  Disrupting my sleep isn’t a good idea and I’m more of a night owl than an early riser so when little one wakes before 9 it’s not the most pleasant of moments.

I found myself considering the quote by William Morris “.”Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” this week.  I have two items that are useful, just not to me at this time. The first is my juicer.

Juiceman Juicer

Juiceman Juicer

There was a time I did a lot of juicing, but it’s gotten too expensive to purchase enough organic produce to make this a daily routine.  I’ve also found that I enjoy blended drinks more than juices which leaves the fiber and pulp and doesn’t add as much to the compost. As I cleaned out the one cabinet in my kitchen I stopped to try and remember the last time I used the juicer and could only come up with one instance in the last three years it was used.  it’s time to pass this on to someone who will use it. I think I would have gotten rid of this sooner if it weren’t that this was given to me as a gift. When this leaves my home I will also be letting go of more plastic.

soup tureen

soup tureen

This soup tureen was also a gift.  This was made by a local potter and when my ex saw I had bought a couple plates and bowls from him decided to add to my “collection”. This was impractical for me as when I make soups I prefer to do so in the slow cooker where I can maintain the temperature during the meal for seconds.  I’ve tried everything to make this work in my home.  First, I used it to store tea bags but this is huge to have on the counter for something that can be stored in a much smaller way.  After that I used this as a planter.  The last plants to be grown in here were radishes and that was a total failure. Did the pottery get too hot?  I don’t know but after starting to sprout they died off. Yes, this is beautiful but it is not useful nor practical for me. It too must go.

Love the lid's design

Love the lid’s design

I tried to use the lid as well and even had it hanging on the wall as art, but it looked out of place so it was stuck in a cabinet where it wouldn’t be broken.

 “Bottom line is, if you do not use it or need it,
it’s clutter, and it needs to go.”
Charisse Ward


Are there things you are holding on to that could be used by getting rid of them?

31 thoughts on “Clearing it Out

  1. OK… very strange. For some reason this post, and all the rest for the past week and a half just now showed up in my reading list. Hmmm… Well, at least I have a lot of nice reading ahead of me! :-)

    Anyhow, I think those are some of the hardest sorts of things to declutter. Stuff that’s useful and/or beautiful, but just not right for one’s current life or situation. Plus, the fact that they were both gifts adds another layer of difficulty. Congrats on letting them go so that someone else might enjoy them!


    • I’m having problems with some of the blogs I read getting notification when there is a new post, Like your blog, I haven’t had an email in more than a month. I will look into this and see if there is anything I can do about it.

      Gifts are always hardest for me to get rid of because some people are hurt if you don’t keep and use what they have given you. Unfortunately, they are still in my house as Craigslist isn’t as popular in my area as in others.


  2. I haven’t got a juicer but I do have a blender and I have been having Kale smoothies and of course couldnt live without our beetroot smoothies each morning.. My daughter bought me a super smoothie recipe book for Christmas and I have enjoyed trying some out.. The blackberries are out but I had to strain out the seeds far too many to cope with and was a lot of hard work for a couple of drinks, so will only add a few into other smoothie recipes in future, so lesson learned… :-)
    My son has been de cluttering, The Garage got more thrown out in the scrap mans direction,, SOoooooo we are on the up! LOL… ;-)


    • I love making smoothies! My brother many years ago bought me a smoothie maker, but it didn’t work for me because I don’t use milk or ice cream to make mine, just fruit vegetables and a bit of water, so I passed it on to my son who used it for making margaritas. ;-)

      Glad the garage is coming along, your scrap man must love you. I’m surprised your son is on a decluttering phase, but good for him it sounds like he’s awake enough to realize what burden stuff does to us.


  3. I have the same juicer! I haven’t been able to talk myself into getting rid of it yet, because I do juice with it occasionally, and if my boyfriend ever gets on board I would love to try juicing for him to improve some health issues to get him off medication. I am working on being more aware of the things we actually use in the house so that I can appropriately purge. There’s much purging to be done.


  4. We’ve been decluttering for awhile but are still finding things that can go. Just today, I found a bag of items I’d planned to sell on Craigslist tucked away in the garage, when I’m donating this weekend to the church rummage sale this weekend.

