We have a winner and a new Giveaway

Last week I offered a new copy of Collapsing Consciously, today is one person’s lucky day.  And the winner is:



Congratulations Elaine, you can email me at loisfield12 at yahoo dot com to let me know where to mail your book. I hope you enjoy it. (Note: if you read this earlier I announced Mary was the winner, but she contacted me to let me know she lives overseas and therefore wasn’t eligible.)

Today I have another giveaway. This one is open to anyone any where in the world.  Yep not leaving anyone out today.

My grandmother passed away in December of 2000, and shortly after my grandfather handed me all her recipes telling me she had instructed him to give them to me. Why? I don’t bake.  Yet as time went on I understood why I was given her recipes.  My boys and I were very close to her and she often baked special treats just for us.  With her gone my boys missed receiving their own loaf of bread or the displays of cookies and bars at Christmas.

grandmother's kitchen

When my boys married I knew I wanted to put all our favorites together along with some of our best memories associated with a few of them.  And here it is!  My grandmother’s most popular recipes include:

quick breads



Frosting and icing

cookies and bars

Candy and sweets



These are pure comfort foods, they are not vegan and without some substitution not exactly what I would call the healthiest treats.   To give you and example (and a freebie) here is my favorite recipe from the book.  It’s very rich, and super moist.  I’d love to know what you think if you give it a try.


Beet Cake

Beat together:
1 ½ cups oil
3 eggs
2 cups sugar or 1 cup honey

Sift and blend into the above mixture:
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda

Add and blend:
1 cup red beets; drained and mashed
1 cup crushed pineapple; drained
2 teaspoons vanilla
½ cup coconut
1 cup nuts
½ cup cottage cheese

Bake in 9 by 13 greased pan at 350 degrees for 60 minutes. When cool top with the following:

Cream Cheese Topping:

1 large package of cream cheese
1 package powdered sugar
1 stick of butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
Beat well and frost.

(I hate red beets but love this cake)


To celebrate I will give one lucky reader a copy of our family favorite recipes (you can ignore the stories if you like). 

  1. Those living in the US or Canada will have your choice of the Print, Kindle, or PDF copy
  2. Those living outside the US or Canada can choose between the Kindle or PDF copy.

 Winner will be announced Monday, May 12th

To win just leave a comment, simple right?  In your comment tell us what your favorite comfort food is.




29 thoughts on “We have a winner and a new Giveaway

  1. What a wonderful idea. I’ll have to give that some thought. I have recipes but no stories. There was no conversation in my house. The beet cake sounds just heavenly. I so want something sweet.:( It’s so nice of you to share.


    • Marlene, I can’t imagine a home without conversation. My one daughter-in-law came from a home like that. The first time my son brought her home to meet me she was giving him the look to get her out of there shortly after they arrived. He told me later she was uncomfortable because she had never been in any home where the parents and kids talked like my son and I did. She’s now so outgoing and a joy in my life.


  2. Loved the recipe Lois.. Now is your ‘Beets’ the same as our Beets… as in Beetroot ?? if so then this is another usage for our Beets in the allotment.. :-) Thank you .. :-) May I copy it.. :-)


  3. How wonderful you got her recipes – how awesome you have made them into a book…with stories!! What a beautiful idea, I love that you did that. I have been wanting to write a “Kitchen Table Stories” just for my family as last year when my Mum died we had such a laugh about the stories of our lives, the funny ones of which there were many – but it’s me that remembered them all so I really must get on and do it. Carrot Cake lover here too :)


    • Wendy, you should do that. I for one would love to read it. I’ll even help you get the word out when you have it ready. There were so many stories I could have told but I kept mine specific to the recipe. The nights of tears rolling down my face from the conversations when my great aunt and uncle would come up to visit are still so vivid. There was one night my grandfather (who was drafted into WWII) and my great uncle (a retired naval officer) sang every song they remembered from their military days trying to one up the other. Those memories are so precious to me as I am sure yours are.


      • Ah yes, they are very, very precious memories :) I really only want to do mine for the family though, for maybe the now adult grandchildren to read and of course us “kids”. It would just be nice to have all those stories in print really – sometimes we tend to think rather much of some of the negatives but there are lots of proud, funny, heartwarming stories of course and it does good to hear them all :)


  4. Family recipes are the best. There’s a reason they’re handed down-it’s because they so good. This book is another example of how productive you can were during the long winter you had.


    • Live and Learn,I wonder if those living today will have recipes and so many wonderful memories from their kitchens to pass on. My grandfather had a crank meat grinder that he used to make a few meals which my oldest has and my youngest inherited his manual cole slaw cutter. They both cherish these as they used to climb up on his lap and help use these when really little.

      I didn’t do much on the book this winter. I had the book finished before my last computer crashed but it needed a few changes. What I had to do was retype everytihng (yes I neglected to back it up). So last week with non-stop rains and tired of cleaning I finally got down to work and finished it.


  5. Well… I’m more interested in the stories than the recipes, because, from the looks of it they are the sort of thing that you can just skip eating and adhere them directly to your hips! Plus I haven’t a clue how to read anything on Kindle… perhaps I should learn? Are there tutorials out there on how it works? Yes… I AM a dinosaur, why do you ask?

    Anyhow, I hate to admit this, but my favorite comfort food is SpaghettiOs. It’s funny, I think most people’s comfort foods are things that their mother made for them as a child… mine is the only thing I could make for myself – which is sort of an interesting metaphor for my childhood now that I think of it.


    • Oh yes, Cat, just stick them right to the hips, and thighs.

      I wouldn’t have considered you being tech challenged since you make your living through the computer. I don’t own an actual Kindle but did download the app for the phone (or computer if you don’t have a smart phone.) It’s the easiest thing to use. When you buy a book Amazon sends it by wi-fi to your app. Simply open the app and pick the book you want to read. From there it’s as simple as clicking to turn the page. If you should win I could send you a pdf or of course the print edition.

      SpaghettiOs? I can’t stand them lol. My mother never cooked so we lived on canned pasta meals, boxes of mac and cheese and TV dinners. Once I moved out there was no way I was ever eating that stuff again.


  6. I have some of my grandmas recipes,she was a cook in a big house before she married. When I was small they were always cooked on the castiron range in the living room. I would love to see and try those your granny made.


    • Chris, so many of my grandmother’s recipes started out being made in a wood stove. While she converted many of them I have an entire stack of recipes she never added temperature and time for. Some day I’d like to spend some time with my one daughter-in-law and try to work out the necessary baking times.

      You are very lucky to have your grandmother’s recipes too. It’s these little things that we can still use that remind us of the people we’ve lost without having a household of heirlooms.


    • Jan, her recipes were her prized possession and while I rarely bake, both my sons enjoy baking as do their wives so hopefully by having a book filled with their favorites they will continue to be passed down.


  7. Beet cake is similar to carrot cake; my Mum even had one once that contained both beets and carrots. They are all scrumptious!
    Lois, thanks so much for offering this as a prize.
    What a treasure! I love family recipes best, even if I adapt them a bit for someone. ~ Linne


    • Linne, I do have a carrot bread recipe in the collection but for some reason she never made carrot cake (which I do like).

      I have so many memories of good times which took place in our kitchen, I’m sure you do too. I’d like to see more people return to the carefree days of having guests over for a cup of tea, or lemonade in summer and chatting at the table.


  8. Well I didn’t win but I did still for I got to read an amazing post, have informed my friends and followers on WP and facebook and Twitter AND I got a scrumptious recipe for FREE. Congrats to Mary!


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