Good News Monday


For most folks, no news is good news; for the press, good news is not news

Gloria Borger



How was your weekend?  Mine was busy in a lazy way. That may not make much sense to you but I felt lazy both Saturday and Sunday I just needed a couple of days to recuperate from a busy week.  So while I didn’t do much my son stopped over each day to work in the field. He was able to remove the last of the vines choking many of the trees and gifted me with 10 cuttings from his lilac tree which he then planted for us.  I’ll take a picture soon to share. We now have 5 lilac plantings on each side of the walkway leading to the garden area.  When these fill out and are in bloom the scent will be inviting as we walk up the path.

We also have a new business on the outskirts of town which sells outdoor plants, shrubs and trees where the highest price asked on any plant is $10. I’ll be checking that out soon. ;-)

This week good news was hard to find but I’ve made it my mission to start my week with positive news so here’s the best of what I found.


My seven year old neighbor took it upon himself to collect all the trash he could find around the apartment building.

  1. Black Women’s Blueprint shows a society based on bartering can solve many of our problems.  When Farah Tanis began meeting with a group of low income women she learned most were victims of physical or sexual abuse.  To help them get on their feet.  By setting up a bartering system to provide food for a week or rides to work these women have shown that by working together we can make life better.
  2. Researchers in Finland have shown that soil contaminated by industrial wastes can be cleaned up almost completely in just three months using fungi.  This goes to prove that nature has the means to heal itself if we get out of the way.
  3. I’ve mentioned a few times in the past how badly I feel for the graduating students from the local university.   They are starting their adult lives with massive debt and have little to no job opportunities.  I believe learning should be an ongoing process throughout our lives so I was thrilled to stumble upon Coursera which has teamed with universities to bring us free online classes. You can study from home and further your education without paying a dime.
  4. Finally, a heartwarming story of compassion.  In Sweden a bus driver suddenly stopped his bus and left without saying a word.  The reason?  He saw a young girl crying by the side of the road and wanted to comfort her.  He then returned to the bus and continued his route.  What’s even more surprising about this story is that not one of the passengers complained about the delay.


what good news do you have to share this week?

39 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Lois I think both of us would agree that allowing our Students to accumulate so much debt is all part of the enslavement for the rest of their lives, as they strive to work to pay it all off..
    I so feel for them.. they are caught in catch 22 unless they have very rich parents who foot their bills..

    And wow to that Bus Driver… well done to him… I must point that one out to my Son who is a bus driver.. He no doubt would say they would be facing a disciplinary if they left their bus untended… I will have to see what he says?

    And Lilac trees, I just love.. Oh to next Spring when they have taken hold and start forming new shoots.. :-)


    • Sue, I didn’t realize your son drove a bus, I’m sure he will appreciate the story if he hasn’t already seen it.

      I am watching the lilac trees closely hoping they take. The walkway to the garden beds will smell so good with five lilacs on each side of the path. ;-) My son is such a sweetie to bring these to me, (and plant them as well.)

      As for student debt, it’s horrible. When I attended college in the late 1980s my tuition was only $2,500 a semester for a full load of classes, and that’s with the extra fees I was required to pay. I feel so for this generation.


  2. I love it when people take care of the area they live. For a seven year old to do that is commendable. Our last apartment overlooked a small pond and the banks of the pond seemed to accumulate trash, so we would sometimes go out there with our daughter and pick up the trash. It only took a few minutes and it made the area look much nicer.


    • Freedom, I am sure your daughter saw it as a fun activity rather than a chore, but don’t be surprised if she starts commenting on litter when she sees it, my grandchildren got so used to picking up they now complain about how bad it is for people to litter. My neighbor is a great kid, he put the pile together to show everyone how much he found. ;-)


  3. I skim read the news in my local paper as it has happy/entertaining sections for balance, same with my local news on TV. I refuse to watch/read the others as it would have you believe there’s no such thing as kindness or basic humanity anymore. Thank you for your stories. What a sweet kid collecting the litter!


    • We have a newer free local paper here that I do read. It’s filled with mostly good stories,, like yours, but it also keeps me abreast of the local news such as new zoning I might want to attend a meeting on.

      He is a sweet kid. He stayed outside with me while the field was being cut. I told his mother he could stay outside with me if he promised to stay near the building where a rock couldn’t be thrown up by the mowers and hit him. When there was a break he was bored and keeping true to his promise not to leave the area he was restricted to he busied himself with collecting the trash. :-)


  4. Feels good to relax a little after being busy, Lois. Always good to take a break once in awhile and always enjoy noting your positive news. Happy Monday, my friend. :-)


    • Happy Monday, Pat. My relaxing will continue for a couple of days as we are entering a rainy period by the time it stops I will be able to plant out the rest of my garden now that it’s June. ;-)


      • You must be getting what we just came through. Most of May was cold and rainy (or snowy) off and on with temperatures dipping in the 40’s and 30’s. Was hard to get started on planting anything. June looks to be a little warmer and coming out of that.


