Memorial Weekend in Pictures

The weather this weekend was lovely so we tackled the field and had some fun while we were at it.  Instead of a post of words I thought I would share with you a simple weekend shared with great friends and lots of hard work, although even that was fun.

I took on the weeding of the Little Cove, which meant it was time to eat outdoors too.  ;-)  You can see behind my granddaughter two more chairs my daughter-in-law and I replaced the torn seats with clothesline to match the ones I finished last summer.


It didn’t take long for the cozy area to be used.

My granddaughter visiting with two of the neighbors who recently moved in here and became her best friends.

My granddaughter visiting with two of the neighbors who recently moved in here and became her best friends.


Weeds were out of control.  I started to clear the Cove when my neighbors came out and asked if they could help.  They are extremely hard workers and it made me smile to see two more children who love nature and gardening move in here.  Every time I head outside to work in the field I get asked if they can help.


The picture above you can see how out of control those weeds are. My son decided he couldn’t stand to wait for his friend to come with a weed whacker so he took over with hedge clipplers.


When the weeds are as tall as ours clipping them by hand makes another mess, but the children took turns cleaning up the mess.


I’m not a slave driver so there were plenty of breaks.  Little one decided the ripped seat cushions we replaced on the lawn chairs were perfect to lay out on.  Guess I don’t have to toss these in the trash after all.


We took a break and made banana and blueberry smoothies. smoothie time

My grandson lost the training wheels on his bike and also showed off his skill on the scooter I bought  him for Christmas.  We laugh because he will trip over his own feet and is always falling down, but put him on  bike or this scooter and he amazes us with his grace and balance.

little one on scooter

Took a walk and spotted this garden display.

frog display

With all the hard work the children did this weekend, I decided to treat them to some flower seeds.  Little one picked out flowers she thought were pretty and the neighbor kids choose which ones they want to plant.  I’ve even talked to their mom and will include them in the veggies garden letting them care for their own plot they are so excited.

children's seeds

We met the latest addition to the apartment complex, this cute kitten was found in a ditch and was starving and sick.  My neighbor has been nursing her back to health then will have her spade before letting her be adopted.

rescued kitten

Finally, the first of my raised beds were assembled to make gardening easier on me this year.

three raised beds

how did you spend your weekend?

23 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend in Pictures

    • Hi Eric. It was a fun weekend and I will work all day as long as it’s outside. ;-)

      The raised beds will be very helpful to me this year and keep me from having to ask for help to reach the middle of the beds.

      Hope you had a lovely Memorial weekend with nice weather too.


  1. Looks like a lovely day. Wish I had your weeding helpers at my house ;)

    We went to the beach yesterday and lucked into beautiful weather.

    The rest of the weekend, we got some yardwork done as well as some painting (we are painting most of the interior of the house, a little at a time).


    • Christy, I’m glad you had a lovely day at the beach, nice of Mother Nature to provide so many with lovely weather for the extended weekend.

      As for my helpers, they are amazing and tireless. ;-)


  2. was looking at that seat part, little one is laying on. when she gets tired of laying on it, I think it would make a good “mesh” back for the kids to do some “needlepoint”, maybe with wool, or even string.

    seems to me, I saw something like that.


  3. yours all looks good.

    me, am excited as the cheap shrubs I got last august mostly looked to be making a go of it.

    last august, I saw Superstore, closing down their garden centre, and move big bin in. I went to the manager and asked if I could have/buy the shrubs for twenty five cents. he said yes and helped me load.

    out of about fifteen, looks like ten or twelve will make a go.

    I even have a cranberry shrub!

    maybe if you/sons/daughter in law keep an eye out, you might find similar opportunity to fill up your field, etc.


    • Lynn, I remember when you got your shrubs I’m glad most of them survived this crazy winter. I envy you the cranberry shrubs, I love cranberries.

      We have a new garden center on the outskirts of our area which is selling shrubs and trees and most are less than $10. They don’t care about a huge profit and are keeping prices as low as possible so more people can afford to plant trees for the environment. I’ll be checking it out soon enough I believe.


      • hope you find some great deals there. still, at the “end of shrub buying season”, second or third week of august, get everyone to keep an eye out for those places letting their pots dry out, in prep to pitching them in the dumpster. you have so much room in the field, you could line up a crew of volunteers and stick in all you can get. and, think of what you’d be saving from the landfill..grin


  4. Awwww… an itty bitty pretty kitty! I’m so glad your neighbor rescued her!

    Our week of wild weather has finally passed – it was sorta crazy, tornadoes, hail, massive thunderstorms and lots and LOTS of rain and flooding. Thankfully I had the foresight to sprinkle some marigold seeds at the beginning of the week and now they’re all coming up! CatMan and I went for a bike ride yesterday and dodged a huge black cloud that looked like it wanted to pour on us. Somehow we managed the whole ride without a single drop of rain! I think today will include some mowing as the grass is over 2 feet tall in places. And I fear this means I’ll have to drag out the electric mower as there’s no way my push mower can make a dent in grass that tall!

    Too bad I don’t have any neighbor kids who want to help out with the weeding! :-)


    • Want a new kitty, Cat? My neighbor is only nursing her back to health and getting her proper medical attention then needs to find her a home. She is so sweet I’d take her in a minute but know my allergies would get the best of me.

      I’m glad you and CatMan enjoyed your ride and avoided the rain.

      My friend with the mower hasn’t made it over here yet and my “grass” is as tall as yours. It was driving me nuts so I’m trimming it with hedge clippers. Not the easiest on the back and shoulders but at least it’s starting to look better. I sure hope he arrives soon with the mower as I don’t want to do the entire field this way.

      As for the neighbor kids, they never want to leave the field. :-) I get knocks on my door when they don’t find me outside to ask if they can weed. It’s hilarious. :-)


  5. I’m envious of your raised beds – we had plans to make some as well, but time constraints are working against us. Our garden will be scaled way back this year, but Im looking forward to getting out in it.

    The children will love the chance to plant their own seeds – what a great gift for them.


    • Heidi, I believe you could probably cut back on some of your garden and never notice the difference, other than less work as you grew so much. The raised beds are nice but boy is lumber expensive. It will make working out there so much easier for me this year.

      The seeds were a big hit with the children. I need to have a load of top soil and mulch delivered but until it arrives that’s all the little ones, mine and the neighbors, want to talk about.


    • Live and Learn, I wouldn’t mind if that’s how I was thought of. ;-) Last night I even had the youngest neighbor knock on my door to ask if he could weed. Then today his sister came over and asked if she could weed as soon as she got off the bus from school. I keep telling them they don’t need to ask me, just have fun. My son was over today and remarked on how nice it was to see more children enjoying working in the field.


    • Me either, Pat. My grandson wasn’t here until Monday but I had everyone else around me including friends I’ve made here and new helpers who are excited about their own gardens.


      • Sounds like it was perfect. Warms the heart working together with neighbors and friends the way it was meant to be. Loving and sharing with one another. :-)


        • Pat, that’s exactly how I felt. To see all the adults and children working together so easily made it feel like a huge extended family, although one that separates and goes to their individual homes at the end of the day.


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