Good News Monday

I hope your weekend was a good one. The news can be negative but I’m here to share with you good news to start your week off right.




  1. Reinvent the Toilet Challenge is funded by the Gates Foundation.   The program ” funding research to develop truly aspirational “next-generation” toilets that do not require a sewer or water connection or electricity, cost less than 5 cents per user per day, and are designed to meet people’s needs.” Is a step in the right direction.  Does it make sense to continue to use fresh, potable water to flush our toilets?
  2. Tennessee has announced a plan to offer 2 years of community college or technical training to all high school graduates for FREE.  With the rising cost of education this comes at just the right time.
  3. In Denver, Colorado a teacher gave the gift of life by donating her left kidney to a student in need.
  4. In a world where it appears everything is made to be disposable one company has taken on the smartphone.  The new eithical, FairPhone not only sources materials from conflict-free areas, pay workers a fair wage, and is setting up recycling centers for their phones but has also partnered with i-fixit making their phones the only ones which can be repaired.
  5. One village in the UK has found a way to protest fracking by raising funds instead for a solar powered town.
  6. South Africa makes a stand on GMO crops.  Being blunt South Africa after looking at crop failures and finding that GMO foods are a health hazard Monsanto has been ordered to stop making false claims in their advertising.  Putting it bluntly, Monsanto has been told to ” Quit wasting valuable resources, time and money, promoting chemically prepared, genetically rearranged food.
  7. Closer to home, Canada has rejected a Genetically modified apple.  Our voices are being heard.
  8. A mother and chemist has shown both the dangrs of food additives and the benefits of a whole foods diet by reversing her daughter’s autism by eliminating one food additive. Her daughter is one lucky little girl!
  9. Proof that even small measures can make a difference, see how long you can power a laptop by recycling one aluminum can.

What good news do you have this week?

22 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Wonderful Good News post.. and Good news about Canada rejecting the GM apple.. do you think we are seeing them wake up! at last… I so hope so where GM crops are concerned… .. Thank you again for the share Lois.. :-) Hugs Sue

    • Sue, I have a very exciting story to share this coming Monday for my good news concerning GMO crops. I don’t want to give too much away but I am extremely excited about it. I do hope this is the beginning of the end to the frankenfoods.

        • I look forward to hearing your impression of the good news on Monsanto I just posted for this week. It has me excited to see them hurt where it counts. :-)

  2. Love the Tennessee bit especially (sorry I’ve been quiet – I thought you’d decided to stop blogging so I unfollowed…glad to see that’s not the case!).

    • EcoGrrl, I too loved that Tennessee plans to offer free community college education too. Higher education has gotten so expensive it’s almost out of reach for many.

      No problems, it’s good to hear from you. I am slowly trying to get back to reading more of the blogs I love, including yours.

    • Happiness Savored Hot, I am so jealous, we have had a couple of days of spring-like weather but have been in a cold spell since Wednesday. We are all looking excitedly to Thursday when we are expecting a beautifully warm day.

      Enjoy some of that sun for me until then.

    • Yes, it was about 7:30 Friday night when the boiler began to pump out heat.I was so thankful! We really were fortunate as our homes hovered around 60 degrees in low 30 weather during those 3 days. Makes me feel good to know this building is that solid and has enough insulation keeping the heating demands low.

  3. Hi Lois! Wow! Really good news this week. Thank you for digging all that. I had heard about the Gates Foundation work but the others were new to me. Just knowing things are going well in some areas are so important to give us optimism. ~Kathy

    • You are welcome, Kathy. When I started this I thought I would stick to environmental stories, but then realized it takes more than just those working on the environmental issues to make our world better and broadened my scope. Glad you are enjoying them.

    • You are welcome, LouAnn. Some weeks I really have to search to come up with good news to counter the negative stories out there but this week those stories all came to me.

  4. Thanks for the good news. I know we can turn it around. I don’t eat or drink anything out of cans or plastic, ever. I’d like to see more solar power but it’s still so expensive to install. I noticed the last time I was in Germany, so many had installed solar panels on even very old homes. We get so little sunlight in the winter here it could be a bit of a problem but fracking must stop even though I prefer gas to electric. I prefer clean water over gas. I’m ready to see more companies take responsibility for what they are doing to our food.

    • Marlene, I can’t remember the company’s name but there is a company in Ohio which worked for years with benefactors from Bill Gates on down to come up with solar film for windows. When it was perfected they went to the states, federal government and even the public utilities to try to get their product in the market. They couldn’t get any interest in the states so they looked overseas. Germany was the first country to welcome their product. The utility companies there offer a lease program (sure they have another name for it) with the goal of having the entire country on solar/renewables. When this Ohio company needed to expand, they wanted to build in the states to offer jobs here but it didn’t make sense since their business was in Europe, so that’s where they built their next plant.

      I have been hearing more about solar leasing options where you can get solar panels and only pay for the electricity you personally use as a payment for the panels. Of course during that period you wouldn’t get payment for the excess you produce but I would be okay with that, as I am sure you would be too knowing we were helping to reduce our reliance on natural gas and fracking.

  5. Keep on bringing the good news! I’m in a faze where I’ve been so anxious as a result of reading too many bad-news-posts that I started to sift in order to protect myself & here you come with the perfect answer…good news Monday :)
    It’s a very hopeful-for-the-world post & you have all my gratitude for starting my week in such a nice way!

    • Oawritingspoemspaintings, I am so glad you are enjoying good news Mondays. When I took a break from blogging, not collecting a few stories each week to share left me overwhelmed with the negative stories which are everywhere.

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