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Welcome back to another Monday, the last for the month of June, where does the time go?  My first piece of good news today is from my garden, sorry bear with me for a moment. ;-)  The deer have left the garden beds alone since I strung up some bags and CDs but we’ve caught them eating from the bird feeders in the evenings.  I’m okay with that, I just get up early and fill the feeder for the birds, any thing left in the evenings the deer are welcome to.  That isn’t my good news, just interesting to me, the good news is the garden is doing well. I worried quite a bit since the newest beds don’t have compost and dry out faster but this morning checking the plants I spotted red peeking out from the leaves of the radish plants.  I have radishes!!


Last year the radishes never grew, well the plants grew but the radishes never developed.  I think I let a squeal escape and am thankful I was alone in the field when I spotted them.  I found eight ready to pick and ate them right away.


I wanted to store the bird seed outdoors and decided the best solution would be a metal trash can.  I worried I wouldn’t find one now that everyone has gone to plastic, but my garden supply store did carry metal cans. Since I buy my seed in bulk I would bring it home in paper bags which tore easily and made a mess around the apartment. No more messes.

trash can
I still need to find bricks or something to place under the can to prevent rusting but here’s the exciting part, not only did I find this at a local independently-owned business but it’s galvanized steel…..made in the USA!!!


Sure I paid more for it than I would have if I picked up a plastic can from a big box store, but it was worth it to support both a local business and a manufacturer in the states.


Okay, I’ll give you a break from my good news and give you some news that can make you smile too.

In London, people came out to protest a corporate of adding spikes to areas the homeless could sit a move to deter the homeless from huddling in front of their store. One group of protesters took action by spreading concrete over the spikes.  In response the business has agreed to find other ways to deter the homeless, see what one protester suggests they should do.


Vermont and Oregon have taken on Monsanto with labeling laws and outright bans on growing GMO crops, Now, Spokane is joining Eugene, Oregon in passing bans on the  use of pesticides with neonicotinoid insecticides making it illegal to buy or use these pesticides in an effort to save the bees.


Cypress has decided to remain GMO free, something permitted in the EU regulations, stating “what we have today is better”.   It’s time to convince the rest of the European Union to follow Cypress’ lead.

Copyright Food Rcovery

Copyright Food Recovery

Ben Simon began Food Recovery Network at the University of Maryland in 2011 and has saved over 400,000 pounds of food from ending up in the landfill rerouting it to charities, local non-profits and food banks, and 12,000 of that came from a Walmart shareholder’s meeting.  Now a new certificate program is available which will award certification to restaurants and businesses that donate their food rather than tossing it out.  You can now look for this bright green sticker on the front of your favorite restaurant or grocer and support those businesses that avoid waste.

Finally, if that wasn’t enough to start your week off right, check out this video.  Before you head out on your summer vacation skip the electronics and videos for the car and consider having some quality family time on that car ride.

What good news do you have this week?


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  1. Such good news Lois especially about GMO Labelling .. and oh I so loved those two in harmony singing in the vid… Big smiles and that was a real GOOD NEWS Monday… thank you so much for sharing.. :-) all of your links.. I hadn’t heard of the homeless Protest action in London.. so thank you for that..

    • Sue, you are the second person to tell me they hadn’t heard about the London protest and lives in the UK how sad that good news like that escapes your news.

      The dad and daughter singing in the car brought back so many memories of the road trips I took with my boys singing at the top of our lungs. ;-)

      • Yes our Granddaughter is always singing the Frozen tune, although she is unsure of all the words…. We are forever being frozen LOL.. :-) I hope to post soon more update of the allotment and put a picture of her happy digging and hoeing away.. :-)

  2. I love your trash can : ) My parents used to have metal ones when I was a kid (only one at a time, but they’d rust with all the rain so they got through a few over the years)

    My favourite good news is your radishes! Well the other news is good, but there’s nothing like the power of nature to put a smile on my face!

    • Lindsay, I too grew up with a metal trash can but can’t remember my grandfather ever buying a new one. It’s funny how the plastic bins took over when these work so well.

      Those radishes are getting around. Yesterday my daughter-in-law joined me in weeding afterwards we shared the radishes that were ready.

  3. I live in the uk about 35 miles from Regent Street so why didn’t the local and national news highlight this, why did I have to hear about it from the US. Maybe the BBC are scared of Tescos. Good on the protesters.

    • Chris, I can’t believe you didn’t hear about it. From the story there was a Facebook page dedicated to getting rid of the spikes even. Mainstream media probably doesn’t want the regular citizens to see their actions can make a difference.

