Traveling with Children and Greening my home

I took a trip this past week to visit my youngest son and celebrate his daughter’s 3rd birthday.  I decided to take my oldest granddaughter as well.   She doesn’t love car rides but I hoped for the best with the bus.  She was all smiles as we took off.


Thirty minutes later I heard the first question, “are we almost there?”  and boredom had set in.


Once we got close to our destination things changed.  She spotted her first skyscrapers and was mesmerized.  I gave her the phone and let her take photos of the buildings she liked.



This caught her attention as well.


And this


When asked if she wanted to live where there were large buildings, the answer came so quickly I was stunned.  She didn’t want to live around the same buildings that captured her attention.

We walked around downtown and attended the Home and Garden show.  The flower displays had the two girls full attention, even more than the elaborate swing sets.


There was a children’s section that helped them burn off some energy.


This year my son wanted to have his daughter’s birthday party at Chuckie Cheese.  We tried explaining to the girls that if they played games they would get tickets which could be used to purchase toys at the end of the night, but this was what both wanted to spend their time (and tokens) on.



Prizes, or better known as cheap trinkets held no interest for them, which made my day.

The bus trip home was a new experience as we rode on an older bus which had no seat belts.  My granddaughter loved the freedom this allowed her and i never once heard a question on how soon the bus would get us home.


It still amazes me how such a short geographic difference can bring a big difference in weather.  This is what it looked like 100 miles south of my hometown.


And this is what I came home to


I did receive one item in the mail upon returning home…..bamboo toothbrushes I ordered a week ago.


Now I am on the hunt for a metal comb three stores later I had found only plastic ones and may have to order one online.


Have you made any green changes lately?

27 thoughts on “Traveling with Children and Greening my home

  1. It must have been good to get out from the snow for a while Lois.. Loved the pictures your Granddaughter took. She is taking after her Gran me thinks:-) in her love of Nature.. And I can not fault your little ones choice in rides :-) I was always drawn to the horses both the rocking horse and the real variety ;-)
    So good to see them and You have fun :-) xxx

    • Sue, I was always drawn to the horses, real ones first. :-) I am so happy to see my family embrace small town living and enjoying the open expanses available rather than the cities with all the shopping attractions.

      I wanted to share with you that Justin is still working toward a more simple life, he just informed me he is going to rent a rototiller and put in gardens at his home this summer. He can’t wait to have safer food and see his children help with his garden. It’s a good thing the little ones love gardening as now they will have two gardens to tend. :-)

  2. …Hi Lois … the best part of this story is that your lovely granddaughter doesn’t want to live in the city … that the girls loved the flower displays more & are born cowgirls … that made me smile … thank you for sharing the info on bamboo tooth brushes … i shall check this out & see where i can find them here … i use a wooden comb & i feel a great sense of clear conscience & gratitude when it goes through my hair … same with the brush … & here i say from reading your thoughts today … that i again see the beauty & magic of children … they are our greatest teachers … they are content with the real & simple stuff … reminding us always that we have been Blessed with a great gift & responsibility to respect them & steer them onto the path of love & truth … & no. 2 … you’re a great mother & a great grandmother … Bless your heart Lois … love & peace to all … God Bless … : )

    • Dina, I too am glad my children and grandchildren prefer the openness of a small town even if it means less “places” to go.

      If you check the links from my last guest post there is a link for bamboo toothbrushes that are less expensive than what I found. If only I had waited a few more days to order I would have ordered them. Here’s the link to the post::

      I gave you the link to the post as John has many other wonderful resources in the post you might find of use.

      Today I had a little one visit while her dad helped a friend. I had chores to take care of, she was so excited to help with the laundry telling me it’s fun. :-) After that we grated a bar of soap for hand washing in the bathroom, it was her first time using the grater, again it was a game to her rather than a chore. Yes, children keep me young and help me to see life from another perspective…one of unending curiosity and excitement at being alive.

      Thank you, Dina.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day.

    Do you use brushes? My hair is so ridiculously thick that I need a good sturdy one but often break the bristles off brushes. I have a wide toothed comb (plastic, but durable and I have had it many years) I use but would like a durable brush as well.

    • My hair is thick but when wet I don’t like to use a brush as it can damage and split the ends. I do have a brush I like, the handle is wooden but the bristles are rubber, probably a type of plastic mixed in.

  4. How fun! The skyscrapers were one of the first things to catch Beanie’s eye, when we moved to Houston. We don’t really have any where we live, but we still get excited when we finally see downtown, anytime we drive home from visiting up north!

