Friday Faves, A Peek at Spring


Hello everyone. I am in a good mood today, in spite of the computer giving me problems.  We reached a high of 46 today! Well above freezing for only the second time since some time back in November which left me with a pain-free day.  :-)  It wasn’t all rosy as it rained, but it’s a move in the right direction.  We even had some thunder and lightning which was fun.  I remarked to the little ones that it had been a long time since we had a thunderstorm, to which they then thought the storm was the best thing since sliced bread.  We sat by the open door for a bit while the children found interesting objects in the dirty snow. There was a turtle and even a dinosaur skull.  I’ve never looked at the black clumps of ice from the plows like this before.

Hopefully tomorrow which could reach a high of 50 won’t rain all day and I can get out and enjoy some fresh air.  The snow is melting fast with the rain and many areas are starting to flood. I would love to stroll by the streams and see how they look.



  1. The Fearse Family wrote about a subject dear to me, our trash. In Ten Easy Ways to Reduce Your Trash you will find some interesting ideas. Such as did you know you can sell your empty toilet rolls on ebay for cash? i knew there were plenty of uses for them but didn’t know one could make money from the rolls.
  2. From Dom Charisma, I found a completely different view of letting go of our possessions than I felt in letting go of mine.


  1. Gael puts the history of advertising and how we are swayed by it in the clearest terms I’ve read.  He also has a solution for the mass marketing we receive almost constantly throughout our days.
  2. Jo Ann in her mid life (yet much younger than I am) heard a special message on life from her mother that came from, of all places, the pantry.
  3. David contemplates why minimalists do what they do. He walks us through the reason behind discontent.
  4. John gives us a Lesson in Simplicity in his interview with Abigail, now in her 80s as she looks back on how her generation was green.


Doing it YOurself

  1. I am looking forward to summer, even though I am quite busy during the summer months. Wendy’s pictures show just what I can’t wait to see. While you are there you might want to write down her simple recipe for Drunken Plums
  2. I receive frequent questions on how I do certain areas of my furniture restoring.  One remark I hear often is “I’m not talented enough”.  I taught myself through necessity and feel my work has gotten better over the years.  So to give you all encouragement to just try what it is you have brewing in the back of your mine, I had to share Ashley’s post on her journey.  The beginning was really bad. :-)


  1. I had to include this interview with Joanna Macy, and Eco-Buddhist titled Living for the future.  I was inspired by her thoughts to look at this time in our lives differently.

Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.

Yoko Ono

Have a wonderful weekend

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  1. Hi Lois! I LOVED that interview with Abby on John’s! And she is so right when she said, “Life is like biking with eggs. You have to be careful not to break too many eggs during the bumps in life. But the ones that you have broken, do not fret over for too long. Learn from what made them break in the first place. Take chances and learn from their outcomes.” Thank for that! ~Kathy

    • Kathy, that was my favorite part of the interview as well. I didn’t want to give anything away by quoting her before you had the chance to read the entire interview. She’s one smart lady.

  2. Ashley’s wonderful post on her starry bedroom made me laugh and reminded me of when I wrote my boyfriend’s name on my mirror with glitter. Not content to stop there, I also glittered my sandshoes,and if memory serves me right a back pack too. I hope it warms up for you soon :)

  3. wow
    had no idea toilet paper tubes on ebay..had to look (grin)

    found all different prices listed. saw Thirty for ten bucks…SHEESH
    I am not sure wether to be impressed with the salesmanship of the seller, or the stupidity of purchaser…

    on a good sale, I can pretty near buy thirty roles of toilet paper, roles and paper for ten bucks.
    I find it amazing.

      • crafts sounds good. I keep trying to imagine who would pay, on ebay, that much. then there is the shipping costs, too.

        however, if someone is actually making the purchase, those folks are smart to SELL.

    • The durnken plum recipe is towards the bottom of the post I linked to. It’s a rather long post of the bounty from her garden but she does explain how to make these.

