New Adventures

When I began blogging I was seeking a connection missing in my life.  I had made what most people thought was a drastic change, when for me it felt like a normal transition.   To say I knew absolutely nothing about blogging would be an understatement.  :-)

Looking back at my earliest posts, they were pretty good but it wasn’t what I was passionate about.  The process which led me to where I am was just the journey.  Yes, decluttering and searching for a home was the journey but behind the journey was my desire to embrace my deepest values.  Those values came from my early childhood, the examples I saw from my elders, meeting a few Native Americans who shared their passion for Mother Earth and lived a simple life where people came before things.

I was born a quiet environmentalist. Over the years the choices I made in my life came from my feelings about the environment yet I kept very quiet about my views to those around me as no one else seemed to share my beliefs.

As I continued to blog, you helped me to feel comfortable enough to open up.  I finally came “out of the closet” and let it be known why I chose to live as I do. The best part is not one of you ever judged or criticized me for my views. This was a first for me.

Your acceptance has emboldened me to open up around my community and let people see the real me. The one that puts family and the environment first.  As a result I have a lot of things in the works at the moment.  I am busy working to restore the bed frame that was found in the trash.  At the same time I am giving a friend’s kitchen a face-lift, my hands are getting a work out. :-)  There are a few little tweaks around the apartment and I am getting the seeds ready to start for the garden and organize some real landscaping.  I am also working on a layette for the newest grandchild who will be here in August.

But the biggest project I am working on at the moment has me excited and is taking a lot of time.  Most of my trash collection happens in May when the university closes.  I have family and friends who help me to collect as much as I can restore or find homes for.  I knew there had to be a better solution than my trying to save everything myself.    I have a plan I hope solves the trash situation at the end of the semester.

I have organized a group of people who will help me to publicize and organize a charity sale.  We have an outdoor venue where students can drop off anything they would have put in the trash.  This location is in close proximity to the majority of the dorms and apartments.   I won’t kid myself that even that will convince some students it is better to drop off their belongings rather than dump them at the bin closest to their door.  For that we have come up with a few incentives. :-)  I can’t share these as they aren’t finalized yet.

And so it is time.  Time to say good-bye, at least on a regular basis.  I don’t know that I have anything new to add to living sustainably in the modern world.  What else can I say that is completely new and unique on the subject of green living? While writing Living Simply Free I have eliminated a lot from my life; my car, refrigerator and a stove, and found more enjoyment in life.  Where there was an overgrown field filled with trash there is now a community garden and seating areas for residents to be closer to nature.  You followed me along as I explored each subject, thank you.

I will leave the blog up and hope it continues to bring inspiration to anyone seeking ideas they may not have considered.   From time to time I may stop back and update you with news, only time will tell.

One of the things I have missed recently is the time to really spend visiting other blogs so I will be popping in to say hello as time permits.   And I would love to hear from you so stay in touch. You can email me at loisfield12 at yahoo dot com.

 it’s been a wonderful journey with you, thank you.



56 thoughts on “New Adventures

  1. Hi Lois! As you know I get your posts delivered in newsletter style once a week so I’ve only just read this. Wow! Big changes for sure. I’ve long wondered how you could keep up your busy blogging schedule as it was–so I’m not at all surprised that when approaching a big new project you are considering cutting back. But I’ll bet that’s just what you do–cut back to a post or two a week and I’ll bet you’ll be happy–and all of us (your fans!) will be happy too. Either way–we gotta follow our bliss right? I look forward to the posts you do write (and yes I see that you have already written a few others :-) and also look forward to hearing of your new passion in posts to come. Take care as always–Kathy


    • Kathy, thank you. Yes, the daily posting got to be too much for me right now. Some of my favorite blogs don’t follow a regular schedule and those that post infrequently get me excited to see a new post arrive in my inbox which has me wondering if readers even want a daily post. Hmm maybe a poll is in order to find out. :-)

      Thank you for understanding my crazily busy life.


  2. Lois, reading this makes me sad, although I understand the decision too. Let me just say this: even though you may feel like you don’t have more to say about sustainability that is “new” or “unique,” very few things that are written these days (certainly in the blogosphere) are either of those things. Yet the way YOU say it may resonate with someone in a special way and inspire them. So keep that in mind. I have gained a lot from reading Living Simply Free. So thank you, and good luck with your new adventures!


