Bedroom Makeover

For the last thirteen years I have had a metal frame which supported my box springs. You know the kind I’m talking about, mattress companies will “give” to you these for $25 if you don’t have a bed frame.  It worked but I always wanted to add an actual headboard and if possible a footboard.  The big deal for me was wanting something besides the wall to prop a pillow up against to read at night.

In an effort to solve this, I grabbed a side piece from a crib that was supposed to be a full headboard when the child was older.  It never fit properly, being too wide to accommodate the frame I had.  I used furniture bolts to attach one side and twine to hold the other in place, but the headboard was constantly hitting the wall.   I moved the headboard to the garden instead.

bedroom before

Last May, one of my neighbors went trolling through the university students’ discards and came back with a bed frame (among other pieces) and asked if I wanted it.  I glanced over and said yes but didn’t take a close look.  I saw a black frame that from a distance I thought was a cheap pressed board with laminate.  Boy was I wrong. :-)

My friend offered to hold it for me until I was ready to work on it and seeing how I thought it was only going to need paint I decided to work on it through the winter months.  What I found was an antique wood frame with layers of primer and black enamel spray paint.

This was as close as I got to the bed frame, but it was the right size for my bed.

This was as close as I got to the bed frame, but it was the right size for my bed.


After weeks of work we finally removed all the paint.   The children loved that there was a job here for them when they came to visit, but I have to admit I was getting tired of working on the same piece of furniture for so long.  My son even joined in one afternoon. I’m not sure if he was taking pity on me or missed working with me.  I’m not going to ask either. :-)


There were other things I disliked about my bed.  For one the pattern on the fabric which was visible on the box springs was not to my liking.


And the material on the top of the box springs that met the mattress is made from a plastic material which caused the mattress to slide with the slightest nudge.


While my son set up the restored bed frame his wife and I covered the box springs with a drop cloth.


The plaid fabric is my fitted sheet

I am much happier with the new look of the box springs.  BUT we ran into a problem. At one time there were full and double-sized mattresses. I have a full, the frame was made for a double.  It’s not a big difference, less than 2 inches, but my mattress and springs fell right through to the floor.  My son suggested I get wood to use as slats, I’d already thought of that.

With the hardware store closed the only option was to put the metal frame back under the bed for now.  All that work and it wasn’t going to work as is.  Then it dawned on me. If the ledge which held the springs in place was too wide, then my metal frame should fit right inside the new bed frame.  My son thought I was nuts, yet he knows better than to dismiss one of my crazy ideas as too often they work out.

Sure enough the metal frame just fit.  From there everything else went together smoothly.


I moved the pillow over to show you the head board. As you can see it’s not all that high, but it serves the purpose and keeps my pillow off the wall to read at night.  The new down and feather comforter is a joy to sleep with and a nice change from the quilt I have used for thirteen years.  The quilt will be used for guests. It needs a few repairs and has stains from washable markers that won’t wash out.  What’s the point of washable markers if they stain fabric?  Anyway, I may recover it at some point.

Here’s a better look at the headboard before assembling the frame.  The only work the bed needed was a thorough sanding and after being wiped down a coat of polycrylic to seal and bring out the natural color of the wood.  Cheap and while time consuming, easy.


I probably won’t bother to purchase wood for slats since this solution works nicely.

Her first decoupage project. She did wonderful.

Her first decoupage project. She did wonderful.

You may notice the night stand looks different.  Previously I used cheap wrapping paper I found.  I attached and sealed it with polycrylic, which I’ve done before on tables, but this time it didn’t hold up.  The corners of the nightstand that I use to transfer from chair to bed worn down.  I spotted this fabric at Ikea on my last trip to visit my son and his family earlier this month.  This time I used Modge Podge to adhere and seal the fabric to the top of the night stand.  If you don’t recall this nightstand it was originally a desk I had cut down. You can see how it started here.


I promised you yesterday I had a solution to cut down on the amount of paper and coloring books the children go through.  It involves the footboard.  While the headboard was a bit shorter than I would have chosen if I were buying a bed frame, the foot board was the perfect size.  Since I can’t get up and down from the floor I use my bed to exercise.  A tall footboard would have been in my way.  This isn’t to say the footboard was perfect.  As we began sanding we found that just like the headboard there was a recessed area set off by trim.  That recessed area was a piece of thick plywood.  This wasn’t all that attractive.


The panel was larger on the footboard than the headboard, I tried to come up with some idea that would fit in with the apartment without competing with the art work while I continued to sand, and sand, and sand.  Then it came to me.  Chalkboard paint. If I wanted it to match the headboard, then  black it was going to be. I had used chalkboard paint years ago in my youngest son’s bedroom, doing an entire wall floor to ceiling when he was five years old.  It was still being used by him and his friends when they were fourteen.  This would give the grandchildren a creative outlet without using paper!!


I only have the first coat on but thought I better photograph it before the second or I wasn’t going to get a picture later that would be any good.  Chalkboard paint isn’t all that expensive although for the bed it was the largest expense bringing the total cost to $14.   This project wouldn’t have taken as long if I could have used my sander but there was no way I wanted to fill my entire home with the dust.  I still think the cost and time was well worth it.

While I was changing the bedroom area I also changed the curtains.  The blue panels were fading from the sun and the sheers didn’t give me the feeling of privacy I wanted.  I used the leftover pieces of the drop cloth (from the box springs) to create a set of panels that fit my wide window.


If that isn’t enough for you today. :-)  I have a quick change up for the bathroom.  I have cheap plastic switch plates in my home that I have been slowly covering up with pictures found in magazines passed on to me from friends.  This time it was a picture of two hummingbirds.  Since my granddaughter did such a good job with decoupaging the nightstand top I gave her a go at the switch plate.  From ugly plastic….


To this….


Have you spruced up an area in your home Recently?

32 thoughts on “Bedroom Makeover

  1. I envy your frugal makeovers. I just spent a ton of money on mine! I am re-doing my kitchen (paint, added a backsplash, fabric for curtains, new outlet/switch covers, new cabinet hardware), bedroom (paint, also bought furniture at Ikea), bathrooms (paint, wall hooks), paint for the hallways and miscellaneous areas, curtains for the living room… eek.


  2. The bedroom looks so calm- it turned out great. Your little granddaughter is also developing a hand for DIY! The switchplate is very colourful and creative and it’s nice that every time you switch it on or off you can think of her :) Over the next couple of days we’re putting down a click-floor in our back room at long last, so that will be our next project.


    • Thank you, P. My granddaughter is becoming quite the artist and DIYer. Both the children love to work on new creative ventures so there isn’t much they haven’t had a hand in around my house.

      Good luck with your floor, I’ve never used the click in place flooring before but would love to replace the carpet in here with a reclaimed wood floor. I love the aged look from old boards.


    • Thanks, Jen. Now the little ones can use chalk in the winter months too. They are so excited they can’t wait for it to set. While dry to the touch in 30 minutes it takes 3 days to cure.


    • Thank you. I adhered the magazine photo with the Modge Podge. I’ve used Pollycrylic in the past when I didn’t have Modge Podge but this is in the bathroom area and I wanted to be sure it held up for a long time.


    • Yes, Cynthia, I did use Modge Podge on the switch plate.. This is the third one I’ve done, all three in the bathroom area and they have held up fantastic. All the pictures I’ve attached to the switch plates are from magazines as well.

      I am taking today to mostly kick back, I needed a day of rest. :-)


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