DIY The Baby

searching for baby brother

Searching for baby brother

This weekend I am again taking a short trip to visit my youngest son and his family.  There is a baby shower Sunday I wanted to attend. ;-)

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.  ~Chuck Palahniuk

Things are so different from when I had my babies.  Never would we have had a baby shower for the second child but my daughter-in-law put me straight when she shared what she needed.  While their first child is only three and a half the car seats have “expired”  so there is one expense.  The home they live in now is set up differently from their last so a baby monitor is desirable to allow them to be in the lower level family room where the TV and toys are when the new baby naps. An extra gate is necessary for this stairway. Then there are clothes because well this one is a boy so they don’t want to dress him in princess clothes.

Friends wanted to have another shower, a way to celebrate a new arrival I’m told. What better reason for friends and family to gather than to celebrate life? I agree.

To eliminate duplicates, and receiving items they already have a baby registry was created, gift is not required to attend though.  The types of things the store tried to push as necessary blew me away.  A machine that will wrap each disposable diaper in plastic so it won’t smell up the house! A disposable diaper will never smell as bad as a pail of soiled cloth diapers, I should know my mother had the plastic diaper pail and the ammonia smell was horrific most days.  My thoughts are if you don’t like the smell have one bag you fill with several and tie it up. Better yet take it outside and put it in the trash there.

The number of receiving blankets and outfits in newborn size the store says you will need is way too many and even telling them this baby, like the first, would be breast-fed she was still pushed to add bottles, and various nipple shapes, to the registry.  And don’t forget the baby’s own utensil and toy dishwasher container.

When it came to the car seat she was told she needed a special cover to keep the cold off the baby, what happened to using a blanket, she needed special car toys that attached to the car seat. Seriously?

So what did I get asked to bring? My daughter-in-law wanted to surprise hubby with some cute onesies spotted on Pinterest and asked me to make ones like them.  Using plain white onesies and some fabric markers I set out to fulfill her wish. I tried to match the lettering and all placement of the words. It looked wrong, on all white outfits.  They looked better when I took the markers to the trim areas.

This first one I came up with for the big sister.  The one I found online had Mom on the shirt but this was cuter.  I toyed around with using my granddaughter’s name but that would have made it hard for them to pass on later.

One I added for the big sister.

Now for the sports fanatic that is my son. For those of you who don’t follow the NFL (National Football League) my son is a Dallas Cowboy fan, one of the other teams in that division is the New York Giants and you always hate the teams that are your direct competition.

giants fan

This one for some reason she thinks her hubby will get a kick out of, who am I to question her?  I know the two little ones who have stopped by to visit find this hilarious.

Pee your pants

I made another one that reads Daddy’s #1 draft pick but I forgot to photograph it before wrapping and packing it up.It was the last one finished and sure enough turned out the best.

And just to prove that I make huge mistakes I’ll share this one.

My son will receive this along with a multiple choice note which asks him which of the following choices is why I messed up so badly.  Some of his options include:

  • worked too long in the day,
  • I wasn’t awake yet,
  • distracted while I sang along to music,
  • someone kept texting me,
  • I was hungry.

Anyway, this one was supposed to read Sorry for spitting up I thought I saw a Giants fan.  It wasn’t until I was about to color in the letters for Giants that I realized I missed adding the word “up” and Giants I spelled “Gaints“. Yes, I did see Sorry wasn’t centered.

Three mistakes in one little project,  I was really out of it.   I couldn’t toss the shirt out, it was new!  I tried my best to cover up my mistakes.  This is one for an at-home day only. Since I started over and made one without mistakes in trying to fix this one I added a different team name.  In case you are wondering, the Eagles are another team in the Dallas Cowboy division.


I think I will leave designing of clothing to someone else from now on. With this fabric no matter how I pinned it into place and used a straight edge as my guide it looks different depending on how the fabric moves, at least that’s my excuse and I’m stick with it.  ;-)   In case you are wondering you can search Etsy and purchase a quality lettered onesie. The average cost from Etsy is $15, I was able to purchase the onesies and the fabric markers for a total of $21.

You would think something like this would be quick and easy to do. Easy yes, quick no.  The amount of repetitive tracing to get the ridges in the fabric was time consuming.   So if you try this yourself be prepared to take several hours to do just a few onesies.

What was the last thing you attempted and wasn’t happy with the outcome?


21 thoughts on “DIY The Baby

  1. I’m always surprised more families don’t request diaper service for baby shower gifts! Dan & I agreed that we don’t want any new clothes as gifts – little ones grow so fast that new stuff is just not necessary, and at that age it’s services that ease the parents’ pressures/stresses that I think are often most valuable.


  2. So cute! And handmade is always more special, I think.
    My daughter and her friends have “sprinkles” instead of big showers for 2+ babies. Usually just for family and closest friends and there is a list of just what’s needed. These babies are just as special as first ones and I think they should have as much fuss made over their arrival as the first one!


  3. I love the personalised lettering…It is so adorable, and is bound to create many many opportunities for folks to ask questions about,and interactions. everyone will want to know “where did you get THAT?”..

    very cool


    • When my son started school I was trying to cut corners on school clothes. I bought a bunch of pocket t-shirts and cross stitched sport designs on the pockets. I can’t tell you how many moms asked me where I got them because their children asked for them. It made my day to learn my son’s clothes caused so much interest.


  4. I am duly impressed. I’d NEVER be able to letter something so well – I’d probably resort to printing something out or using iron-on letters or something like that. Even so, doing anything on stretchy fabric like that is really, REALLY hard!


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