        • Pat, I don’t really know which system we are getting but so far my garden is doing well so I won’t complain. The storm yesterday knocked down my tomato plants but I hadn’t added anything to support them before hand so I’m not surprised by that, at least they weren’t harmed in the process.


          • Lois – I’m glad to hear that your garden is doing well and that the storms didn’t harm anything.

            I’m loving the green from all the moisture. I’m hoping it still keeps coming as we move more into summer and the days warm up.


          • Pat, I’m loving the green from our rains too. :-) I hear my neck of the woods is expecting a wet summer so hopefully things will stay green this year.


          • That would be nice, Lois. Hoping for the same here in the Rockies. Would be great if we didn’t have to think about fires this year. :-)


          • Thank you, Lois. Me too on being safe from wildfires this year. I cringed when I saw what California was going through. I just pray it will be a better year for everyone. :-)


  5. I just love that you are keeping up with the good news series. We need that! I recently watched a program about fungi … what an amazing organism. I used to belong to a mushroom club and that’s where I first learned about their ability to clean up toxic soil. Of course, that ability was bad news for the club because, much of our area was once covered in apple orchards and they used toxic chemicals in the growing process. The club felt that, even though mushrooms were pretty quick at cleaning an area, it wasn’t safe to forage for food if one didn’t know the history of the land. Like everyone else, I love the bus driver story … there are good people in this world! Thanks, Lois!!


    • Using fungi to clean up an apple orchard would be wonderful all you would have to do is mark the area as not safe for foraging for the mushrooms. I do agree we should know the history of our communities which has far reaching effects. Building a home on toxic property can lead to cancers and will pollute an organic garden if not addressed.

      We’ve sure made a mess out of our home haven’t we?


  6. I also had a lazy weekend, sometimes you just need those days of no doing.

    The story of the bus driver was so warming, a delightful special man! And the article of the Black women’s initiative is great. Woman can be such a support to each other in difficult times. I often think while males continue to dominate in a world gone mad it is women in the background picking up pieces and carrying on doing whatever they need to do to to raise their families and create better however they can.


    • Wendy, I too needed a lazy weekend. It was strange sitting here watching others work in the field while I relaxed. What a difference from the first summer I started out there all by myself. ;-)

      The bus driver is truly a hero to me. I think of all the people, especially that little girl, he impacted with his actions over just a few minutes.

      The Black Women’s Initiative spoke to me as well. It’s the women who do pick up things and keep families together in rough times. Glad you enjoyed these stories.


  7. I too love the bus driver story! And I have a question about planting cuttings from lilac bushes. Do you just cut off a stick and put it in the ground? Do you have to do something special to get it to root? I’d love to spread my lilac bushes around a bit!

    Anyhow, my good news for the day is that President Obama finally decided to stop waiting for congress to act, and is using the EPA and Clean Air Act to require power plants to cut their carbon emissions by 30% by 2030. This is certainly not enough… but it is a HUGE step in the right direction!


    • Cat, I saw that article but I also found articles on how the states are trying to circumvent it which just ticked me off. All we can do now is hope the states (or most likely the corporations in those states) fail to find ways around the law.

      I was going to soak the lilacs in water and see if I could get them to root but my neighbor gave me a container of rooting hormone which is a better guarantee. It bothered me using it because it has all these warnings on it so not sure I would use it near anything you would want to eat.


    • AV I think I said it before, we balance each other nicely on Mondays. It’s important to me not to bury my head in the sand and ignore the negative stories, but while I keep abreast of as much environmental news as possible I need to have something hopeful to hold on to.


    • Carol, I wanted to add something about Maya Angelou, but I couldn’t think of a way to make her passing good news. Thanks for the link to her official website I didn’t realize she had one.


    • You are very welcome. I had to really search this week to go beyond the negative news but finding so much that saddened me and lowered my spirits made me even more determined to find a couple good pieces of news.


        • I almost put the quote at the end, like I usually do, but thought better of it and wanted it to be the first thing people read, glad you felt the same as I did about it.

          I’m with you, there is so much negativity I am glad I don’t have a television I would be depressed all the time.


  8. I do not watch television or listen to the radio. I don’t read papers either – yet when it is important I know about it and I keep up with everything going on in the alternative movement – nutrition, health, wildlife, the planets health etc. My ear is to the ground where the real people are doing the real work. I live a quiet, meditative life on the whole – or I did until this last Saturday when I finally acquired my new puppy – life has instantly and radically changed :-) I like that you make a ‘Good News Monday’ post and I shall eagerly look for it each week!


    • Pauline, I am very similar to you. I don’t own a TV and the only program I watch is the new Cosmos program on Sundays. As for the radio when I want music I either turn to my CDs or listen to Pandora as I can’t get a good signal in here for radio channels. But like you I try to keep up on the subject matters that are important to me.

      Congrats on your new puppy! I would love to have a dog but it’s just too hard for me in the winter months to take one outside.


    • Just wanted to say that I’m having a crummy morning, but your comment made me smile… Just the word “puppy” is apparently enough to change my attitude toward life! :-)


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