  4. Love that minimalism post, thanks!

    As a side note, I always am perplexed at the articles talking about the older generations somehow being ‘greener’, when it was the older generations who brought in the industrial revolution to burn coal, to create plastics that never can disintegrate (the teenagers didn’t invent this stuff!), to create then move out to the suburbs. Every generation has it’s simple and green individuals, every generation has it’s wasteful and complex – it’s my biggest pet peeve when authors try to generalize generations.

    • Ecogrrl, I think the point is that recycling, making do with less, repurposing are not a recent invention, but something that has been done in previous eras. When 90% of the population lived on farms, they grew their own food, provided their own fuel and water. They had fewer possessions and clothes. The industrial revolution is only a couple of centuries old, but deforestation for fuel for firewood to cook and heat was occuring in Europe around the time the Europeans were exploring the Americas. Part of the drive to take over the New World was the desire for land. The nobility wanted gold,the average person wanted land of their own to farm and the freedom to worship as they wished. Sounds like the people today who decry the cost of land, who want to own their own plot to farm and raise food. Before indoor plumbing, when people had to carry their own water for drinking and washing, they were more cautious with water use. Now we just turn a tap, unless the water source dries up. Teenagers today did not invent plastics, but there are those of all ages who do not think about what happens to their trash and packaging, who want the latest new toy, who have dozens of shoes, who throw out hundreds of dollars of food a year, who drink cases of bottles of water in plastic. When I was a teenager in the 70’s, our girl scout troops in our tiny town used an old building as a recycling center, collecting cardboard, glass, newspapers. There was no pickup of recycling at the curb. There was not anywhere near the amount of plastic packaging then. There is no one alive now who started the industrial revolution or colonized the Americas, stealing it from the Native Americans. We need to learn from the mistakes and crimes of the past, but we should also learn from how they were able to live without power plants, flush toilets, disposable diapers, how they grew all their own food and made their own clothes, what they did right and what they did wrong. We should use new knowledge to understand how to use fuel more efficently, to use renewable energy. We can learn which herbs worked in the past for health and use scientific studies to understand why. It was not until the 60’s that the plant tobacco was widely recognized as being carcinogenic, it was considered medicinal in the past. I am sure that many things we are promoting now as healthy and environmentally friendly will be found to be a problem in the future. Many medications and treatments considered the standard of care in the early 80’s when I was in medical school are now considered malpractice to use. At the beginning of my training, we did not wear gloves to start IVs, since the earliest cases of HIV were just being reported and it was not known to be blood borne. It is amazing and humbling how much things can change in a short time. I am sure the generation in their teens now will add greatly to human knowledge, but they stand on the shoulders of giants as they say. One last thing I must add, not all plastics are evil. My husband is a biomedical engineer, and he can attest that many medical devices would not exist without plastics. Many people would be dead without them. They have their uses. But like everything else, they can be used inappropriately, in excess or for the wrong things.

    • You are right, but the way I see it is through the lens of my grandparents who raised me and they were greener than my generation. I won’t tell you the number of lectures I heard about the waste and laziness of my generation during those year. :-) The one think I do know about my grandparents and their friends is none of them liked many of the changes they saw taking place whether it was their generation developing these or not.

      You are right there are green and not green in every generation thanks for pointing that out.

  5. I enjoyed Don Chrisma’s post about letting go of stuff. I agree with him that the bottom line is you have to do what’s right for you and only you can decide what that is.

    • Live and Learn, I agree with that as well. The area where we differ is in how attached to our stuff we are. I guess I wanted a big enough change that nothing was off limits to ending up in the away pile.

  6. Yay for pain-free days! I’m so glad you’re finally getting some decent-er weather. It’s warm today but REALLY windy – as in trash cans blowing down the alley sort of windy. We actually had some thunder snow the other day. Come on spring!!!!

    • Cat, our days have been windy and wet but at least it’s not taxing the heating system so and I can feel the difference. This time next week they are calling for below zero for our highs again.

      My granddaughter shared a Rainbow Brite movie with me. In it the “person” who brings winter didn’t want to leave she was having too much fun. Rainbow Brite couldn’t bring spring until winter left. People were getting grouchy (like me). Rainbow Brite had to convince the winter person that if she overstayed her time people wouldn’t like her. Okay it made me laugh to think of winter hanging on like a spoiled child. Yes, please hurry up spring.