    I cannot believe how much 5 people can accumulate in 11 years. Guess we should plan to move more often!


    • That was something I did often. I moved on average every 2-3 years and did a major purge each time. Just having children who received lots of gifts and brought home papers from school they wanted to keep was a huge part of my clutter back then.


  5. #6 — Hi Lois — you’re at least the 6th mention I’ve come across on declutter this week. I guess I’m gonna have to make a plan and get busy. Thanks for the advice, my friend. :-)


    • Oops. Sorry about that. :-) I have noticed that in the blogging world certain subjects seem to be popular at certain times of the year. January is popular for decluttering with New Year’s resolutions, but didn’t realize July would be another month of clutter posts.

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      • No problem on that, Lois. I just think it’s funny and ironic, at the same time, how the Universe keeps gently sending me these messages. I love it and need to hear it.

        I’m long overdue decluttering and getting rid of stuff. We’ve lived in our home over 30 years and have held onto stuff older than that. I think it’s about time — ya think? LOL :-)


        • Pat, I can’t even imagine being in the same place that long. The longest I’ve stayed put has been 13 years and the first few were really hard as I had that need to move but it was important to me to let my boys grow up knowing the same friends and stuck it out. Once we began homeschooling my boys came to me and asked when we could move. ;-)

          I’d enjoy summer, it’s way too long then work on purging in the winter months, but that’s just me. ;-)


          • Yeah, it’s amazing to me, too, being in the same place for so long, Lois. I don’t know where all the time has gone. It’s flown by.

            Here, we are coming up on our 48th wedding anniversary and the number sounds outrageous but the length has blown by, too. Seems like just yesterday when we first started out on this journey.

            Because of missing childhood parts, home has become important to me and I’ve cherished it over the years. I think I’ve fulfilled that longing feeling and need for whatever it was I missed out on and can sense the beginning of some changes.

            But, wow, what could they be at this stage of my life? I don’t know but I’m excited about the possibilities and open. I think some of the purging will come along with that, too.

            Boy, didn’t plan on talking so much on this but it’s been fun. Thanks for letting me bend your ear a little, my friend. Hope you have a happy weekend! :-)


          • Pat, like you, home was something I didn’t have until I was an adult and tried to create a sanctuary in each place I lived. The only difference between us is that I was used to moving and traveling so had trouble staying in one place for any length of time.

            I look forward to hearing what it is your heart is longing for when your heart shares with your head. ;-) Until then just keep enjoying each day.

            P.S. 48 years seems long to me as well, congratulations.

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          • Lois — Seems like we feel the same when it comes to home and family. I can see where moving around would give you confidence and help keep your stuff down to a minimum.

            I didn’t move around much and really haven’t traveled much either, which I’d love to do. When we did go somewhere, it was usually from point A to B. That would be nice to have more traveling in my future.

            Will just have to see how life unfolds, Lois. It’s a mystery. But I’m doing what you say and enjoying each day as they come. I love it and have much to be thankful for.

            It’s an adventure for sure and will be sharing along the way. (P.S. I know — 48 years — where did the time go?)


          • Pat I am looking forward to hearing what comes next for you. I know it will be exciting and fun. :-)

            Moving did keep my stuff to a minimum as I always had to have help loading and unloading but never wanted to overwork my friends.


          • Thank you, Lois. It will all be good. For now, just living in the moment. I’ve got a couple of things I’m working on and will clear things out along the way. :-)


  6. De-cluttering becomes a way of life as we age. As I unpack and while packing, more and more went to boxes for the thrift store. My car has a load in it as I write. I’ve found a lot of remains in the house I bought so a lot of that is going too. I spend much of my weeks making dump runs, recycling runs and thrift store runs. I have more square footage but now have my sister’s furniture here for the time being so lots more has to go to keep me sane. When she moves on, this place will be cavernous, till the next visitor. Hopefully, they will be traveling lighter. In your small space, those items can seem huge. Good luck getting rest.


    • Marlene I figured now that you had room to spread out and storage space for everything you wouldn’t need to get rid of anything. But thinking about your comment, I can see how a new home gives one a new life and with that a need to get rid of the old to allow ourselves to grow and open to new experiences.

      You are definitely tiring me out with all you are doing lately. Where in the world do you get all the energy?