    • Thank you, Mari. This means a lot to me. I now deep down that everything has probably already been said but I don’t think I believed that my perspective was that unique and therefore needed. I have been trying to find some balance as I have taken on too many things at once and became overwhelmed with the knowledge that when spring does arrive I will be busier.

      I’ll be back from time to time to share stories as I can.


  3. Nooooooooooooo! Lois, your project sounds super exciting, but when I read the line where you said you were leaving I thought I was going to cry! You are such an inspiration to me, and quite clearly to so many other people too. I do hope you will be able to come back from time to time. I’ll be hangin’ out here waiting for you! : )


  4. Lois I have loved getting to know you through your blog, I discovered a wise, experienced, brave and funny woman with a dry sense of humour. I will miss you and will look forward to catching up with your occasional posts. I hope all your plans and hopes for the future go as you dream….


    • Thank you, Jen. I could never forget you. You inspire me every day with your art and little animals. I will keep in touch and do my best to post a few times a month for now and see how it goes.


  5. Lois!! I understand the busy-ness of life being way more important than blogging, and I also want to share that your blog makes a huge difference! Your Good News Mondays and Friday Faves are something I look forward to. And I want to learn everything about how you have downsized and are living more and more ‘lightly’ and about your grandkids and gardening adventures. I feel like you have so much more to write about! :)
    I absolutely support you in being truly happy and listening to your heart, but know a part of me is so sad at the possibility of losing your presence here. Even if you came back once a month – or once a SEASON that would be great! So my (selfish!) wish is that you are saying ‘See you later’ and not ‘goodbye’. Regardless of what you decide, know that you have made a beautiful difference in my world and your presence has touched my heart.
    Loving friendship always, Gina


    • Gina, thank you. I had considered having sort of a poll to see which things I’ve written in the past were the most important, but you didn’t seem to leave anything out. :-)

      I guess I just can’t leave you. :-)


  6. Lois – I will truly miss the photos of your grandchildren, garden, home and stories. I’ve enjoyed and been inspired by your journey and now you’re moving on to new adventures. Though I’m sadden I won’t see you here every week, I know you are doing exactly what you need to do — make the world a better place.

    I admire your passion in following your heart and truth not only through words but in what you do. God bless you, my friend, and may sunshine always shine on your path. :-)


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  8. I have not been around as much lately–but I still consider myself a faithful follower and have learned so much from you and your projects–you write with intelligence and compassion and I love the way you always try to share the good stories of others–Lois, I hope you will consider blogging still but on a less strenuous basis–it is obvious a lot of people are going to miss you–wishing you the best of luck


  9. I am so happy to hear about your projects, Lois. I really think that you will have an impact at the college. When I look back, I often wish I’d had a “green mentor” – that way I would have started earlier. You are truly an inspiration, and I’m so glad we were able to connect however briefly. Many thanks!


  10. Ah Lois … I’ll miss you! I have loved reading about your journey and I thank you for letting us be a part of it. I also want to thank you for all you’ve done to support my efforts, participating in CTWW and leaving meaningful comments on my posts. Like everyone else, here, I hope you’ll drop in occasionally and let us know how you’re doing. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world! I know that, whatever you choose to do in life, you will be an excellent advocate for the earth and will be an inspiration to all who you meet. Be happy, my friend!


  11. I have really enjoyed your posts, even though I have not always commented. It’s really amazing how much of a difference blogging can make in the world – not just a difference to the readers, but also to the author.

    It’s so encouraging to read how your blog affected your journey. I wish you the best with your projects Lois and hope to see the occasional post from you here, as you mention.


  12. How wonderful that your WP blog helped you so much in developing and putting into action what you are passionate about. Congratulations on the new grandchild that is on its way! And much luck and all the best to you, Lois! I hope that your new initiative to prevent left behind college items from ending up in the landfill turns out to be a huge success!


  13. Consider a once a week update! I love how you share what you’ve discovered on other blogs, sites, etc. :) I know first hand that it can get hard to come up with stuff on your own on a regular basis which is why I supplement a lot with sharing what I’ve learned from others. But do what ya gotta do and hope to still get your comments on my blog! :)


  14. Well, Lois, I know just how you feel. I’ve been contemplating the same move myself. As you’ve noticed, I have been online, less and less. Other things call and we must listen. I’m sure when you have something that just needs to be expressed, you’ll find a welcome here. So many are moving on to other things. So is life. You are more prolific with your writing than so many. It takes a great deal of time. I have been working on expanding my physical rather than virtual community. I hope to continue to hear from you from time to time. You are an inspiration to us all. Hugs, MH


  15. I, too, am selfishly sad that you’re leaving! And also hoping that my long rambling comments didn’t push you over the edge. You’ve always been so kind and supportive and I will really miss you! I wish you the very, VERY best with all of your many endeavors – you have indeed been an inspiration to me and I’m sure you will continue to spread your light with everything you touch.