  7. So pleased you got to be pain free for a time Lois, and hope the temp’s keep rising.. Its going the opposite way here we awoke to a sharp frost… but I am smiling as the Sun shone nearly ALL day.. :-)
    I can not believe its Friday Faves time again Already again!… Have a brilliant weekend with your little ones Lois and hope you can get out to again to enjoy the warmer temps soon… :-) Hugs to you and take care.
    Sue xx

    • Sue, I have been much more productive and happier while pain free. It rained today so I am holding out for Saturday as my one day to get out. By Sunday it will be well below freezing again.

      I hope you have a nice weekend, I’m hoping for sun and some leisure time myself. :-)

  8. Lois, I love the links you find. I am spending too much time online, not because of you but because I have been researching small houses, alternative energy and heating options for the new house. There is a lot of information to sift through to not only be responsible environmentally but also to do it in a way that is affordable and that my husband will feel comfortable with. I was able to read about reducing trash and got some good ideas. We already do a lot to reduce trash but there is always room to improve. I hope to check out the rest of the links later.

    • Glad you are enjoying the links, Maryalma. I too could get lost in the web searching home ideas if I were building from scratch. Do you have a date set for your move?

      • No date set. We have gone back and forth for many years about moving, we were considering this move back when our son was still in HS. We had thought about moving when he graduated but he went to college 30 minutes from our home, do we decided to stay put, of course that was 2008, when the bottom dropped out of the housing market, if we had put our rental property and our home on the market then it would have been so much better. We knew where we wanted to move to, we had long been researching the Asheville area. It is highly rated as a great place to retire to, we have been pleased interacting with the people of NC as being very nice and not prejudiced against northerners, the taxes are much less. We love the beach but have been impressed with the power of nature and strength of hurricanes. We love mountains too, so western NC seemed great, they have an excellent medical system for a city of 65,000 and they have a wonderful arts and crafts community. I love fiber arts, sewing and beading, my husband does wood working and has picked up some woodturning skills from my uncle. There are still 4 seasons but winters are much milder and the summers are reasonable, plus they have 200 sunny days a year as opposed to 90 that we get here. We would only be 6 hours from our daughter, sil and grandson in Jacksonville. We do not know where our son and his wife will settle, but her brother lives outside Asheville, her family vacations there yearly, and it is on their short list and her parent’s short list to move to. There are several interstates through Asheville to travel to visit family. We bought a five acre wooded property on the side of a mountain east of Asheville over 2 years ago, above 3000ft altitude to lower humidity, on a paved state road. There is an amazing south facing view of lavender mountains. My only disappointment is no creek, as we have on our present property, but there is a spring that runs part of the year so we may be able to use that to feed a small pond. Despite the rural remote feel, we will only be 16 minutes from downtown, 20 minutes from the airport, since my husband may do some part time consulting. This leads to the reason we have not set a date to build and move. My husband is in consideration for a major promotion to a new position that the company he works for has created, to be in charge of documentation and quality assurance world wide, with travel to Australia, Japan and China added to his travel presently to Europe, Mexico and the West coast. It would mean a pay raise and improved benefits. And most importantly, it would be recognition of his dedication and hard work for many years, a feather in his cap that he is so good at what he does that he should be in charge of global quality assurance in this multibillion dollar international medical device company. He does not have a six figure salary or have a golden parachute, though he works harder than those who do, and he is well trained, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from top universities in his field of engineering as well as decades of experience in R&D as well as dealing with the FDA. If he gets this promotion, we will probably delay moving for at least 2 years, so that when he retires, it will be at the top of his profession. If he does not get the promotion, we have been fortunate enough financially that with careful investing and planning, we can afford for him to retire and gor us to build our retirement home without a mortgage. It will not be a huge fancy home, but that isn’t what we want. We will not be going on cruises, playing golf or belonging to the country club, but that is not who we are. We may take our travel trailer to see some areas of the country we never made it to, like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, but we will have to do it at a pace and exertion I can handle. It will take me a long time to sort and pack to move, since I can only organize one drawer or shelf a day due to pain. I had a terrible pain day today. I went for fasting labs today in preparation for a semiannual doctor visit, a trip to a local farm store to buy some of their home raised and butchered beef, pork and chicken. The beef is grass fed, the farm grows their own feed and hay for their live stock, they raise the pigs and chickens themselves too. I have known the whole extended family a long time, they are off the beaten track but I want to support local farmers and find healthier meat and chicken.Finally, we needed to replace my 3 year old cell phone that finally completely died this week after limping along for months. I am left alone sometines and need reliable emergency communication. However, traveling to 3 different vendors while all within 10 miles of our home is a major effort for me, and I was in bad shape the rest of the day. It looks like the countering process on the rental property will not result in a sale, but we are still encouraged. We had a realtor walk through our home today to give her assessment of how saleable it is and how the market looks, it was encouraging but discouraging how much more work I need to do to get ready to show the house and move. We will have to hire someone to pack and move our stuff but I need to keep working on downsizing our accumulated stuff. Enjoyed the link, stuff vs. things, it is a great distinction.