      • You ask the same question my family asks. Where does the energy come from? Even with Bells, which limits what I can do because of balance problems and the need to rest for healing, I feel energized by the simple desire to make something worn, look new and happy again. I have to rest more than when I was younger and well, but somehow, the house just begs for some love and light. I did a numerology chart on the address here. It adds up to “spiritual growth” as it’s mission. That front porch has already had a number of sit down soul searching conversations on it. “Home” is my life’s work. As I said in a prior post, the house and I are breathing life into each other. I wanted space to accommodate my constant flow of guests. But like you, I often feel overburdened with too much stuff. I’ve donated and sold so much already and as I go through, more gets released from my life to let someone else enjoy it. I don’t want my children to have to do this once I’m gone. I hope to use up the creative materials I have in this life and I have acquired no more. I must live to 108 to get it all done. :)


        • I am the same way. I never look to the nice homes or apartments, I want something that needs to be brought back to life and jump right in. I may be sore later but I too am energized by new experiences. Your house number is perfect for you and it sounds like it has already started with your conversations on your front porch.

          My craft that I have way too many patterns to complete in one life is my cross stitch. Like you I don’t want to burden my children with my stuff when I am gone. Plus I am very private and don’t want anyone going through my things even now..


  7. It’s an ongoing process for me and it seems like I am always finding something else that can go. Those are two big things that will give you some significant space to use.
    On a completely different topic but maybe e of interest to your readers, I heard back from Yogi Tea yesterday and this is their reply:

    “I am happy to confirm that all components of our tea bags are compostable with the exception of the staples used to seal the bags and attach the tags. We currently use a non-heat sealable filtration paper made from a select blend of high quality manila hemp (abaca) fibers and wood pulp. The filtration paper does not contain plastic or polypropylene. It is oxygen bleached using a natural process that is completely free of chemicals or toxins.”

    So good news, I can still enjoy my bedtime tea! I think it’s important to spread the news about companies that do care.


    • That’s great news about Yogi Teas, I know I can find those locally. When I first decided to get rid of the things that I had acquired raising a family but didn’t need any longer it took me six month and I only had a one bedroom apartment! Each time I thought I was done in one space I would find myself coming back to it after working on the next space. That feeling of freedom and room to breathe kept me returning to areas I thought were done only to eliminate more.

      Yes, these two items are way too big to keep in my tiny kitchen. The soup tureen was in my window with dead plants in it while I tried to come up with another use for it. I finally gave up and decided it was leaving.

      My goal is to have nothing but a plant here and there sitting on flat surfaces with no clutter to be seen. I much prefer my art to be the focal point of my rooms.


    • Alex, I’m not sure I have all that much left to declutter now, I’ve pretty much gotten rid of everything I don’t use regularly with these last two items. Now to keep it that way. ;-)


  8. Last fall (2013), I went through much of our “stuff” and purged, purged and purged. At the time, there was a chance we would be moving out of state, so I was trying to use that perspective to motivate my decisions. Lots of boxes donated.
    Then, 2014 and I start thinking maybe I should see if there could be more to purge. (thinking after such a huge purge last fall, it would be minimal) heh – this time I was using the , “if I don’t love it or use it, it goes” – holy smokes! Lots and lots of boxes and bags donated and I didn’t get through the totes storing Christmas and Halloween in the basement, yet.
    Boy oh boy, do I feel lighter!! I love knowing that what I don”t need can be used by someone else and it isn’t getting thrown in the garbage. I don’t donate crap – if I think it’s crap, it either becomes a useful rag or I dispose of it or recycle it. Love it. Get some rest – it’s almost 1:45 am, so I better get to bed.


    • Ranee, I hope you got to bed and slept well. I’m still having trouble adjusting to a morning routine.

      I used to move every couple of years, call it wander-lust if you will but I got antsy being in one place for too long. I always said I liked moving because it gave me the opportunity to touch everything and make a decision on whether to keep it or get rid of it. The amount of paper that I tossed out was ridiculous. But I completely understand your motivation on getting rid of things prior to a move.

      I’m not surprised you found much more you were willing to let go of a year later. I hear all the time, and felt it myself, that once space starts opening up it becomes so much easier to let go because we like the feeling we have in those rooms that have been decluttered.


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