Good News Monday


This weekend while on a walk with my granddaughter she started a conversation about what was healthy to drink and not drink.  She informed me that soda isn’t good because “it gives us sugar”.  Growing up I had several relatives who had lost a limb (amputation) as a result of diabetes, but they called it sugar, as in “He lost his leg to sugar.” Today we are disconnected from our food in more ways than just the terminology we use, but there are signs that this is changing for the better.  This Monday’s Good News starts with ways we are taking back our food.


This first story had me cheering and wanting to share this with you before the weekend.  I’ve shared with you the stories of countries and stores that are rejecting GMO foods but still Monsanto has its grip on our food supply and our government officials.  But there is another way to hurt them…..attack their stock.    Activists launched Monsanto Stock Plunge in which they asked investor to sell shares of biotech companies, such as Monsanto.  It worked stocks plunged causing the worst day for NASDAQ since November of 2011.


I learned as a youth that honey was safer than antibiotics and swear by it. My boys grew up rarely ever having an antibiotic (after surgery once for my oldest and once for an ear infection for my youngest).  With the growing numbers of people becoming resistant to antibiotics the good news is scientists have learned  why honey is better than antibiotics for healing.   NOTE:  never give honey to a child under the age of two.


With all the negative news on sodas from aspartame being cancer-causing, sodas fueling the obesity problem, and that carbonated drinks cause our bones to soften (osteoporosis) the good news is that soda industry is losing ground.  The biggest losses are in the diet sodas but an overall drop says to me that people are taking back their health.


What good News do you have this week?


14 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Hi Lois and thanks for a very informative post.

    I’m slowly trying to get rid of sugar from my daily intake and some days work better than others. he problem is, i=sugar gets hidden in all kinds of foods and if you are not aware of this fact, you just won’t know!

    I featured a story in my Simple Sunday series a couple of days ago about a mom who took action and stopped the sugar madness for a year. If interested, you can check it out at

    Thanks again Lois and take care. My best to all.



    • Hi Lyle, yes sugar is a problem and was one of mine for years. I love sugar but I’ve pretty much eliminated it by switching to a whole foods diet and eating at home. The one struggle would be store bought spaghetti sauce. I have to read each of the labels to find one I feel comfortable eating.

      I read the story about no sugar from your Simple Sunday. I planned to comment as soon as I read each of the links you shared. Sorry it’s been taking me a while to get caught up on my reading.


  2. I knew honey is healthier than refined sugar (well, I guess honey is refined too, but by the bees!), but somehow I missed that it kills bacteria. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Wonderful news about Monsanto.. And I am a big believer in Honey Lois.. Good news indeed too about the Soda companies loosing ground.. I try to teach those about me about aspartame .. But all they see it says Sugar Free… I wish we could wake up more..But we do what we can do..
    Thank you so much Lois for sharing this Good News today.. :-) Times ARE changing.. :-) xxx


    • Sue, I thought you would like the Monsanto Stock Plunge. :-) People are really trying to take back control of their food supply and this is a very good thing.

      As fro aspartame, it reacts in my body the same as MSG. The only way to describe it is a reaction similar to an anxiety attack. I get dizzy, panicky, and a horrible headache if I ingest any of it. The symptoms can last for days after only one small exposure to it.

      My children were very young when Jello began advertising their sugar free puddings and jello immediately my doctor told me to never let my children have this. She told me it could alter their DNA in ways no one understood yet and gave me information on how sugar substitutes can cause cancer and are more likely to cause diabetes than real sugar. My boys never had a taste of these things even today. Because my boys respect our doctor they make sure their children aren’t exposed to the sugar substitutes as well.

      People are waking,, Sue. We just don’t notice as much because we are 7 billion people and it’s those who aren’t awake who are on the news and such. Times are changing and you and I may see the world come around to its senses in our lifetimes.


  4. That’s great news all around! I’ve never understood the diet soda thing. Could you create a more disgusting beverage if you tried? Seriously, there’s not enough money on the planet to make me drink that stuff! Ok… maybe if I was dying of dehydration or something. But seriously, are there really people out there who can’t taste the toxic fake sweetener after taste?

    The honey thing is fascinating. I spent almost an entire year of my childhood on near constant penicillin. I just kept getting strep throat over and over and OVER. They finally found out that my best friend was a carrier. Then as a young adult I was on amoxicillin for about 6 months because I had a tonsil infection that just wouldn’t go away, and it was a choice between that and surgery. Anyhow, I often wonder if the over exposure to antibiotics as a child contributed to the persistent infection as a young adult. I do believe that antibiotics save lives, but as with many things, more is not necessarily better in this case!


    • Cat, I’m with you on the diet soda, yuck! When I was young I didn’t drink milk and hated tap water so I drank a lot of soda,(I was thrilled when water filters came out) but when the diet stuff came out I had no interest. The first taste of one was in 1986 when my boyfriend had one and told me the taste was so much better than regular sodas. I tried it and thought it was the most disgusting thing I’d ever tasted.

      I was on constant antibiotics from birth to age 14. Seriously, constant. I had no immune system so by the time I ended the one prescription I would catch whatever was going around and be put back on another round. I got tired of seeing doctors and being sickly and refused to see the doctor when sick by age 14. Talk about sick!!! I caught everything and was sicker than anyone else who had it. But little by little I built up my immune system.

      Because honey has worked so well to keep me healthy since those first couple of years I can never become a true vegan. I use local honey which can help with allergies, although the only allergy I have is to cat dander and honey can’t help that. :-)


  5. As the comment above said it is indeed very reassuring to know the consumer has the say especially when you see these big corporations doing what they fancy concerning the foods we eat.
    I am getting to truly looking forward to Mondays thanks to your good news!
    Thank you :)


    • Lindsay, I am shocked by the variety of ways people are trying to gain control over companies such as Monsanto and take back their food supply. I had never thought to hit them in the wallet by selling off their stock which is probably because I don’t play in the stock markets, but what a great idea it is.


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