Good News Monday

I miss you guys and have decided to attempt (no promises yet) to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Life is improving, we are seeing less and less snow every day which helps my spirits immensely.  I hope spring is arriving where you are too.  I am seeing an end to the work on my bed frame, I can’t believe how many layers of paint were on that thing.

Thursday was a busy day for the little ones, first they spent the morning stocking up on groceries, visited me where everyone chipped in on sanding my bed frame,  later my son took his daughter, while his son visited another relative, to see his step-mother and youngest brother.  While there they were treated to pizza.  The little ones enjoy pizza just like most people, but on this particular day my granddaughter wouldn’t eat.  She picked at a sliced but never finished it. No one could convince her to eat, which is very rare.

As she and her dad walked out the front door heading to the car she asks if she can have strawberries as soon as they get home.  My son asks her if wanting strawberries (bought that morning) was why she wouldn’t eat and with a sly smile she confirmed that yes, she was saving room because she wanted a BIG bowl of strawberries.

standing in the middle of the strawberry bed and eating all she can find.

standing in the middle of the strawberry bed and eating all she can find.

I love hearing the little ones will pass up other food in hopes of being rewarded with fruit. :-)

Could you use some good news to start the week?

  1. We’ve all heard about GMO foods, but mostly what we hear about are the plants which have been genetically modified.  If you missed it, salmon have been genetically modified as well.  Safeway and Kroger are two grocery chains which have said no to selling its customer’s genetically modified salmon.  Is the tide finally turning on GMOs?
  2. While on the subject of food, I came across information that the TV dinner along with the rest of the frozen meal selections are falling out of favor with Americans.  These dinners are full of sodium, fats, chemicals and preservatives but business is becoming so bad for the companies who produce these frozen meals that one company, Nestle, is considering selling off its Lean Cuisine meals due to falling sales. Let’s hope these frozen meals are being replaced with real food at the dinner table.
  3. Abusing children makes my blood boil, so this story of a biker group who make their mission protecting children was a story I wanted to share with you.  These bikers work with child psychologists, sit outside a child’s home round the clock, take them to school, and are there when the child has to testify for support.  You can learn more about the international group B.A.C.A.  here, or watch this video of one girl’s experience and how it changed her life. Please share this with anyone you know could use their help.
  4. Want to help those less fortunate? Think you spend too much time on your smart phone?  There is a solution to fix both situations. We are so blessed to have the luxury of a safe roof over our heads, abundant food and more material comforts than we need.  Most of you reading this are also fortunate enough to have fresh clean drinking water.  Unicef Tap Project has partnered with people in a position to help change this.  For every 10 minutes you don’t touch your phone,  a child in need will receive one day’s worth of clean drinking water.

Do you have good News you can share this week?

23 thoughts on “Good News Monday

      • Lois
        it is kind of you to say “I learn so much”….
        me too.

        also, too
        it is nice/meaningful, to chance upon a place (blog) that one may express opinions … thoughts etc.. ideas/ concepts, which to today’s “society” would at best be considered odd..

        I am in no way saying that I manage to live the simple life of hundred years ago/grandparents, but ……maybe I and others should…and in small ways I make efforts.

        it may seem odd to bring Star Trek in to this, however….wonder what you will think of this..
        I was not always a Star Trek Watcher (the original series)… but through happenstance started watching to keep someone company….
        in consequence, I often heard on the T.V. show,
        “Star Trek’s PRIME DIRECTIVE, of
        non interference in “primitive cultures”….
        well, at the time/many many many years after, it did not register much concern with me..

        only after many years/much more happenings/much more contemplation/much consideration of things I loved in early life/etc…it started to have a more current meaning and more personal meaning (Star Trek’s Prime Directive of Non Interference in Primitive Cultures) ..