        • I am sorry the rental doesn’t appear that it will sell. Your property in Asheville sounds lovely. I’ve visited that area a few times but don’t like the humidity in the summer. Being at a higher altitude would take care of most of that problem.

          Good luck to your husband, I am sure it is a hard decision for him as to whether to take the promotion or retire instead. Do you have live in care for when your husband is away?

  9. I’m not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but thank you very much for posting all these links. Looks like there is much good food for thought it all that content. Lovely to find so many like minded peeps out there. :)

  10. I’m glad you’re getting a break in the weather, Lois. Loved the picture of the yellow crocus (I think that’s what they are). It seems by the calendar it won’t be long but doesn’t seem like it outside when the polar vortex reaches down. Let’s hope it keeps getting better. Happy Friday. :-)

    • Hi, Pat. How are you. I’ve been having trouble trying to connect to your blog, it won’t load which is why I haven’t been by to visit.

      You would think we’d be getting a few breaks in the weather by now but it’s not over yet. :-(

      • Hi Lois – I’m doing good hanging around for spring and warm weather. Are you still having trouble connecting to my blog. I’ve seen where my host has been up and down occasionally but from my end it seems to be up and running. Please let me know.

        Weather here hasn’t been as bad as yours and we’re getting more breaks than you. My sister lives in Philly area and they’ve been getting hammered with snow and cold.

        Take care — hope to talk with you soon.

        • I just got on, it took a very long time to load. But now that I have it I can finally read a couple of your posts I’ve wanted to read for a while now. Love the new look you have too.

          • Hi Lois – thank you on the new look and hope you like the stories and thanks for checking on it loading for me.

            I’ve been trying to tweak my site a little to improve loading time but it seems like it’s made it worse. Duh – computers. Would you mind checking now and then and letting me know if there are still loading issues. Truly appreciate it.

            Hope you’re having a good weekend so far and the weather isn’t too bad. We’re having sunshine today and breezy with temps in the 50’s. But, snow is due to come in tonight or tomorrow. Won’t be long for spring, though.

          • I will, Pat, I gave up waiting for it to load to read the end of your story about the $10 valentine card. I’ll be back to try again. For some reason my computer is acting up as well. I get about half an hour of decent speed then it slows worse than dial up did and I have to close it down and reopen it. My problem started about the same time yours did. Hmm.

            It’s been a bit warmer here this weekend, I tried to go our yesterday but the wind was so strong it stung…. sigh. so I was out very little, but it felt good just the same. Tomorrow brings winter again. Come on spring

          • Thanks for the update, Lois. Problems, ugh… think you fix one thing and it messes something else up. I’ve been messing around with all weekend. When I shorten the lead in of the posts adding “continue reading”, it bumps out some photos and videos. Just got to let it go — grrrr — that’s not like me.

            I agree, come on spring. We had winds here too the other night. They were so strong they shook the house.

            Will just put a smile on my face :-) and keep on keeping on, my friend. Hope you will be okay too.

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