18 thoughts on “And the Winner Is

  1. Congratulations, Sue! I’m so glad to hear it went to someone I ‘know’ . . . there’s nothing like the old cookbooks, really, and this sounds like one of them, even if it’s newly published. I’m looking forward to hearing of your adventures in the kitchen . . . ~ Linne


    • Linne, you have another chance to have a copy of my cookbook, Memories and Recipes from Grandmother’s Kitchen as I just added a promotional period where it is free (and will be linking to it in my Good News Monday post).


    • Thank you, Pat. I kept putting this off because my fingers cramp when having to type a lot of numbers but I am glad to finally have it finished and can no gift the completed book to family members and hope they will now be passed on for generation.


      • You’re welcome, Lois. What an accomplishment, especially for family to be passed on from generation to generation. There’s no greater legacy than that. I’m proud of you, my friend. :-)


        • Thanks, Pat. I can’t wait to hand each of my children their own copy of the book. I know it will get a lot of use. My one daughter-in-law helped me to edit it by looking for any mistakes, part way through she looked at me and informed me it was making her so hungry. :-)


          • Oh, I can see how that would happen, Lois, making you hungry. Cookbooks are so beautiful that way in that not only are you passing on a piece of yourself but it gets pulled out and used on a regular basis. Regular books don’t do that. Once they’re read, they’re put on a shelf for another day catching dust. :-)


          • Both my sons’ and their wives are eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the printed book. I can’t wait to see which recipes they make first. There is a recipe for Swedish Crumb bars which I will have to drop hints I’d love to have one of them make and bring me for Christmas as it was my favorite treat each year growing up.


  2. Oh My Goodness Lois… I am over the Moon… Really I am, I had to log on straight away after view in my email on phone.. Thank you so so much. The Month of May is turning out to be the Best Ever Month…. it just keeps getting better and better.. This is like the icing on my cake..
    I am truly honoured to receive recipes from your Grandma’s Kitchen, and will love to explore and try them out.. And when I do I will post what I have tried..
    Much love dear Lois to you.. I will treasure its contents.. xxxxx
    An email is on its way :-)
    Love Sue xxxxxx


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