Friday Faves; signs of summer

It’s almost Saturday and I’m just getting around to posting this week’s Friday Faves.  Sorry about that, life is still busy. I completed my granddaughter’s princess dress finally.  She told me step by step how she wanted it done, down to the style of the shoulder straps and the “jewel” she brought and showed me the exact location it had to be in. Fortunately, she choose a double crochet stitch she wanted the entire dress completed in.

princess dress

As if that wasn’t enough my top soil arrived today for the garden beds. I don’t think I’ve seen her this excited on Christmas or any other holiday.  My neighbors spotted her working the soil around to even out the beds and couldn’t believe how hard she was working or how dirty she would be when done.

sprading top soil

She accomplished more in a shorter time than I was able to do  When it was time for a break she would instead put on a show for me using the garden bed as her stage, she sang and even did a tap dance.

tap dancing

To say she was having the time of her life would be an understatement. When her dad brought out dinner she nixed the idea of eating at the table in the field and plopped down in the garden bed to eat. :-)  Tomorrow the rest of the seeds and plants will finally be planted and then I can only wait and hope for the best.  The strawberries are a bit late this year after such a late winter, but we are starting to find two or three a day with many, many more needing only about a week of good weather to ripen.

Want to know what interesting articles I found this week?

  1. Amanda, better known to many as A Thrifty Hippie challenged us to do just three things this week with the environment in mind.  For many on a path to green their lives this is a great way to start.  We don’t have to start with a bunch of big things such as moving to a smaller home, it can be as simple as carrying a reusable water bottle with us.
  2. With summer just around the corner, these whole fruit popsicles are just the thing to cool off with with no guilt attached.
  3. I’ve never been big on weddings, wedding magazines, shopping for a dress, none of that ever interested me, but one wedding caught my eyes as the perfect wedding, Check out pictures from Ecogrrl’s  green wedding What a lovely day they had for their special day too.
  4. I found this article through Wendy on Pathological Consumption which should be read by everyone before they go out to shop for another gift,  of course Wendy had a few things to say on the subject as well.

On that  note I thought you might like to see what i found at the local drug store this week

hot dog slicer


That’s right, now we need a plastic gizmo to slice our hotdogs with a “dog dish” to dip those slices.   Let’s stop buying this crap and save ourselves some money while saving the planet.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
~~ Mahatma Gandhi


Have a wonderful weekend

21 thoughts on “Friday Faves; signs of summer

  1. Hi Lois! Your garden is coming along fabulously! And how great that your granddaughter is there to help you and learn as you go. And Wow! Has she grown a lot since I first started reading your blog. Thanks for your weekly suggestions…now I’m off to check them out. ~Kathy


    • Hi Kathy, the garden is coming along nicely and yes my granddaughter is growing like a weed. I see her all the time so it’s not until I look at a picture that I realize how big she’s gotten.


  2. Oh I have been bursting to catch up here.. :-) And wow, how pretty is your Granddaughter in that Dress Lois.. Beautiful. and that Jewel just sets it off.. They know what they want don’t they.. :-) so good to see..
    And yes how much more useless things get to the manufacturing stage.. Really a Hot Dog Slicer! … I agree with Wendy ….

    My little one came yesterday and brought with her some glitter pens she had bought with her Mum… Talk about trying to get into them.. Vacuum packed double layered plastic.. I cut open with scissors nearly cutting my fingers on the plastic so sharp.. then had to prise everything out of the mould… Crazy….
    All of that had to go into the landfill bin, as they recycle bin only takes certain plastics..
    Got me thinking of just how many tons we dispose of in unnecessary plastic packages..
    Looking good.. :-) after all that hard work is your corner of the world Lois.. xox


    • Sue, I am so far behind I have a group of emails to read from you. I’ll be over soon.

      While it took me a couple of weeks to finish the dress with everything else I’ve been doing, it was worth it to see that smile on here face.