        I so often hear, on the news/etc, of how this family/this group who is living in very modest (read poor by today’s standards) circumstance MUST be “helped/funded to involve in modern life ..etc…
        — and I now think….gee, maybe they do not (parents do not) want a different life?
        — maybe they are learning quite a lot , doing what they are doing
        — maybe they are healthier doing/eating what they are doing
        (can’t afford a car…gee maybe they walk)
        (can’t afford chips and chocolate barrs? – maybe they have no cavities)
        (can only afford beans/rice / veg ? maybe they are healthier and do not need to medicate their kids)
        ( can not afford computer training? … gee most adults who have made the modern day momentus discoveries/inventions DID NOT HAVE / GROW UP WITH video games/computers….MAYBE they developed their minds and that is why they could do this…not brain dead from technology)
        (cannot afford to put kids in nineteen after school activities? — maybe they are all , kids and parents , less stressed…
        maybe the kids have time to learn/love what the parents know/love…maybe the kids have time to learn on their own/maybe the kids have time to learn to play with the kids on the street)

        oh, you get the idea

        you so seem to me to be making a great effort at living / teaching/teaching grandchildren/us to

        Star Trek’s Prime Directive…


        • Lynn, I am so glad you feel free to share any ideas and thoughts you have here, what a lovely comment.

          Now you are talking to a huge Star Trek fan (of the original that is). And it’s funny you should bring this up as my son and I were talking just the other day about how horrible it is that a group of people should look down on another for living differently. He was talking about the tribal people and how so many feel they need to “educate” them in the proper way to live and about faith issues.

          I never thought about how I live as being connected to the Prime Directive as I was influenced by Native American people I had met early on in my life. My need to learn as much as possible about their beliefs and way of life was insatiable. But you are right and i would like to believe I do live by the Prime Directive. Thank you.


          • Lois, I think you do real well living by the Prime Directive, and yes, I agree with your comments on the Native People.

            It seems that one can hardly listen to the news these days, without discussing some new program to equalise the “kids”. If kids want a certain opportunity, I guess that is ok (maybe they just want it because they have been told they should?), but I think more respect needs to be paid to what/who they are.


          • I agree with you, Lynn. I was pressured when younger to fit in, dress differently, find a different career, etc. I tried really hard not to hold my boys back and to embrace their choices. The hardest was seeing my son join the military.


  1. What! You were thinking of not posting! The world would be a poorer place for it. Please keep posting. I have just gotten regular internet and resubscribed. You are a true inspiration to me and I imagine to so many more. All the best.


    • Deb, thank you, you just brought a smile to my face. Yes, I did say good bye one evening when I was overwhelmed with work and low from lack of warmth and sunshine. I’m doing better, the temps are slowly warming up, the sun is out and I am getting work under control. The world is good.


    • Thank you, Joy. I will give it my best to post at least these three days. I was overwhelmed with the number of jobs I had on my plate when I said I was going to quit. But with the weather trying to warm up and more sunshine along with getting some of the bigger projects finished I am feeling much better and missed you all.


  2. I’m going to do the UNICEF tap project. Not that difficult to put my phone away for awhile, with a good excuse.
    I needed some good news this morning because the radio just told me we have a big snowstorm coming tomorrow. Thanks for posting all this good info.
    Oh, and I’m totally with your granddaughter–I’ve been craving strawberries, too. (They’ll have to wait though, as organic strawberries are $6-8 here and way out of my budget.)


    • Cynthia, good to hear you will be joining the Tap Project. I thought it was telling to only expect us to put our phones down for ten minutes at a time to provide a days worth of water. Does that mean for most people ten minutes is a long time not to be touching a phone? If so that’s a sad commentary on life today.

      I have to admit the Good News posts are a bit selfish on my part. I get so overwhelmed with all the negative news I need something to stay positive. I’m sorry you are expecting a storm tomorrow. I hope it isn’t as bad as predicted this winter has gone on long enough.

      About the strawberries, I’m missing them too. Can’t wait for the strawberry patch to be full of ripe juicy berries as I won’t buy them in the stores.


  3. I’m with your granddaughter, I’d much prefer a big bowl of strawberries to pizza. It’s lovely to hear that you are going to keep blogging Lois. I had a little break myself recently, I just didn’t feel up to it, nothing serious, just a little blue.


    • Jen, I’m with you both, strawberries win over pizza any day. I had to sit with the little ones and a calendar to count how much longer before my strawberry bed would be giving us fresh strawberries. It feels so far off.

      I hope you are doing better, I can’t picture you down as you always seem so upbeat.


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