Paint and Thread

I had a few sewing requests lately and with storms all day today it was a good time to pull out the sewing machine and get to work.

a brief clearing

a brief clearing

The granddaughters are currently obsessed with the Disney movie Frozen.  I was informed there was a line of fabrics designed with the Frozen characters.  I stopped by the store Saturday, (yes, I bought new fabrics this time) and made the mistake of taking my granddaughter with me.  She spotted the Frozen fabrics and fell in love with one design.  Today she stopped by long enough to help me make a skirt with the fabric she talked me into buying.

frozen skirt

We choose a simple design with an elastic waist that would grow with her.  The leftover fabric I pinned together and let her sew it, leaving an opening to stuff and make herself a pillow.  I had stuffing here from a cushion that fell apart. I fill a pillowcase with any salvaged filling, tie it securely and then run it through the wash.  She let her brother help stuff her new pillow. It’s funny how something that simple is so fun to them.  The skirt and pillow used up 1/2 a yard of fabric

Her younger cousin’s mom had requested a baby doll sling so that’s what we made for her, This project was smaller so I only needed 1/4 of a yard.

baby sling

I cut a rectangular piece of the frozen fabric along with a scrap piece of white fabric for the lining. To give it a bit of fullness I added a piece of batting between the layers.  Leaving the ends open I sewed the two (longer) sides together.  Then using a piece of the excess fabric I folded the material to hide the cut edges and sewed it together.  With the open ends of the rectangle I folded the edges in and slid the strap into each end.  I pinned the strap, centered along the opening then folded the ends over and tacked them down.  This will give the sling the tightness it needs at each end. Not a great picture so I hope you get the idea.

sling strap

With the leftover fabric I made a pillow the little one and her mom can stuff together.

frozen  pillow

I have plenty of projects left to sew. My daughter-in-law had sent me a picture of curtains and asked if I could make them. It’s a simple design so I said yes.  A few days later I received a package with fabric and ribbon along with this skort (skirt with shorts hidden underneath) that my granddaughter was sad had torn.

sewing skort

I mended the skort and added it to an envelope with the above items to mail her.  My daughter-in-law says the little one is so used to my making things for her that anything handmade she tells everyone Nama (her name for me) made it.


I also have a set of pillows to finish for my daughter-in-law.  She bought the fabric when I was down there and asked if I could make them as slipcovers over a pillow form using a zipper to keep it closed.  She didn’t have a pillow form but has stuffing to make them.  I offered to make the forms with drop cloth material to save her money.  Those are nearly done, would have been finished tonight if the power and internet hadn’t gone down. I’ll show you these projects soon.

While the sewing was for family, I did take time out to work on a few things for myself.  The bathroom is still the bane of my existence the remodel has been held up so there is little I can do not knowing what will be affected in the redesign.  But the bathroom came to a head for me when I had to find a place to store my manual wheelchair. It had been stored at my son’s house, but he will be moving and won’t have the extra room.


This shelf I saved from being tossed in the dumpster was the perfect size for the closet but now had to come out.   I’ve looked for a storage cabinet for the bathroom without luck. Okay I did find one I liked at Ikea, but I didn’t want to buy something new.  Needing the closet empty, the shelf was repurposed for the bathroom.  It needed a new paint job.  As you can see I don’t need a lot of storage in the bathroom.  The biggest item is the case of toilet paper I buy through Amazon.  The shelf also served the purpose of a place to store my jewelry and daily hygiene items that were previously stored on the vanity surface.

painted shelf


The mirror has gone through a couple of transformations in the three years I lived here.  The frame is plaster and was chipped in several spots. The gold paint was tired and in my opinion ugly, but then I dislike gold.  I painted it white first because I had plenty of white paint.  Once I freshened the walls with an off white paint the mirror felt wrong. I tried some black paint to match the frames on the art work, but it felt too heavy.

facebook bathroom

A few weeks ago, I spotted this picture of a bathroom and fell in love. It gave me the idea to add my favorite color to my bathroom. I borrowed this image for my personal use from facebook and didn’t think to save a link. If this is your image or you know where it came from please let me know so I can give proper credit. I know the mirror is in black, but black was too heavy.  Also the tile is already blue in my room but adding the brighter blue, closer to turquoise worked better. My walls are a bit lighter, a white with just a hint of blue.  This turned out to be the inspiration I needed.

turquoise mirror

When I decided to paint the shelf, I realized I had a color I would love for the mirror.  This time I  had my son help me remove it from the wall.  (read: I asked, he took it down).  In my defense, it is quite heavy and the last thing I wanted to do was drop it and shatter it.

While the mirror was down the bathroom felt like a cave, it was really creepy to be in there.  The new color is exactly what I wanted the vanity area at least feels like it belongs to me finally.

updating bathroom

Due to our power outage, this post was very late, I’ll be back later tonight with Change the World Wednesday.

A little paint can make all the difference…..and it’s cheap.  have you used paint to update a room or piece of furniture lately?





11 thoughts on “Paint and Thread

  1. Loved all of your sewing items Lois, and I bet all the girls are happy LOL.. You are teaching the right skills and I am sure your little one will be making her own things very soon.. Now I know another little girl who would go mad on that Frozen material lol… the songs she sings all the time.. ..

    Love the Bathroom make over too, love the colour blue.. :-)


    • I thought of you when I was working with the Frozen fabric. ;-) The skirt and the sling have gotten a lot of use already My oldest granddaughter is already jumping to sew by herself. I set her in front of me and control the speed and watch that her fingers are safe then let her sew. She helped with a few of the projects last week and being that I have a few more to complete I plan on saving them and letting her ‘help;. ;-)

      My bathroom still makes me smile. It only took 3 years to take that space on. ;-)


  2. Ah, such cute wee girly things and baby sling. I have a Frozen loving granddaughter as well! I like the colours for your bathroom, paint gives such an economical transformation to things. At the moment I am painting a large bird house we picked up cheaply, it had never been painted so a bit worse for wear but it’s coming up nice just using odd bits and pieces of paint.


    • Wendy, I hope you will share your birdhouse when you are finished. What is it about Frozen? Everyone seems to love it. The one thing I noticed was that no one got married and lived happily ever after for a change. ;-)


      • I will share it :)
        I have no idea, I haven’t seen it myself….probably time children’s stories stopped starting that delusion of happy ever after for princesses anyway :) I remember thinking as a teenager I would be fine once my knight came along….duh!


        • At least you had a naive period where you believed in happy endings, I never did. Frozen is different in that it’s about 2 sisters, one who freezes things and has no control over it. When she becomes queen she accidentally freezes everything in the palace and runs away. The younger sister searches to find her. Now the younger sister is boy crazy and is duped by a guy who wants to marry her to steal the kingdom in the end she’s saved and all is okay. There is a guy that is interested in her, but it’s not explicit to the children who see him as her friend.


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