$7 Easter Present for a Princess

Both of my granddaughters are obsessed with princesses and as a result love to wear dresses. Every day, every where. They are that perfect mix of tomboy and princess. :-) What else could I give to a little one for Easter than a crocheted dress? How about one that can grow with her?

I’ll prove first that this child loves her dresses.

Relaxing day at home.

Relaxing day at home as an ogre princess

A road trip to visit Santa

A road trip to visit Santa


Wearing a hand-me-down from her older cousin.

Wearing a hand-me-down from her older cousin.



At an indoor play ground


I have so many pictures of her in dresses it’s hard to believe she’s related to me. :-)  But I won’t bore you with more.  You came to see what I will be giving her this Easter.  Children grow so fast the idea of making an outfit that will only be worn for one season seems wasteful.  Being that she is the youngest girl, there is no one to hand down her clothes to at this time.

Instead I decided to make her dress adjustable.  Starting with the shoulder straps.


I made the shoulder straps longer than they needed to be and tacked them down so as not to bother her when wearing her dress.  The entire section was added after the dress was completed so it could be removed later and worn without shoulder straps when older and it would be guaranteed to stay in place.

The dress is an A shape which gives her body room to fill it out.  For now it will be a dress, later it might be a long sweater with tights and won’t be too tight on her body.


Total cost of the yarn was $7 and I have a small ball leftover for any alterations she may want later.  I have enough yarn left over to add more to the length or even add entirely new shoulder pieces on it if she wants.

The yarn was picked out by the oldest granddaughter who fell in love wit the color and “sparkly” touches.  She would have received hers this Easter as well, but she decided she would design it for me and it’s turned into a larger dress than I first thought.  I will share her dress with you when its completed, and show you how I built in the ability to grow with her and to be modified as she ages.


Do you have techniques that allow a child to grow with their clothes?

14 thoughts on “$7 Easter Present for a Princess

  1. As a child who had lots of hand-me -downs from a cousin.. I know how wonderful it feels to have a brand new dress.. Your little one looks fabulous in all her lovely dresses.. So love the crocheted Dress you made Lois.. it is gorgeous .. I bet she was so thrilled when she received it.. :-) much better than any easter egg.. I know I gave some money towards new shoes as my own little one has started dancing classes, and wanted some silver ones like the other little dancers… :-)
    Loved seeing your little princess :-) xxx

    • None of the grandchildren received much in the way of candy this year which is nice to see. Little one loves her dresses :-) and I expect I’ll see her wearing this often. She was so excited to receive her dress she had to wear it before she would even open the card that came with it.

      How nice your little one has started dance classes. So far only my oldest granddaughter is in dance class but I expect to see the littlest one start soon. She’s been practicing being a ballerina around the house.

  2. My grandmother made me crocheted dresses and I loved them, but not as pretty and sparkly as yours. I think a good deep hem is always good for helping children wear their clothes longer. I also wanted to say I have been loving your Pinterest collections and have repinned a couple of your pins. You have collected so many wonderful inspiring ideas :)

    • Jen, I’ll keep in mind the deep hem, this one doesn’t have one. I’m glad you are enjoying the Pinterest boards. I haven’t been adding to them recently. Every time I get an email with boards related to my subject matter they are long, like 5,000+ pins long. I have no time to scroll through those boards. How would you ever find anything in them?

        • Tell me about it. :-) With the return of nicer weather I want to be outdoors every minute of the day so that means I am falling behind on other things. I’m not going to complain, I’ve waited too long for it to warm up.

    • Not often, Live and Learn. I like to make crocheted outfits because you can always take them apart later and make something new. I do admit I don’t want to be doing it every year though.

  3. That is so beautiful :) I love anything crocheted and wee frocks and baby clothing must be the ultimate in crochet for me. Unfortunately i never learned how to do this, one day I shall teach myself – I have done a ton of knitting but it just doesn’t compare.

    • Wendy, knitting is all the craze here and I often think I need to take up knitting as it seems to be ore versatile but what I don’t need is to take up another craft.

      I’m looking forward to seeing the little one wearing it and hopefully enjoy it as much as her other dresses. :-)

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