      Don’t you hate all that packaging? We are told it’s to prevent theft, but there has to be another way. I’ve cut myself a few times, and damaged scissors as well. Too bad they didn’t package the hot dog slicer in all that waste, maybe no one would buy it.

      Part of my desire to buy nothing new is because of the packaging, (the other part is where it’s made and resources used). I hate to see cans out for trash pick up, they are filled to the brim and I think if only the stopped shopping so much they won’t need a weekly pick up of trash.


  3. Oh I hear you on plastic crap!! Argh! I went to a shopping centre for the first time in six months last weekend. I forgot how awful they are, noisy, over stimulated and full of people buying things they don’t really need.


    • Barbara, I can’t stand shopping centers and malls. I’ve gotten so I hate visiting the grocery store either. Malls are horrible, the air is recirculated and I have trouble breathing often times. The artificial lighting and absence of windows just sets me on edge, and the noise…I prefer to pass.


  4. The dress you made for your granddaughter is so pretty and I can see in the photo how much she loves it. She will never forget the dress you made her!
    The hotdog slicer made me laugh, then groan. Just what the world needs, one more useless thing made of plastic.


    • Cynthia, I think I audibly groaned while still in the store. I passed by it and caught a glimpse from the corner of my eye. I had to stop and see how it worked. Every time I see these things, the banana slicer, now this what comes to mind is how much easier it is to clean a knife than these gadgets.

      She is loving her dress, I wasn’t too sure when she told me she wanted to design it but between us it came out rather pretty, if I do say so myself. ;-)


  5. That dress is beautiful, she’s lucky to have a grandmother that is capable and willing to do things like that.

    The hot dog slicer is funny, I’ve always thought a knife worked well.


    • Thank you, Freedom. We enjoy working together on projects, for this I let her create the design then simply followed her directions.

      A knife works fine for me on just about anything I care to eat. I would hate to see the utensil drawers of people who buy all these gadgets.


  6. Do I see sparkles in the dress? Was that a metallic yarn? When I saw your granddaughter in the dress, the first thing I thought about after how cute it was, was how much she has grown. She’s really sprouting up.


    • You have good eyes, Live and Learn. Yes that yarn has metallic thread in it which is what caught her eye in the store. She is growing like a weed! She wore a dress over today that she bought last summer, she swam in the bodice last year, this year it is snug. ;-)


  7. With you all the way! I’d also say let’s stop eating hot dogs – but that might get me lynched in the US :-) What a wonderful little grand daughter you have – and such a good grand mother too – the crochet dress is very pretty and she looks so proud – just lovely!


    • Thank you, Pauline, doesn’t she look proud? It was fun working with her to create her dress, she knew what she wanted that’s for sure. ;-)

      I’m with you on the hot dogs but I am definitely in the minority on that here and pretty much everywhere else I go.


  8. love the princess dress…wonderful of you to make lovely things for your grandchildren..I know they will cherish them forever.

    that raised garden bed is sure looking good. it will make gardening much easier. excited to see what you grow in it.


    • Lynn, I had no plans to make a dress at this time, but when she spotted that yarn and turned to me with those sweet eyes asking if I could please make her something with it I couldn’t turn her down. :-)

      The raised beds are looking good I can’t wait to see the first spouted seeds take hold. Of course raising them that high took more soil than a normal bed but it will be worth it when I don’t have to ask for help to reach a plant or to pull a weed in the middle of the bed any more.


  9. I totally agree “Lets stop buying this crap!” A hotdog slicer???

    I adore that dress and doesn’t she looks gorgeous in it. She sounds like she has alot of Nana’s influence in her regarding her love of the garden, she is just a delight.


    • Wendy, I was so disappointed to see another worthless piece of plastic they want us to buy. What’s wrong with a knife? Now something that makes opening a coconut would be nice but other than that I can’t think of anything a good knife wouldn’t work for.

      She was so proud of her dress what she had been wearing was quickly replaced by her new “princess dress”. :-) And yes, she does love the garden and any play that involves dirt.


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