Friday Faves, Leaving You Laughing

Spring is supposed to be here, but I woke to snow this morning. :-(     if you can’t remember what spring is supposed to look like where you live, enjoy these pictures of spring,  from Live and Learn.

I'm looking forward to this old tree blooming again.

I’m looking forward to this old tree blooming again.

The little ones have had spring fever, being able to get out a few times this past week has helped along with their dad teaching them a second language, German. The two now know all their numbers 1-10, colors and the words for simple things such as bed, living room, dog etc. I’m now called Oma as well. :-)

The children spent 2 hours doing nothing but running up and down this mound of snow.

The children spent 2 hours doing nothing but running up and down this mound of snow.

My youngest son’s wife called me today as soon as she had her ultra sound and I will be a grandmother this summer to a new baby boy.  He’s healthy and doing well as is his mom.

Now as promised, it’s time for another edition of Friday Faves.  If I shared your post but didn’t comment it’s because didn’t have much extra time to leave comments.

They found the dead branches we cut down last fall and "planted" them in the snow calling it their garden.

They found the dead branches we cut down last fall and “planted” them in the snow calling it their garden.

Something to think about

  1. I am just as guilty as charged on this one.  If you ask me about a home, I would probably tell you to surround yourself with the things you love.  But should I be looking at the issue from another perspective?
  2. As a blogger, I am also a writer, one who has no spark of creativity for a fictional piece but a writer nonetheless.  I was excited to read Amtrak’s plan to give free trips to writers, with no strings attached.  What a great way to see the country and find inspiration at the same time.
  3. I have great hope for the future when I meet and get to know the younger people both around me and online from around the world.  One person in particular who blows me away with her knowledge of the environmental situations is Tegan who now has her own radio program. which covers sustainability issues. The first show is available to listen to any time, I’ve listened to it and learned much from Tegan yet again.
When it got too cold for me outside we came indoors and replanted some of my houseplants.  Little one here was so excited and informed me she "missed dirt"

When it got too cold for me outside we came indoors and replanted some of my houseplants. Little one here was so excited and informed me she “missed dirt”

Unique Small Homes

  1. I’ve seen a plenty of repurposed structures becoming tiny homes.  I live in one myself but would you live in a garbage truck.  Take a peek and tell me what you think.
  2. Ever dream of living in a tree house?  This house can be built on the ground or in a tree. It’s spacious, bright and environmentally friendly.
  3. This home was built for $9,000.  I love the special touches added inside and can see myself in that window seat all the time.  In a colder climate, like mine, more insulation would be needed but I still love this house.
  4. I shared with you in an earlier post how I redid my bedroom area to make it work for me.  While I live in a studio apartment there is no reason it can’t be inviting and filled with beautiful things.  Sarah, sent me this link, 101 Ideas for Furnishing Your Small Space, she wrote on small home decorating which covers just about every situation you could encounter moving to a smaller home.  You will find ideas here for a dorm room, small apartment and even the tiny houses which are so popular today.

Snow doesn’t stop them from climbing trees.

Upcycling And DIY

  1. It only took 5 months once I gave birth to my first child to see how much children love cardboard boxes.  Since that first day my son commandeered a box I would give the children time to play with any boxes that came to our home.  I found six ideas for cardboard doll houses to give cardboard a new life.
  2. Who doesn’t have old belts around the house, if you don’t thrift shops are full of them.  Grab a belt and follow the simple directions to make a plant hanger from it.
  3. So many of us have Pinterest Boards, myself included. Have you made anything from your Pins?  Sunny Skyz found 20 inspirational food ideas and tried each one.  If you’ve ever failed in attempting to recreate something you’ve seen you will want to check out these hilarious pictures.
  4. I find plenty of chairs set out for the trash in my town, but if you are in need of a good desk chair, Daniela shares how she made a chair from something she already had in her home.
  5. Lisa at Condo Blues has 14 homemade (and toxic free) fabreze recipes to choose from this week.
As much fun as the children may have had, this is what I want to see.

As much fun as the children may have had, this is what I want to see.


    1. I’ll leave you today with a humorous song my son introduced me to, I have a warped sense of humor, I hope you aren’t offended.

have a wonderful weekend

16 thoughts on “Friday Faves, Leaving You Laughing

  1. Yes, spring is buried under that dirty white stuff somewhere, isn’t it? I agree with your granddaughter — I miss DIRT! I seeded a few things yesterday. As they say, better late . . .

    Congratulations on the newest soon-to-be addition! I SO look forward to grandchildren someday. I’d have them myself if I could. Okay, that would be weird.

    The small spaces intrigue me. As you know, I don’t live in a huge house, but when I was a girl we always had a cabin. Every Sunday we would clean it top to bottom so that it would be inviting on Friday when we came back. The smaller the space, the easier that was to accomplish. And if you don’t have the space, the stuff just doesn’t accumulate.

    When Bubba moved in, there is so much extra stuff. As George Carlin says, why are my things stuff, while someone else’s is shit. Bubba’s shit keeps getting in the way of all my stuff! LOL

    All your links are great. I hate to pick out any that stand out, as they all pretty much do. Well, okay . . . I did save the link for the fabric freshener. AND it made me think of something I keep meaning to tell you.

    Bubba loved the no-iron sprays, but hated the cost. The bottle claims it makes the fabric fibers relax, and he thought that water might also do the same thing. He refilled the bottle with water and lo and behold he thinks it works just as well.

