Good News Monday

Happy Memorial Day to you.  I hope you have the day off today and will be enjoying yourself on this holiday.  Memorial Day is special to me because my grandfather fought in WWII and my son saw combat in the War on Terror and thankfully they both came back in one piece.  Two years ago I wrote a piece on what Memorial Day means to me you can read it here.


Yes, I am grateful this Memorial Day because I spent the entire weekend with my family but I also  came across some good new to share with you.


  1. This past week saw  people in more than 350  people worldwide take time to March Against Monsanto, stop and see videos from various cities that participated
  2. I found this article which shows more farmer’s are rejecting GMO seed and why.  The reasons may surprise you but it’s good to see this trend. I hope it continues.
  3. One country in Oregon has banned the planting of GMO seeds a true victory if I ever heard of one.
  4. With evidence growing that microbeads in cosmetics, especially exfoliating products, many manufacturers of beauty products are now phasing out the use of microbeads to protect wildlife. You can see which brands are doing their part here.
  5. Minnesota,  land of ten thousand lakes, has taken steps to protect aquatic life and human health by banning anti-bacterial ingredients in soap, toothpaste, deodorant and anywhere else it might be hidden.

tree in bloom


Gift to readers

My son has just published his latest story, The Box.  I think this is his best yet. Yes, I am biased as I am his mother but when he asked me to proofread the story I became so engrossed I forgot many times I was supposed to be checking for errors and had to go back several pages to start again.  I worked late into the night and awoke with my first thoughts being that I wanted to do nothing else but finish the story.   This is not horror, or gory, like some of his other books. Here’s the write up available on Amazon:

A new prison has been built to house the most violent of all offenders. Unknown to either the inmates or the staff a secret government experiment was developed to be used on these prisoners and the results are terrifying as those prisoners who undergo the experimental process find themselves changed in ways no one expected. When the prisoners learn how to use their new-found abilities it puts everyone at risk. Who will survive is anyone’s guess.


Stop by Justin’s blog, leave a comment and receive a free PDF copy of The Box in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.  Perfect time to pick up some free reading material for summer.


Do you have good news to share this Monday?



15 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. I only have a little reading time here right now so can’t read some of these articles but way to go Minnesota!! Isn’t that fabulous. I saw Justin’s post offering his book but it said it was a thriller and thrillers scare me lol, I like gentle reads! If it’s not scary I will read it for him.


    • Wendy, I have a pile of books to read and more I want to find. I have a hard time answering your question as I love horror and suspenseful books. I didn’t find The Box scary, but rather a book I wanted to see what was going to happen next. I would say it is suspenseful in that it grabbed me and kept me interested.

      I’ll send you a copy and if it’s not your type of book no harm done.

      Yes, way to go Minnesota. It’s about time some one takes on all these antibacterial soaps and such.


      • Let’s hope Minnesota is just the first and other places follow suit. When you think of all the chemicals that go down drains it’s just mind boggling… and so unnecessary.

        That sounds good re the book – ta :)


        • Wendy, it is shocking the amount of chemicals we rinse down our drains or flush away. I do hope Minnesota is just the first of many states and countries who will follow suit.


  2. Definitely good news that you share, Lois. I felt a slight positive energy shift in reading your list of changes in awareness and causes to make a difference for us and our environment.

    Have a happy Memorial Day, my friend. :-)


    • You are welcome. I was thrilled to see so much this week on the rejection of GMOs. I do need to make one correction, I just read that it’s now two counties in Oregon which have banned the planting of GM crops in their areas.

      I am proud of Justin. The sales are trickling in but it’s watching him doing some thing he’s both good at and is enjoying that is the best. He had worked for five years in corrections which took a toll on his health and he hated every day of it. I never wanted my boys to work a job they hated just to pay the bills.


  3. Hi Lois I just wrote you a long comment then my fingers did a dance and clicked something I shouldn’t have and I lost the lot lol.. Ah such is life!..
    In short I said I was so pleased about the GMO rejections all over.. and protests..
    And Congratulations to Justin, I will pop by later. and I also said we should never forget those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms…
    And Here too its a Bank Holiday so its only a quick fly by as we are off out walking and calling in for a meal somewhere, Just hoping the skies stay clear as its forecast rain..
    Enjoy your Monday…
    Oh and I printed off the Rhubarb upside down cake.. We do not have yellow cake mix here.. but I think its just a plain sponge mixture? so can make my own sponge mixture to use…
    Hubby picked the Rhubarb today.. its about finished until more shoots grow as I have been picking a lot while nice and young and tender.. and its only a youngish plant..
    So I will take some photo’s and with your permission may I share on my recipe page? when I get around to adding it… :-)

    Enjoy Monday.. and take care.. Love Sue xoxox


    • Hi Sue, don’t you just hate when that happens?

      A yellow cake is just a normal box cake nothing fancy. You are more than welcome to share the recipe with your readers. You are making me hungry as our rhubarb isn’t in yet, but good news we have some strawberries! Okay they are still green but it shouldn’t be too much longer, maybe a week until we are swimming in strawberries. ;-)

      I hope the rains held off and you were able to enjoy your bank holiday. it was gorgeous here all weekend so I spent it outdoors, we are expecting some rain over the next two days but that’s okay it will save me watering the garden and give me time to do some tidying up inside I put off for the sunshine. :-)


      • Thank you Lois,, no the Rains came, and its raining still… The strawberries have lots of flowers on them, so we are behind you.. but looks like we will have many.. I am happy you managed to get outside .. xxxx


        • The rains came again this evening here too, but at least it’s been warmer and the rains water my gardens so I’m good. ;-) We only have a few berries started but yes I have plenty of flowers so I am looking forward to a good crop.


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