    Ah, the snow…I hope it goes away soon! ;-)

    • Bethany, I fear the snow will never leave. You should see the image for the storm moving through tonight. I can make it now that I’ve been out a bit until it’s finally over.

      Aren’t the reactions by our little ones priceless when they first see the skyscrapers? I personally don’t like the tall buildings but that comes from preferring open spaces. The other thing I noticed was how different the air smelled in the downtown areas. All that traffic and the pollution is noticeable.

  5. Our daughter likes the horse ride at Chuck E Cheese also. Very cool that they weren’t interested in the games to win tickets. Sounds like everyone had a great time.

    • Freedom, I would have to say that the idea of earning prizes is more a learned behavior. All the little ones at the party were more interested in the rides or the playground area where they could use their imagination and interact with each other, I’m sure your daughter is the same way.

      Thanks for pointing out I misspelled the name of the restaurant. :-) It’s a new place to me. When we first arrived at 6:30 on a Sunday night we found the place packed. My son was aghast that so many children were inside rather than enjoying the outdoors as it was in the 50s for a change.I simply smiled knowing my grandchildren will spend much of their lives outdoors.

    • Wendy, it was so good to get out of the house! It wasn’t exactly warm enough for our ventures downtown Saturday but just being out I was able to mostly ignore the discomfort from the temperatures. Nothing was going to spoil my fun. :-)

  6. Lois, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you reconsidered your decision to stop blogging here. You have a very natural, down-to-earth, comforting voice in your writing which is rare and appealing, and I would have sorely missed hearing your thoughts. It’s a great idea that you’ve chosen to blog only when the spirit moves you and/or you can fit it into your life in a more manageable, enjoyable way. I find it very hard to keep up with blogs that post lengthy entries every day of the week (or close to it), even the ones I really love–so I just fall behind on my reading and catch up if I can. I think you said the same thing. Anyway, it was so nice to hear about your trip with your grandchildren!

    • Thank you, Joy. Should I assume I posted too often before for you? When I pulled out the computer to write about my trip I realized I hadn’t touched it in nearly a week. I really didn’t miss the computer at all during that time, of course I still have my email which can be checked on my phone so I wasn’t completely disconnected.

      The girls had a wonderful time together and even slept in the same room at night. At first we were a bit concerned they wouldn’t go to sleep and would play instead but they did fine. They are two years apart yet have almost all the same interests. Both are a good mix of girly and tom boy which is fun to watch. :-)

  7. sounds wonderful

    is this the Granddaughter’s first bus trip? she will remember it forever, am sure. nice of you to take her along.

    suggestion comb – men’s barbershop/pet store/drug store in the “lice” department…

    • Lynn, yes this was her first ever bus trip. I had planned to take her on a local bus to see how she did first but the weather was so bad I didn’t want to risk waiting around in the cold for the bus with her.

      Thanks for the tips on finding a non-plastic comb. At the drug store I asked one woman who said she wished she too could find a metal comb as she finds she replaces a comb monthly due to them breaking. Can you just imagine how many combs are being tossed out every year?

  8. Congratulations on the newest granddaughter. Looks like a fun trip and one your older granddaughter will remember because she went on the bus and she went with you.

    Also, like Cat said, there are several different kinds of metal combs in the pet section.

    • Live and Learn, I don’t believe she will forget her first bus trip for a while she did enjoy both the ride and the visit. She felt so grown up on the bus and received so many complements on how well-behaved she was. One man getting off stopped and informed me he never knew there was a child on the bus as she was so quiet. She also opened up and talked to a couple of women on the way home, which is huge for her.

  9. That sounds like a wonderful trip! Maybe it’s just me and my hatred of driving, but I would vastly prefer to take the bus than to drive.

    Those bamboo toothbrushes look neat… what are the bristles made of?

    On the comb front, if you really want a metal comb they generally sell them at pet stores. But, I got a sandalwood comb for only a few dollars on eBay that I love. It smells wonderful!

    • Cat, it was a lovely trip and felt so good to escape the cabin fever. I loved getting my first car and the freedom it gave me to come and go on my own schedule rather than that of the bus but I have to say I am enjoying traveling by bus again. It’s relaxing to read or crochet on the trip and not have to deal with icy roads and such.

      My bamboo toothbrushes are very nice but not perfect. The bristles are nylon so those need to be removed before I can compost the rest of the toothbrush when finished with it.

      My son mentioned he went to PetSmart yesterday and I shared with him what you told me about finding a comb there for myself. He simply shook his head and laughed that I would resort to pet supplies to avoid plastic. I considered a wooden comb but figured metal would hold up better for using in the shower on wet hair, but your sandalwood one sounds tempting.

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