Good News Monday

I’m a bit late getting this week’s good news to you as it’s almost Tuesday.  I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed Easter Sunday.


We had a beautiful day Sunday (and Monday) temperatures were in the 70s.  Rather than have a traditional Easter dinner sitting inside we took to the outdoors.  We took sandwiches outside and soaked up the sun in the field.  I had been missing Zakk, my son’s family’s dog so they surprised me by bringing Zakk with them.  Poor thing, I think he missed me as much as I missed him as he refused to leave my side.   He, too, enjoys the field because we can let him off his leash to run around.


I showed you a picture of the crocheted dress I made for my youngest granddaughter.  She loved it, had to have it on before she would even open her card. :-)

easter dress

After a long weekend how about some good news for the week?


McDonald’s is in the news again this week struggling to find profits “in 2013  the number of people going to McDonald’s stores fell 1.9%,”  This is believed to be the result of many factors including “function of the world’s economies, of growing competition, of changing dietary goals,…”  I’d like to believe it’s because we’ve decided we want better tasting, healthier food.


So far in 2014 the top 92.1% of all new US electricity capacity comes from renewable sources.  This graph shows the breakdown of how new electricity is being created.


One German owned grocery chain has taken a stand on junk food, banning it from the check out aisles. This must be good news for parents who have to distract their children from asking for a candy bar while waiting in a long line.


Canada has made a stand against GM alfalfa.  “”For spring of 2014, Forage Genetics will not be commercializing Roundup Ready alfalfa in Canada anywhere. That’s the only decision we’ve made so far. We’re just going day to day on the decision making process, but we have made a decision about spring.  This is a huge turn of events in Canada, since the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) granted registration of the GM variety in 2013 and gave FGI exclusive rights to begin commercializing the seed in 2014.”  I love seeing more resistance to GM crops.


The USDA has set some very stringent food rules for schools starting July 1, 2014. “The USDA’s Smart Snacks in School “will ban all junk food in vending machines, a la carte lunch,  student stores, and fundraisers such as bake sales.”   The list of approved foods is very specific and can be found in the complete article.  Knowing my grandchildren will be entering the school system shortly I am thrilled to see they will have access to better food at school.  I also foresee a decrease in the profits of the soda and junk food manufacturers.


Do you have good News to share?

19 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. These links are brilliant news Lois.. glad to see that renewable energy is tops Solar .. Pity we can not get it for Free yet LOL but its going in the right direction.. Loved too about Canada and GM Crops.. . And I wish more Supermarket stores would take a leaf out of Lidl’s book… I am sure many a Mum would be thankful…
    Great Good News Post :-)


    • Sue, I’m glad you enjoyed these links. Yes, I do think more stores should take a page from Lidi. They took a chance to lose a few dollars of profit to do something right. My hats off to them.

      There is so much backlash to GM crops right now I don’t think it is going to last much longer. I just heard the GM eggplant crop grown in another country (can’t remember which) failed to prevent bugs from attacking it and didn’t grow well. If the crops start failing that will add to the backlash.


        • I don’t remember who it was, but heard a comment concerning GM food. I’ll paraphrase, If Monsanto can sue a farmer for seed that blew into his field and say he stole their property can they then try to say they own our bodies for ingesting their GM crops. With companies trying to patent and own DNA this was a scary thought to me.


          • Sue, I got an early education in DNA when diagnosed with the MD at age 4. I wanted to understand it and had a wonderful doctor who answered all my questions, showed me pictures etc. The manipulation today scares me knowing what I know.


  2. Yay!!!! Loved the little dress on your granddaughter. Sweet dog. I miss mine soooo much. The best news to me is that they are bringing the dog to you more often. :) It’s good for both of you. I’ll catch up soon.


    • Yes, I missed Zakk much during the winter months. I was so nervous the dress wouldn’t fit properly but saw the picture and knew I’d done right, it fit her body and personality perfectly.


  3. Woohoo! I adore the good news you find and help us all celebrate! How heartening that Canada is resisting GM alfalfa. Oh to see even more GM’s thwarted! And your youngest of grand-daughters is a darling. How sweet she looks in that adorable dress you made! And Zakk is a sweetie. So glad he got to come visit and see you. hugs, Gina


    • Gina, Zakk has been making his wishes heard and insists on leaving the house when his humans do. When he sees he’s coming here they say he gets all excited. :-)

      I was thrilled my granddaughter liked her dress, I worry about making things for her when she can’t be here to try them on during the process but I am told it’s a perfect fit.

      As for the GM crops, there is so much backlash to them I think we might see the end of them in my lifetime, wouldn’t that be great?


  4. That is fabulous news. I’m always happy hearing of Canada joining in on anything good like this! Now if we could just become a nation who refuses anything to do with Monsanto!


    • Dale, I too am happy when I see Canada, or any other nation refuse GMOs. It helps to shine the light here in the US on the problems with GM crops and foods since there is very little education on them unless you search for it.


  5. We are fortunate that we’ve had the choice of sweet-free cash desks in our national supermarkets for some years. Having said that, they never had much on offer anyway (or on the aisles that still have them) and here, I’ve never seen a kid having a tantrum because of it, funnily enough. I myself will occasionally pick up some mints, though!


    • Swiss Rose, I was fortunate in that I always carried healthy snacks in my bag for my children. If errands, or grocery shopping took too long they always knew there was something they could have to hold them over until meal time. That said I do see a lot of people giving in to their children. A bribe of a candy bar if the children behave while standing in line is frequent here. I think I am more excited to see the junk food in vending machines being removed from the schools. At least in the store a parent can say no, but at school there is no ability for the parent to sway the child’s decisions.


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