Change the World Wednesday and Customer Service Lives

This past week I was losing hope I would ever find a fabric to use on the newest grand baby’s quilt. I had searched locally then tried Etsy.  With nothing being just right I decided to try and see if they had anything. I had heard a lot of people rave that this was the place to get fabric.

I did find a lovely print that would work perfectly for the quilt I am making and placed an order.  Unfortunately, the wrong fabric was shipped to me.  I called to see how to go about returning the fabric and getting what I had ordered.  The woman who answered the phone (and no it wasn’t a foreign office, don’t you hate getting someone in India and struggling to understand what they are saying?) was lovely. She apologized for the mistake promised to remedy the order in two to three days.  Just when I was about to ask if there was a certain protocol for returning the wrong fabric I was told not to return it and if I couldn’t use it to please donate it to charity or a sewing guild. Wow right?

Spring is here

Spring is here, it’s so nice to see green again.

But that wasn’t all.  This weekend I opened an email from telling me they were returning the purchase price of my order (minus the shipping and handling).  I am simply stunned. Who does this?  I feel a bit guilty as by the time I received this email I checked and the money was already in my account. I guess I feel I received something for nothing which in my book is a type of theft, you know, taking advantage of a situation.  Call me crazy but I now have 4 yards of fabric which the company now has to eat the cost of.  It feels wrong.  But the reason I love this business is because they showed me customer service isn’t dead.



It’s Wednesday so let’s see what Small Footprints has in store for this week.

This week’s challenge from Reduce Footprints is a bit easier for some of us.  It’s all about sharing our good news. I hope you will share what you have accomplished and see if we can’t learn a few new tricks this week.


This week share environmental good news. Unlike the challenge we did in November (see it HERE), which asked that we talk about all good news, let’s focus on our personal triumphs. For example, if you were able to overcome a green-living obstacle (recycling, composting, etc.), we’d like to share in your good news. Perhaps you are preparing to plant a garden this year or have upgraded appliances to energy-efficient models … let us celebrate with you. Maybe you’ve realized successes like turning off the water while brushing your teeth or turning off lights when you leave the room … we want to be inspired by your achievement. The idea, this week, is to share all the good, green stuff in our lives.



Here are my most recent triumphs:


  1. I have eliminated most paper from my home. The biggest change came when I used chalkboard paint on the footboard of my bed and the freezer. The children haven’t asked for paper to draw on since.
  2. Another way I have reduced paper is in the amount of mail I receive. I don’t get a lot of mail but in the last month I’ve only received 3 pieces of mail!
  3. This past weekend the seniors at the university graduated and left behind some good pieces of furniture. I collected in one afternoon a lovely nightstand, a plastic set of drawers, a child’s chair, a leather desk chair, a wooden chair perfect for a kitchen table and a set of shelves on wheels that fit nicely in my closet. This is probably the biggest thrill for me. I have a strangely shaped closet which makes getting things from the back difficult.  After cleaning up the shelf it slid in easily and with the wheels I can pull it forward to get what I need and slide it back in place.
  4. I pulled a 2 foot by 8 foot piece of plywood out of the dumpster and decided to use it as a base for one of my raised beds, it sure beats leaving it for trash pickup.
  5. We got the garden started and I have the seeds for everything else I plan to grow this year.
shelves fit nicely in closet

shelves fit nicely in closet


How have you solved a Green issue?

12 thoughts on “Change the World Wednesday and Customer Service Lives

  1. Wow… that IS impressive customer service. I haven’t purchased fabric in years. A while back when I was on a rag-rug making spree, I asked for fabric scraps on FreeCycle and the response was… well, frankly it was a bit overwhelming! I gave away about 6 garbage bags full of fabric and still have WAY more than I could ever possibly use. Anyhow, if you ever need fabric and aren’t too picky about the pattern etc… I highly advise FreeCycle, but beware! A year later I was still getting emails from people who had saved my original post and wanted to give me fabric!

    Anyhow, my good news for the moment is that I have been expanding the xeriscape in my front yard – which means less grass to manage! Yay! I’m not terribly good at watering things in, but I did manage to transplant a few things just before our big storm, and they seem to be thriving with all the moisture. I’m busy separating the yarrow because it seems to be doing quite well in the hot dry conditions so I hope to transplant some of it soon too. And I even started some garden cosmos and dianthus from seeds that I gathered last year and hope to get them in this week.

    And I hauled two enormous bags of mulch out of the garage – mulch I got for free from the city’s Christmas tree mulch program, and have spread it thickly around the tomatoes and peppers. Hopefully, they won’t need quite so much water this year.


    • Cat, I will keep freecycle in mind for fabric. Just this week I put an alert on Freecycle that a neighbor put a dorm size fridge out when he moved. I had such a huge response and the fridge was saved.

      I was wondering how your garden fared the storm. We heard some areas around you had over a food of snow. I kept thinking how if it was a wet snow it would be heavy and possibly damage the protection you had covering your plants. Will you be sharing your front yard xeriscaping? I wish more people did that, while it saves on water and pollution from mowing it’s also more interesting to look at.

      You are very fortunate to have a tree mulching program. I have been asking around for tree mulch here but so far haven’t found any.


  2. Wow Lois its good to see that customer service isn’t dead.. And that there are Good will companies out there who will honour their transactions and mistakes..

    I am also glad you got the garden sorted also Lois… I need to take a few more photo’s of the allotments.. as we are getting things planted in there now…

    Can not wait now to see the fabric and the finished product when you have sewn together :-)
    xx Sue


    • Sue, the peas already came up but with the torrential storms we’ve had I’m a bit worried about them. It’s too muddy for me to head back there to check on them so I am hoping all is fine. Your allotments are impressive and I look forward to seeing what you add this year.

      I will show you the fabric when the project is completed but it will be a while as this is the backing for a printed cross stitch quilt I am making for the new grandchild.


  3. Inspirational, as always, and agree with the commenter above. I’ve tried quilting once, using pieces of my children’s baby clothes to make them each a quilt. Got the tops done and never finished! Maybe I’ll visit and finally work on them again. See, your advertising has already helped!


    • Mefurr, I bet your children would love to see their quilts finished. Maybe one day you can give them to your children when they become parents themselves, that gives you plenty of time to finish them. ;-)


  4. Oh my, Lois, that company is lovely. I live in Canada, but if I ever need some fabric, may look them up.

    NO, I would not, at all, think of the extra and free fabric as “theft”..

    It is quite simply good customer service, AND frankly, fairly cheap advertising on their part. Think of the goodwill they have now generated, and of the folks you are / will tell (here on blog/others)…

    truly, it is very cheap for them to consider it advertising. I bet they spend little on actual advertising, and still come out ahead.

    I will be excited to see both sets of fabric, and what you make with them.


    • Lynn,

      It is hard for me to accept something I didn’t pay for, but yes it is good advertising. I especially liked how I was asked to donate the material if I didn’t have a use for it. The first thought that went through my head was here was a company that shared my values of not wasting.

      I will show you what I make with both fabrics, you will need to be patient as the one piece that goes with the fabric I ordered will take a while to complete.


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