Friday Faves; Short and Sweet

I haven’t been online much this week, the weather has been beautiful, way too nice to be near a screen so this week’s list is short, sweet and none of them fit nicely into a tidy category.  The field has been calling to me, we’ve hung two new handmade birdhouses, and the bird seed seems to disappear as fast as we fill the feeder.  The ground is hardening and I am seeing more green each day.

First leaves I've spotted

First leaves I’ve spotted

In Leaving My Mark, Cherri bares her soul about the one thing most of us think about at some point, what will others remember about me?

When I was young I loved quizzes in magazines.  I had to answer each and every question and see how I measured up.  I didn’t take them seriously, I was entertained by them.  Katie has a short quiz (two questions)  that should be taken seriously.  It’s easy and may change your perspective on life.

My son helping a woman to round up her daughter's chickens that got loose.

My son helping a woman to round up her daughter’s chickens that got loose.

Clare proves vinegar is so versatile it should be in every home with these rarely heard of uses.

Eating a vegan diet now may be even better for you.  A new study suggests a vegan diet may protect us against pollution.

Painting outside again

Painting outside again

There are a few items of clothing I won’t wear if used previously by another person, the top of that list is underwear.  But the problem becomes more complicated when trying to find underwear made organically, in the USA and at an affordable price.  Birgitte has a free pattern you can download that will show you how to make your own underwear from t-shirts.  I see a visit to the thrift shop for some lightly worn t-shirts.


have a wonderful weekend


18 thoughts on “Friday Faves; Short and Sweet

  1. Lois some more great tips, especially the Vinegar.. Its uses are under estimated.. I have saved the link to my interesting topics .. You always find the most useful ones.. :-)

    And I can not fault you about being outdoors when the Sun and weather is shining.. Me too :-)


    • Sue it was a long winter I need my Vitamin D. :-) It feels so good to feel the warmth on my skin again.

      I wasn’t sure if you would find new ideas from the Vinegar link but took a chance because there were a couple in there I didn’t know. Glad it was helpful to you.


  2. You know Lois, every time I check my Reader and see you’ve written a blog post I get really excited, and I think – ‘oh great, Lois is still with us!’ Ever since you scared us all with your threats to leave I’ve been so super thankful that you still write and share all the wonderful things you read about, as well as what you’re up to. Just want you to know – I really appreciate everything that you write and I’m so grateful that you’ve decided to stick around for the time being and you continue to be part of my life and continue to inspire me : )


    • Lindsay, I didn’t threaten :-) but I’m glad you get excited to see I added another post. The best part is that I am inspired by you and many other bloggers, it keeps me on track. I have to say seeing your home has me looking to clean out more stuff from my home to get the peaceful look you accomplished.


      • No, you didn’t threaten, it was even worse! You actually said goodbye!!!

        Your blog always inspires me, so I’m glad you find mine useful too. Oh, and if you could see my flat right now, with bits and pieces everywhere as we sort, you wouldn’t say it was peaceful!


  3. Short and sweet works for me since I’m still 100 e-mails behind. Lots of reading to catch up on but this was fun. I went to visit everyone on your list and dropped your name. Great information. I use a great deal of vinegar but found even more uses for it. I buy gallons and have started my daughter using it too. Thanks for doing all the leg work. Glad you are getting outside more. The weather is going through it’s undecided stage. It was blanket chilly here today. Next week it will be almost 80. Layers. Lots of layers. And blankets on the chairs for company. :) Heat is a bit pricey and why buy it to blow it out when the sun turns on. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs.


    • Marlene, we’ve been having some up and down weather here this weekend too. Spring has been having a few problems sticking around. Blankets are still layered around my place too. ;-)

      Isn’t it great seeing our children pick up the healthier options we use? I made my first batch of orange vinegar with some organic orange peels and did some cleaning, smells so good in here now.


    • Pat, I am not taking any sun for granted so I’m pretty much scheduling my life around the weather so I can be out there as much as possible. I probably should have taken it a bit slower as I got quite sunburned last weekend. I don’t normally burn so I wasn’t expecting it.


      • Lois — I know about scheduling your life around the weather. Sunshine has been sparse this weekend and temperatures dipped into the 40’s with a threat of snow. Brrrr — at least we know it won’t last long.

        Hope you didn’t get too sunburned. Happens when you’re least expecting it. Take care. :-)


        • Pat, I hope you have found some sunshine to enjoy and it warms up soon. Our temperatures are hovering in the 50s during the day but dip quite cold again at night. It will be over soon.


          • Well, we got some sunshine going on today but the temps are still cool and it’s windy, which makes it feel colder. I’m remembering what you said that it won’t last long. :-)


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