Good News Monday

I hope you had a fun-filled holiday weekend. I spent so much time with family and friends I took a three and a half day leave from the computer.  Looking for good news to share with you I came across stories I wish I hadn’t seen and you probably have.  If you don’t like the news you’ve heard lately I hope you will keep reading to see there are good stories out there.


My first piece of good news is that I received confirmation that a sidewalk will be built connecting the grocery store plaza with the rest of the town.  Of course not all good news comes from the goodness of the heart.   Years of wrangling over a sidewalk with residents who didn’t want it the decision was made after a young woman was hit by a car on this stretch of the road.  Luckily, the victim is doing well and wasn’t seriously hurt.

getting a sidewalk

In other news, Brad Pitt (the actor) with his “Make it Right” foundation is building modern beautiful homes for Native American’s, living in reservations, who are at or below 60% of the reservations average income.  In addition a percentage are being reserved for seniors and disabled veterans.  Check out some of Pitt’s amazingly designed homes.

The EPA has proposed new standards for landfills to reduce methane through capturing landfill gas.   This is good news but let’s do our part and reduce what we send to the landfills.  Going after the gases from landfills wasn’t enough, the EPA has proposed approval of climate-friendly refrigerants.

A UN court has ordered Japan to stop whaling in Antarctic.  Why is this so important?  Here’s why we need whales (scroll down to the paragraph titled Whales and the Environment).

what good News do you have to share this week?


9 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. That is great news about the sidewalk Lois.. Its always a shame that they wait until there is an accident before something is done… Same here.. We have a blind bend in a road not far from us, I travel upon it regular to work.. we have a stables near by and they ride there horses on that road… I always slow down to crawl as several times I came upon a rider walking.. or a pedestrian walking, their is no side-walk there either we call them pavements.. I see crazy drivers speeding around the bend they can not possibly see… and just hope for anyones sake there is not an accident waiting to happen.. people have complained about it and now a supermarket has been built lots more traffic hit this road and no one takes notice of the speed limit of 30 mph either.. So I am pleased you are finally having one sorted..

    Its also good to hear that Brad Pit is putting back something into the world .. I like that both he and Angelina both get involved in projects and give back.. Life has been good to them its always good to pay it forward to those less fortunate. and love his chosen project.


    • Sue, I can only hope something is done before there is a serious accident. The markers are in place here, the surveying has been done now we are just waiting for work to begin on the sidewalk.

      We hear so often about the exploits of famous people and too little of the good they do. I could easily write a post each week about the good work some are doing. Hmm, maybe I will. ;-)

      Pitt and Jolie have done some great things and too little of it is made public rather we hear about other things we don’t need to or want to hear about.


    • Carol, that is good news. I am constantly hearing about the droughts and horrible conditions in other nations,especially in the developing world. It’s good to know things are getting better.


  2. I love those houses. Great project.

    And wonderful news about your sidewalk. Near my house, we had to wait until several people DIED in separate accidents before they put in a needed guard rail.


    • I’m sorry your area was ignorant of the need for a guard rail for so long. It’s sad when cities have more “important” things to spend their money on than public safety.

      I loved each of those homes Pitt designed. I’ve visited a few reservations and those homes are way nicer than anything you normally find there.


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