    Much Love,


  16. Lois, you and your words will be missed greatly. I’ve enjoyed the widely varied presentations you’ve shared here. Special mention for your sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren. Your projects with them have been inspiring.
    I hope you will occasionally post an update on your progress. Best wishes with all you’re accomplishing.


  17. Oh, no! :( Selfishly, I am really sad to hear that you are closing up shop here, but I know you will do great and inspiring things offline as well. As Katie said, I hope you will write an update or two on how your project is going. I think it could be a good template for helping people set up similar programs in their own areas. Please stay in touch, Lois. You are such a warm and wonderful presence, my friend, and your regular posts will be very sorely missed!

    Wishing you the very best,


  18. There have to be endings so there can be new beginnings. I want to thank you so very much for all your wonderful posts, informative and eye-opening, personal and educational, something I was always very happy to find in my inbox. Bless you as you go forward, and I do hope you will keep us up on your journey from time to time. I will miss you.


  19. Oh Lois!!!! I will miss your posts but I will keep in touch. I understand where you are coming from, I have a feeling I will also take a break in a wee while. It’s a commitment to keep up and takes alot of time.

    Your new projects sounds absolutely wonderful, well and truly wonderful. You will be terribly busy for sure.

    I have bought your son’s books but haven’t had time to even start them yet!
    I will be in touch Lois, best wishes to you and thank you for all you have bought to your blog, certainly not time wasted.xx


  20. Hi Lois, I hope you have time to blog from time to time. Your posts are brilliant, I will never look at an old piece of furniture in the same way. I will also miss you Friday updates.

    I hope you will find time to keep in touch, all the best PN


  21. Dear Lois, Your regular posts will be sorely missed, but of course I understand completely. Hope to hear from you from time to time. Wishing you all the best always! Your beautiful aura shines through all you write and all you do.


  22. Oh my gosh :(
    I love the education your blog offers to me and to others <3
    Always look forward to your posts. Don't stray too far! ❤️
    The projects you've accomplished are wonderful and inspirational! You're an excellent writer❤️


  23. Thank you for inspiring me to make some changes that I would not have made. I really wish you happiness and success in all of your future endeavors.


  24. Lois, what a pleasure to have shared the knowledge of your journey so far. Will, of course, look forward to updates/new adventures etc..

    Have to say, you have truly managed to create an on line community, and on line friends. I count myself lucky to be one.

    Also have to say, as I read this and it started to sink in, (WHAT — Lois is stopping her posts????), I felt as if cold water had washed over me, and a dear friend had just told me she was moving to another continent …… and we would not be able to coffee regularly (as might happen back in the horse and buggy days)…

    so, I guess you see, you have been MUCH successful in becoming part of our lives..grin.

    Rest/relax/enjoy your increased free moments, and please come back for a visit once in a while



  25. That is sad for us all! I truly enjoyed your blog :)
    I admire the work you are doing & bringing it on a higher scale, there should me more people like you… this post speaks to my heart.
    I was wondering…the car I get it, it is possible to live without but the stove & fridge? How do you cook & keep the food you have just bought?
    Wishing you much success in your new plans!


    • I wrote a few posts about living without a stove or fridge in the past. It’s not as hard as you may think. With the garden in the summer to eat out of and salad greens in the winter growing in the window I have fresh food. I lived without a fridge for several months and while it is do-able, I opted to purchase a used chest freezer to store food from the garden and such in. It works better than I had hoped as I have been eating out of it since November without needing to shop for food for the last 4 months.

      There are many foods which do not need refrigeration, yet we believe they do. I grew up with the mustard in the cupboard not the fridge. Eggs are only refrigerated in the US so that’s not necessary either. As a vegetarian I have no meat that needs temperature controls, but even if I were to eat cheese it too can be kept at room temperature. If you want to learn more you can do a search for how those living on boats store food without a fridge (which drains their batteries).

      As for a stove I have a rice cooker which cooks anything that could be cooked on a stove top and a slow cooker. I have used the 2 items to prepare all my meals for what will be 3 years this May.


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