Out The Door and Shiny New

As you know writing down everything I owned was partly to help me see where I could still do with less.  I’ll show you a few things that left today and then I’ll show you a transformation I am really proud of.


Now that my inventory has been completed it was time to tackle the areas that needed improvement.  I started with my clothes.  Twenty summer tops was more than I needed, two I was holding on to until I lost weight.  My thoughts on having more summer clothes were that I went through more clothes by working in the garden.  Good excuse but I get dirtier sanding furniture.  I also told myself that summer clothes were lighter and therefore I needed more to make a full load of clothes.  But again that excuse didn’t hold up.  If I had less clothes to wash I could wash the sheets with the clothes, saving that extra load.

My Favorite summer shirt

My Favorite summer shirt


Besides this top I pulled out 7 other summer tops, and a winter sweater I never wore this year.  My daughter-in-law took one of the tanks and the sweater. This lovely top became my granddaughters after a quick fix.


I also donated a queen-sized crocheted blanket I haven’t used and a small throw given to me.  Then it was time to tackle the jewelry.


Little one spotted this heart charm and wanted it.  It was part of a set of charms that could be changed on a pair of earrings. I love the earrings but never cared for the charms.  I gave her this chain to put it on.  Mom took one bracelet, two chains, and my grandson took his dad’s wresting medal from 1993 (with dad’s blessing)


Their mother also took 3 rings (which I knew I wanted to get rid of so didn’t count in the inventory).  Then came the earrings.  Nine pair along with a pair that has a matching necklace are all leaving.  Seven pair (including the set with the necklace) have been claimed by my other daughter-in-law and another necklace left today with my granddaughter.


Finally, the children’s step stool I kept in the bathroom for washing hands was no longer needed as they have grown so much. That left for the thrift shop and being solid wood should have a home rather quickly.


No more Big Box Look

Do you recall the microwave cart that was left for me this winter?  It had two broken wheels so at the time I removed the wheels and called it a day.  I knew what i wanted to do to this, but the bed frame came first.   I already gave you a sneak peek in the picture of my grandson but I’ll show the whole cart to you now.  But first a reminder of how I found it.

free tv stand

Surprisingly, the pulls were wood but with a laminate finish.  With black as my main accent color and knowing it would trick the eye into believing the cabinet is smaller than it is black was the color.


The doors are fabric my daughter-in-law picked up at a yard sale.  We split the piece with her receiving cloth napkins from her portion and I used leftover Modge Podge to attach and seal my piece of the fabric to the doors. I should say my granddaughter used the Modge Podge. :-)  She had so much fun with the night stand I cut down the fabric to fit and she did the decoupaging.


This is an accurate color when viewed up close.

The knobs came from the discontinued hardware I bought from a local business.  They were hard to photograph, but oh how shiny they area.  Here is how the cabinet looks next to the couch, all I need to do now is fill the open space with my books.  Speaking of books, one more left with my son today and can be crossed off my inventory.  :-)


Did I disguise the cart enough to not scream “big Box store”?



26 thoughts on “Out The Door and Shiny New

  1. Lois the finished cabinet looks amazing, I would never have thought of using fabric how clever of you… And its so nice to receive pieces of jewellery .. My elderly aunt gave me a lovely broach wanting me to have it.. It was just glass costume jewellery, and had a couple of stones missing, but its a precious gift I shall cherish from her… :-)
    Lovely to see the Little ones so happy :-)


    • Thank you, Sue. while I have no problem saving a piece of cheap furniture that is still usable for myself or others I don’t want it to look cheap (which it always will be). the fabric was so beautiful I wanted to enjoy it every day. :-)

      Like you, I cherish the few pieces of jewelry that has been passed down, or made for me. I much prefer costume jewelry as I don’t feel that pressure of worrying about damage or loss.


  2. The cabinet looks wonderful. I’m cleaning out too and since I have no one to give most of my stuff too, I made 3 trips to the thrift store last month already. I will continue to off load stuff that no longer serves me. I wasn’t well enough to do it sooner. As the healing comes, so does the clearing. Good post.


    • I’m so happy to hear you are feeling better. You have suffered for so long with this. I make plenty of thrift store donations too. The last thing I want to do is to burden another person with unwanted or unneeded items.


      • Yes, I agree with you on giving unwanted items to others. My ex pawned off all manner of stuff onto his kids. I just went behind and taught them to pass it on to someone who actually wanted or needed it. They finally learned to just take it to get it out of our place so the hoarding would be reduced. We had a real hard time together.


        • Your poor kids. At least they had you to support them and tell them it was okay to give the stuff away. I can’t picture you married to a hoarder, I can see why you are so much happier on your own.


  3. When you don’t have a good home for something, do you have a hard time getting rid of it? It’s a fine balance between living with too much and finding a good home for something–broken or unbroken.


    • Good question, but no, Live and Learn, I have quite a few resources of places to give things away. I can start with family and friends, post to Craigslist or Freecycle, or donate to the thrift shop. One thing I do to ensure an item donated to a thrift shop is adopted is to take care of any repairs and clean/polish it so it looks like new.


  4. That’s the cutest top! What good memories she will have of you, too; that counts for a lot. I’m very impressed by your journey to simplify living even more. I’m not looking forward to dealing with my things one day (they’re in storage for now, and most are still in BC). You have such courage! ~ Linne


    • Linne, she visited for two hours, it was too cold to go outside so we had to make do with indoor activities. In that time we played a few games of floor bowling, altered the top, made her a craft box for home from a cardboard box and she did some sewing with plastic canvas.

      When I did my first big purge it took me 6 months, as I did only one area at a time then would go back when finished with the house and do it all over again. At first it was tedious but as I started to see empty spaces I enjoyed the process. I hope you find the same when you go through your things.


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