Friday Faves; What a Week

I’m a bit late getting this post up for you this week, but it’s been a crazy week.  We are on day three with no heat and the four apartments upstairs that have stoves have been unable to cook due to a gas leak some where under the ground.  The owner of our property opted to hire independent contractors to locate the leak instead of paying the gas company to do the job which has resulted in them having to dig the area up in hopes of locating the area causing the problem.  The problem could be anywhere between the end of our building and the blue building you see in the distance.

Teaching the next generation.

This isn’t the only place in our area that has found gas leaks now that the deep freeze has ended, trucks are out repairing gas lines all over the area. Between aging infrastructure and the very real possibility this area could see more of these kinds of winters it makes sense to look for alternatives to the way we heat our homes.

While freezing inside putting together the Friday Faves would have been a nice way to spend some time while curled up under the covers but Thursday morning I had to have the bed moved out for a repair to the ceiling and the cable for the internet was pulled out of the wall leaving me without internet for 24 hours.    I was reminded of the old superstition that bad things come in threes when I learned the rains we are having will be turning to snow later this evening.  This is one week I am glad is coming to an end.

In light of long week,  today’s Friday Faves are uplifting and fun. I hope you enjoy them and if you want more to read, you can check out an interview I did with Christy at The Simple White Rabbit.


do it yourself

  1. There is nothing better than good storage.  Evelyn came up with an idea which her husband was able to make happen that adds hidden storage in a small kitchen. I think this is the best idea I have ever seen, wish I had thought of it myself.
  2. Do you have access to pallets? Then your problem areas have been solved with 107 Brilliant Wood Pallet Projects.  You will find everything from small items like a bed tray to feeding bins for farm animals and a playhouse with everything in between including every kind of furniture you can think of.
  3. Disposable lighters are made to….dispose of when empty, right?  But a simple deconstruction of the lighter with a little imagination will make them anything but something to throw out.
  4. I’ve shown you plenty of painted wood before and after projects, but metal is another story.  Some paint holds up on metal some doesn’t. I found this easy to follow instruction on preparing metal furniture to ensure a new paint job will always last.
Daddy and daughter date night.

Daddy and daughter date night.


  1. After venting about the Cadillac commercial I have to say one father has a better way of handling the media messages his daughter may encounter, this being just one example of his actions to raise a happy confident young woman.
  2. Need help connecting to nature?  Here is a beginner’s guide to loving nature in spring.
  3. Children inspire me to live each moment fully. Last week I watched two of my grandchildren so mom and dad could go out for a bit.  Trying to keep them awake just a few minutes more I introduced them to shadow puppets.  Shining the flashlight on the curtain and making puppets with our hands the squeals of laughter was the best part of the evening and they haven’t stopped talking about it.  Joy shares how to Recapture a Child’s Sense of Wonder.
  4. This was sent to me by Lynn, and after watching it myself I shared it with the grandchildren who were so impressed they had to show their parents.  It is so touching it was the subject of many conversations since.  I hope you enjoy it.

hope you have a wonderful weekend

27 thoughts on “Friday Faves; What a Week

  1. I hadn’t thought of the many Gas leaks in the cold weather.. Love your photos,, Just look at the concentration upon your little ones face.. so good to see embroidery is being taught… Its something I have not done in a while, though when I was pregnant, I made a table cloth and napkins which I embroidered …
    I think I got lost in the Cat and Duck video the last time I logged into your post Lois and forgot to comment… How cute were those ducklings suckling too :-)

    I enjoyed my catch up again… sending you love my friend… take care of you.. Sue xox x

    • Sue, I love seeing the little ones trying skills such as needlework and the like. I have yet to give her a pattern or instruct her on the appropriate stitching methods. She is having so much fun creating her own designs that I want to let her explore her creativity. She will tell me when she wants a pattern. :-)

      I can imagine embroidery was a relaxing past time while pregnant. Do you still have the table cloth and napkins?

      Wasn’t that video cute? I’ve had to save it for the kids to watch over and over. ;-)

      • Sadly no I no longer have them, I gave them away to my sister when she set up home… But I do have a tray cloth and some doilies that I did… When I went full time into the factory again when my youngest was 3 I had had enough of sewing all day so didn’t do as much embroidery.. I started sewing dresses for myself and my daughter instead.. The machines at work were very useful tools as you were allowed to sew on them in your dinner break.. :-)

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  3. Oooo… I hate that ‘bad luck coming in threes’ thing. Sending strong thoughts and prayers your way. And you still manage such a great post? Loved the links and the video. Thanks Lois, and be well. xo G

  4. I loved the mama cat video. We got 6 inches of snow yesterday, too, so you are not alone, but I can’t imagine facing it after days without heat. I hope a warm-up is on your way, inside and out!

    • Cynthia, Wednesday when the leak was found it was in the 50s but dropped to the 30s that night and have continued. We are fortunate in that our apartments didn’t drop much below 60 during that time, but we only got a dusting of snow. I hope your snow melts soon, 6 inches is too much for April.

      That video was so fun to watch I could watch it repeatedly, glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Awwww,,, well, you had to know I’d be an easy sell for that video! So precious!

    Sounds like you’ve had one heckuva week! I sure hope they find the gas leak soon. I had the gas company out several times because my neighbor and I have both smelled gas. They think it’s just that we’re catching whiffs of it as furnaces in the neighborhood cycle off and on, but it still makes me a tad bit nervous.

    Here’s hoping that next week is less… um… eventful!

    • Cat, I did know you would be an easy sell on the cat video. :-) There was so much to enjoy in it but to see the bond has continued was great.

      It was one week I hope not to have to repeat any time soon. I nearly lost a home due to a gas leak so like you I take the smell seriously. It does make me a bit nervous to know several contractors worked on this instead of the gas company. I keep telling myself the gas company inspected before they would turn the gas back on so it must be fine

  6. Lois, so sorry to hear this has been a tough week…and more snow on the way for you? Wow! It’s just raining cats and dogs here. Not looking forward to taking the dog out for her walk later…

    However, you made my day with this nice little surprise of including my post in your Inspiration section, so thank you kindly for linking to it! Looking forward to reading the other posts here this weekend. You always have a good round-up.

    Here’s hoping the next week is a much better one for you!

    • Joy, next week couldn’t be much worse. :-) It’s been raining here since Thursday but is just now turning to snow. I really had put together an idea for a post on children so it was nice to see yours.

      Stay dry on that walk with your dog.

  7. great bunch, again Lois, Thank you.

    the tricky table top, also gave me the idea, it would make a good hiding place. I don’t thnk a burglar would think to look under a table top.

    • Lynn, isn’t that table ingenious? That’s one I’m going to file away for future reference. I think you may be right, it’s not every day you see storage built into a table such as that one.

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