    I’ll give him this one. He is one of the LEAST green people I know. How I live with him is a mystery!


    • I miss playing in the dirt as well. Today I gave her a couple of cups and let her plant tomato seeds to take home and care for. You would have thought I just gave her a million dollars. :-)

      Your cabin is a dream. I always wanted to live in a log cabin. Did you spend the weekend there or just Fridays?

      Loved your story about Bubba. Don’t tell him but it might not work as well once the residue which is probably mixed with the water is diluted to pretty much nothing. Maybe you can get him a steamer and win him over with that if it happens. ;-)

      Carlin said a lot of things that made me think. I agree my stuff is stuff but other people’s stuff is usually shit to me. I would love to go through a few homes and clean them out. ;-)


  2. Oh Lois, I’m so far behind again but so glad I got to this one before the day was done. I must have a bawdy sense of humor too because that song made the tears run and I’ll be singing it in my sleep. I like the idea of writing on a train! I’ve never taken a train in this country. They make me a bit nervous with their safety record but I’m checking out the information. If nothing else, It could be fun to do a short trip just to try. Kids and boxes have been a solid combination as far back as I can remember. Always kept the good boxes for my kids until there was nothing left of them. We didn’t spend much on toys. Books, that was another story. :) Good post. Thanks for the giggle.


    • Marlene I’m so glad you enjoyed Stephen Lynch’s song. You have no idea how I struggled with myself about whether or not to share it. We are a lot alike because the first time I heard it I too had tears from laughing so hard. You might find his background to be interesting. His parents met while his father was a Priest and his mother a nun. Both he and his brother are comedians. :-) He has quite a few more songs including a show on youtube if you want to hear more. Some get really raunchy, just warning. :-)

      I’ve never been on a train either but now that I am traveling by bus I might just consider a train, I’ve always traveled the country by car, with me as the driver so it would be interesting to be free of the responsibility of watching the road.

      And yes, my children played with boxes until they were destroyed. My grandfather once had to replace his refrigerator and refused to let the delivery people damage or cut up the box. He kept it for my boys, first keeping it in the basement, but in the winter the boys asked to take it outside to build and igloo from. They didn’t realize when the snow melted it would destroy the cardboard and were sad to see it go.


      • Thanks for the info on your comedian. I’ll check it out. I don’t have virgin ears. There is a time and place for everything. Depends on how it’s done. I’ve taken trains in Germany but never here. May give it a try one day. .


        • That’s how I feel about most things. I dno’t have virgin ears either after spending several years living in a housing project as a child I could have made a sailor blush. :-)


    • Thank you, Linda. I am happy things are going smoothly for my daughter-in-law this time around and because they hoped for one of each (boy and girl) I believe they will stop with two children now that they have their wish.


  3. Lois, for someone who is taking a break from blogging, you certainly are doing a lot reading and bringing some great posts to us. I’ve checked out a couple and if the rain comes back, I’ll have some time for more. Congratulations on the new boy that will be arriving this summer and thanks for the shoutout of my blog. I hope you are seeing signs of spring soon also.


    • Live and Learn, there are no signs of spring here yet other than the slowly receding snow piles. It’s downright cold, with a high of 23 today. If it would only hover about 10 degrees warmer it wouldn’t seem so bad.

      The little ones were excited yesterday when they watered the radishes they planted and placed in the window because they found some have sprouted. Guess I’m not the only one missing the green.


    • Thank you, Gina. I hope you found some inspiration this week. Laughter does rock. Did you enjoy the video? I hesitated a while about including it concerned I would offend some.


  4. Lois loved that your little ones enjoying the Sun and the Snow!.. and re-potting house plants a great way to still stay connected to the earth via indoors…
    I wish your weather would warm up a little soon… Seems its been ages the snow has been around..
    Here today its windy, Sunny this morning now raining, but its bitter cold again now.. Hubby is sorting out the terracotta heater with candle this weekend… I said I was going to take pictures! He pulled a face! :-) lol..

    I have saved the cardboard dolls house link, thank you Lois.. as you know I have made a little dolls house before both for my granddaughter and when my children were small… I particularly liked the little bed… as I have some spare fabric I can make into blankets etc.. A wet day project.. :-)

    Have a good weekend … Sending you a Hug .. stay warm.. and safe.. Love Sue xox


    • Sue, our snow is slowly melting away on those days when the sun is out but the temperatures keep dipping below freezing. I keep telling myself if March comes in like a lion it should go out like a lamp, but it’s almost the end of March and still no consistent break in the cold.

      I remember your cardboard houses and am sure yours was nicer than this one, but I too loved the little bed and want to make that for the girls. Like you I have spare fabric around so no worried about that.

      I’m telling myself spring will be here any day now so I’m staying busy with all those projects I wanted to finish this winter but was too cold to get motivated, so I’ve been busy all day. Hope you are having some fun this weekend.


  5. Lois, they all look great. Will get to them over time.

    Have to tell you, the pic of the little ones using “sticks” to make a pretend garden, really struck a note with me…grin

    I can recall doing the same thing, when I was about their age.

    Nice to know, maybe I was ahead of my time, or
    maybe kids don’t change much..


    • I don’t think kids change much when they aren’t being put in front of a TV all day. Nothing against some TV but kids today watch way too much. These two have very little exposure to it so they still have their imaginations.

      I used to sled but never thought to plant a garden with tree branches, but then again I grew up in a city.


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