Friday Faves, Listening to a Symphony

It’s Friday and this time I am excited!  It’s a bit chilly but I am writing this while watching the birds playing in the field and listening to a symphony they are playing. I have so missed listening to the music of the birds this long winter and hope the forecast of a warm spell over the weekend holds true so I can be out there with them.


The children have been distracted by the necessity to stay indoors by enjoying their new chalkboard (foot board of my bed).  There was even a portrait of me done with a heart necklace on the day I gave my granddaughter a chain and heart charm.

The art on the left was done by my grandson, on the right my granddaughter.

The art on the left was done by my grandson, on the right my granddaughter.

Now it’s time to share my favorite posts of the week.


This week I want to welcome all the new followers to Living Simply Free and  I want to thank Mean Queen for introducing my little blog to her readers. Mean Queen, anything but mean, shares her ideas for a better life in this post.  She summarizes my feeling on the matter quite nicely.

Creating a craft storage box from discarded cardboard box.

Creating a craft storage box from discarded cardboard box.

Simple living and eating

  1. What is more simple than a sustainable vacation?  Jane lives in Spain and offers very inexpensive lodging, here is the latest accommodations.  If you are interested in a working vacation, your lodging and food will be free.
  2. Craving chocolate but want to keep it healthy?  Then you are going to want to try these simple date balls.
  3. Is Green Living also Simple Living?  I don’t think all simple living is green, but all green living is simple. Here is the first guest post I’ve ever shared in a Friday Faves 9 Ways to Live Green When Everything is Grey.
  4. Carol had one of her recipes featured at SWFL Food and Dining News this week. It’s not vegetarian but this Cherry-Berry Crepe is one the whole family will love.
Starting her own tomato seeds to care for.

Starting her own tomato seeds to care for.

Environmental awareness

  1. This Saturday is Earth Hour when at 8:30 pm local time we need to turn off our lights for an hour.  Reduce Footprints challenge this week was to photograph what we are trying to protect.  I didn’t participate this week with a post as we had too much snow and ice for me to get out.   But what am I trying to protect? Everything!  Everything so my grandchildren and hopefully their children have a life filled with the nature and clean environment they deserve.
  2. NZ Ecochick lists 10 things she doesn’t spend money on all because she cares about the environment.



Things to think about

  1. Mobile phones have reached a new low, now a phone for four year olds.  There seems to be two models, one for the UK and another for the US.  The US model is attached to a wrist band and comes with a panic button, two way walkie talkie, but not able to text or surf the web for safety reasons.  Is it just me, and Wendy, or have we given too much freedom to preschoolers if we need a phone to find them?
  2. Life changes us, hopefully for the best. Photographing identical twins, these pictures prove we can shape our own lives in any way we want.
  3. Everything costs more today and as parents we want to give our children the best opportunities. But what do we do when the costs associated with education can break the bank or cause us to lose a dream we had for our own lives?

Frugality is one of the most beautiful and joyful words in the English language, and yet one that we are culturally cut off from understanding and enjoying.  The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things.  ~Elise Boulding


Have a wonderful weekend


18 thoughts on “Friday Faves, Listening to a Symphony

  1. Dear Lois, How kind of you to notice my recipe on SWFL Food and Dining News, and to share it with your readers. Be well!


  2. We, too, have been listening to the bird’s symphony … it’s so beautiful and makes me smile. It is one of the pure treasures in life … and such a privilege to hear. Thank you for mentioning Reduce Footprints and our current challenge. I’m off to visit your recommendations … the twin photography, which I already took a peek at, is fascinating! Thanks, Lois!


    • It is so nice to hear the birds again isn’t it? I haven’t heard the geese much and find myself listening for them. We have so many birds out here that at one point I counted close to 30 flying low over the field on Saturday. It was a beautiful sight.

      I too enjoyed the twin photography, Small Footprints, with the last set the most powerful.


  3. I think tracking devices are bad and sad…

    —they give a false sense of security (I looked at the one you wrote about. it is designed for a young child. it “clips” on the wrist, easily removed/easily knocked off)
    —they teach children and parents/family/adults to turn to/atune to technology/electronics instead of each other /people.
    —if a parent is using this to keep track of the kids, they should realise that even criminals with monitoring braclets do get them off — a kidnapper could easily take it off
    —sad that society is moving more and more to this.


    • Lynn, I get tracking devices and cell phones especially after the school shootings when parents were fearful and didn’t know if their child was safe at school. I first gave my son a cell phone at 15 when we moved to a new state where we knew very few people. I didn’t want him to knock on a stranger’s door if in trouble.

      But….when you market a cell phone of any kind to 4 year olds, I think we have a problem. First a four year old should never be out of an adult’s sight for any amount of time. Heck my grandchildren are five and still have constant adult supervision. You can watch your children without infringing on their play activities.

      You also made a wonderful point in that that wrist device is easily noticed, I mean it’s huge, so an abductor would remove it. No I think this is solely for the parent who doesn’t want to be a 24/7 parent.


  4. In the modern age I am open to the idea that all children should have tracking devices such as in a watch or mobile phone so that adults can know where they are. I have seen children as young as three with gadgets such as tablets as they are pushed along in their pushchairs, amazing.


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