  4. Some really nice news here :) I was pleased to read that protesters covered those awful spikes with concrete, brilliant idea.

    I saw this wee song from Dad and daughter a few days ago, gorgeous :)

    • Who in the world thought spikes was the way to deter the homeless, why not feed them through the back door if that’s what it takes? I’m sure a store could put up a few tents and put out food they were going to toss anyway, then they wouldn’t be seen from the front of the store. geez.

  5. I love, Love, LOVE the Food Recovery Network thing… it makes me smile just thinking about it!

    I’m not sure how it got to be Monday again already. I didn’t think I had any good news, but your thing about the spikes in the sidewalk reminded me. Denver has a similar issue with trying to cover up its homeless problem, and passed a camping ban a few years ago aimed at getting people off the streets… like that really helps – yo, dudes, if they had someplace else to sleep I’m sure they would!

    Anyhow, the good news is that there is a new public/private partnership forming under the Road Home project which is going to provide free housing to about 300 of the chronic homeless – it’s part of the Housing First initiative which provides permanent homes for people with no strings attached – they don’t have to compete in a lottery for beds or prove that they’re sober etc.

    The idea is that without the stability of housing, people cannot hope to deal with issues like addiction or mental health problems. Anyhow, they estimate that the chronic homeless cost taxpayers around $50K a piece annually because they end up in emergency rooms and jail etc, so the funding is coming from private sources who will get paid back by the money saved on those sorts of services. I sure hope it works, and its about time our society decided to take care of those who cannot care for themselves!

    • The homeless issue is one that angers me. We are supposedly so advanced yet we don’t take care of those needing help the most. Just as those who could never adjust after Vietnam and lived on the streets are dying off we now have a new group of military who are ending up there. Then there are the mentally ill who ended up on the streets when in the 80s they closed down the sanitariums and left them to their own devices. Now the fastest growing segment of homeless are families. It should never be permitted.

      Maybe I’m too soft but if I were in power in an area with homeless I would do something to help them. Good for those private sources that are doing something to help in Denver.

      Food Recovery is such a good program, can you believe a stockholders meeting had 12,000 pounds of food they would have tossed out. If Walmart can overspend on food for their meetings they can do something better for their employees.

  6. Lois, thanks for the linkie to Yes! I’m now on the weekly mailing list and the monthly one for teachers as well (’cause I’m curious). A great couple of stories in there about tiny houses as solutions to homelessness.

    Lovely radishes! I would have eaten them right up, too . . .

    As to getting your birdseed home safely, have you thought of cutting the legs off a pair of denim jeans, turning up the bottoms and sewing them securely (I’d try heavy thread or dental floss), then maybe adding a ‘handle’ at the top? You’d have strong bags that could be made whatever length you needed by rolling the tops down. And no more leaks. You could either empty the seed into them or just put the paper bags inside for ease of handling.

    Hope your weather is good; I’m loving ours. ~ Linne

    • Linne, what a great idea for hauling home birdseed, I will make a bag soon. I have a big pile of sewing siting here for me to tackle and will add it to the growing list. ;-)

      Yes is one magazine I used to subscribe to, loved getting it but stopped the subscription to save on resources. The website is fantastic but it’s not the same as holding the magazine in my hands. I didn’t realize they had a teachers mailing but that’s great for you. I

      Besides the strawberries the radishes were the first food to be ready, and only a handful but it was so exciting after a bad growing season last year.

      My weather has been near perfect here lately and I’m out enjoying it every day. Glad to hear you are having fantastic weather too.

  7. I’m glad you found the metal trash can. You didn’t want a plastic one anyway since mice and other critters can chew right through those. We store our birdseed in a can just like yours and found it in the local hardware store also.

    • Great minds again. ;-) No, I didn’t want a plastic one for rodent issues and because I didn’t want plastic. I grew up with a metal can for trash and know how long they hold up.

  8. Congrats on the radishes – and the metal bin! It is always good news when legislation banning Monsanto’s plans is enacted :-) I loved the video – I don’t know what they were singing, but the interaction was like a trip down memory lane!

    • Thanks Pauline I was excited to see the radishes already and I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to find a metal trash can which was what I had my heart set on.

      I cheer every ban on Monsanto and restrictions being eliminated on our access to real unadulterated food.

      The song in the Video is (I believe) a song from the Disney movie Frozen. It brought back memories for me as well. I took many road trips as a child and with my children and music was a big part of how we traveled to avoid the “are we there yet” question.

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