Good News Monday


I thought I might not be able to write this today as it seemed all I heard for the last week was horrible news.  Instead it made me more determined to find something good to share to restore my hope.  If you have been brought down by negative news I hope this helps you too.

My thoughts are with all of you in Washington state. I hope you are safe. Now on to the Good News for this week.


  1. After much pressure to stop selling bee loving plants that contain pesticides that harm bees, Home Depot is the first to agree to the people’s demands.  You can read more about how pressure led to changes. With plants arriving at stores now make sure you aren’t buying plants that will endanger our bee populations.
  2. As we see malls around the country being closed due to diminishing sales, these buildings could have sat empty to eventually turn into rubble.  While this doesn’t mean people have stopped shopping, I see hope for a future when shopping has lost it’s appeal.  Instead, these malls are being repurposed into spaces that don’t idolize the dollar bill.  “Schools, medical clinics, call centers, government offices and even churches are now standard tenants in malls.” In Detroit residents may soon find a mall’s parking lot turned into a community garden, and some areas that can afford to tear down the buildings are replacing them with open parks.
  3. The smallest of the Canary Islands aims to be the first to provide all it’s power with renewables. And in Scotland, Donald Trump loses court case seeking to remove wind turbines in view from his golf course.
  4. Do you know what happens to the batteries from electric automobiles when the car is no longer on the road? In the European Union your old battery may soon power the continent’s computer infrastructure (data centers).

Do you have good news to share?

6 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Thanks for the news about the bees. It is our local Target that made the news last year when tens of thousands of bumble bees died to pesticides sprayed on the trees in the parking lot. It was heartbreaking.


    • Christy, I heard about the Target bee die off but didn’t realize it happened in your area. It was heartbreaking. I hope Target has changed their practices since then.

      I am hearing that as much of 60% of some hives have been lost in the last year. I don’t want to imagine having to self pollinate plants like they are having to do in parts of China.


  2. Finally someone with good news! You do not know what a special feeling it is to wake up to that…all I hear is how the world is heading to self-destruction & even though I’m the most realistic type that can be it is taking its toll on me.
    Thanks for enlightening us & hopefully many will follow your example :)
    Have a lovely week!


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