Good News Monday

Yes, I know today is Sunday, but I have something different for tomorrow and wanted to still share some good news with you.


You would think because I was off a week I would have a large list of news for you today. Not the case, I have been drowning in bad news for days now.  Here’s the good news stories I found for this week, please add your good news to the list in the comments.

1. Have you seen the push to get you to buy during the summer months by advertising sales calling it “Christmas in July”?  This has been going on for a few years now to fill that gap in sales before the back to school sales start off the largest profits of the year that doesn’t end until December with Christmas.  One local business decided to take this marketing gimmick and turn it on its head.  The local Christmas in July here involves free entertainment. The local golf course offered a special party where children could golf for free with a paid adult pass (the only cost and you could participate without golfing), there was free frozen hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. a coloring contest and Christmas music  the event was free if you brought a canned food item for the food pantry. Other businesses joined in by having complementary buffets with Santa in attendance and more.


2.  A feel good story caught my attention in the local area.  A local a no-kill shelter has been run by a group of individuals for many years and had no facility for people to come and see pets up for adoption. It used a tight group of foster homes to put up the pets until placed in new homes.  A facility was only a dream until recently.  An elderly woman adopted a pet from this organization approximately ten years ago.  She recently passed away and left her entire estate to the no-kill shelter shocking all involved.  Today the facility is operated out of what had been this woman’s home allowing the animals to freely move around and those who visit hoping to adopt a cat or dog can see how the animal responds in a home environment. Not only are the animals free to wander the house, there is enough property to allow them to play with volunteers outside during business hours.


3.  We’ve talked about tiny homes before and the reasons people choose to live in very small spaces, but until now I hadn’t heard of one making the move because of love.  See why this grandmother moved into her backyard 8 by 10 shed.


4. Treehugger gets my vote for bringing me the most uplifting stories of the week.  In a time when corporations are hell bent on only a profit margin, one company finds a way to reduce their environmental impact in it’s daily operations.  To reduce their impact on a daily basis could have resulted in tons of materials ending up in the landfill, but for this company landfilling these materials was out of the question.  It was a time-consuming process but they found new uses, see what they are here.


5. Baltimore, Maryland has combined solar with water. This solar powered water wheel can clean the harbor of 50,000 pounds of trash.   If we aren’t going to change our ways and stop littering, a solar powered water wheel is the next best way of keeping the waterways debris free.  Now I want to know how long before we can start using them in more lakes and rivers.


What good news do you have to share this week?

14 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. OK… just stumbled upon one more that I had to share. The Denver County jail is apparently experimenting with an aquaponics system where they would grow both their own lettuce and fish to help feed the inmates. The inmates would also learn how to operate the system so they could have employable skills when they get out. win – win- win!

  2. My favorite local cat shelter started exactly the way the one you wrote about did. Hmmm… maybe when I’m old and gray I’ll will my home to the cats! Anyhow, they operated out of that house for many years, but about 10 years ago they raised a pile of money, bought some land and built an actual facility with a vet clinic in the basement and everything. It’s so nice to see that kind of success.

    OK… I do have good news to share! First of all, the Denver city council just approved (well, expanded actually) a cottage food law allowing gardeners and small urban farmers to apply for a permit to sell their produce. The fee is only $20 and it’s a one time fee. Hooray for local produce!

    My other piece of good news is about a Denver woman who gave up a career in neuroscience to start a small jam company. She picks fruit from local trees and vines (with the permission of the owner) and creates jams that she sells at local shops. It just makes me sooo happy to see all of that fruit actually being used instead of wasted like it usually is.

    Happy Monday!

    • Cat, I can always count on you for good news. You are fortunate in your location to have such good things happening. Colorado was always more progressive than my area.

      I think it’s a shame anyone would be told they couldn’t sell their own produce from their property. I’m glad to see the fee was kept low enough to encourage more to participate.

      Can you imagine the peace the neuroscience woman has now making jams? I would imagine any career in medicine be that research or otherwise would be very stressful. I found a tree here in my town I plan to harvest this year as it’s never been picked before. The fruits just fall to the ground and rot. There must be a lot of trees not being harvested in Denver to be able to create a business from it.

      I can see you leaving your home to the cats. ;-) It wouldn’t surprise me if you did.

  3. Some nice things on here Lois. The water wheel is great! I loved that story of the lady and her most gorgeous tiny home, isn’t that so pretty and wonderful that she could do that for her daughter and her kids.
    It has been a very, very sad week in the news. I saw a quote by the Dalai Lama over the weekend “The world will be saved by the Western women”. I have felt this myself for such a long time, God knows how but I would like to think at some stage we all weary so much of this that we can see a way to say Enough Already.

    • Wendy, the tiny house was so cute and you know I have a thing for cute tiny spaces.

      I hadn’t heard the quote by the Dalai Lama but it makes sense that he believes it’s us, “western women” who will save us. Women do most of the household shopping, and make a good number of the decisions into making a home.

      I was overwhelmed by the amount of bad news as well, I’m all for being informed but there has to be some balance for me.

  4. I love it when companies that aren’t really sustainable suddenly do sustainable things. It makes me sit up and think, wow, people actually get it. Maybe the idea of repurposing will become mainstream after all! Sometimes it can fill a bit like us against the rest of the world, so when big companies get on board it is good news indeed.

    • I agree. Flying has a huge footprint but seeing the time it took to find organizations who would use the leather impressed me, plus the fact the leather was being replaced to save on jet fuel made it even better.

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