Change the World Wednesday, What melting?

It’s been a good week, at least once things warmed a bit Monday.  I was so busy here I ended up doing a one day fast without planning for it.  This is a big thing to me because I have never done a fast.  I became very ill from anorexia and have feared falling back into that pattern again.  It would be very easy because I don’t have an appetite, ever.  My body was so damaged I don’t get hunger signals, even after all these years.

I have to remind myself to eat each day, but Monday I completely forgot. It was after midnight when I realized all I’d had all day was water.  Since I still didn’t feel any hunger or light-headed I decided to just wait until morning to eat.  Nothing worse for me than trying to sleep after eating late.


What was so surprising is that I had the best night’s sleep I can remember.  I woke refreshed, still not hungry or feeling off in any way.  I started the morning with 2 large glasses of water, then after an hour had a bowl of lima beans. (I love them).  I had so much energy I decided to simply drink water and hot lemon water the rest of the day.  Now I know why people fast.  Have you ever fasted?

Wednesday challenge

I am so envious right now of Small Footprints. Why?  She has spring-like weather!!

When spring arrives we, like everyone, see litter all over. Between the litter and the brown yards it’s a pretty ugly sight.

This week, pick up litter and dispose of it properly. As you go through your day, pay attention to the area and clean as you go. You might see trash as you walk between your car and your office. Perhaps you’ll see plastic bags, etc. in the parking lot of a market. If you enjoy nature walks, browse the side of the trail. Get your kids involved and take litter walks or organize a neighborhood cleanup of a local park. The idea, this week, is to rid the area of litter!

This is one challenge I will have to pass on.  I don’t know when the snow will melt but for now we are still buried in snow and ice.  Tomorrow will be the first day in more than a month that we could see temperatures above freezing (we had one day that reached freezing but got no higher).  It won’t last, only 2 days of a mild break and then right back into below freezing temps.

One thing I have noticed since I began working in the field behind my apartment building is that no one litters here anymore.  There is truth to the belief that people won’t mess up their own neighborhood when it is well maintained.

How about you, Is it warm enough to start cleaning up outdoors?


33 thoughts on “Change the World Wednesday, What melting?

  1. I almost always pick up litter – luckily we rarely have snow. But I’ve never tried fasting, but if I go too long without eating I do get light-headed. Any tips for that?


  2. “…Is it warm enough to start cleaning up outdoors?” – Nope…not yet. We still have a pile of snow around and while we are supposed to get warmer temps soon, it will be raining down like cats and dogs so no chance of stopping to pick things up.

    That being said, spring will be here soon-ish and we’ll see where that brings us :)

    Take care Lois and my best to all.



  3. I am so sorry you are all having such a hard winter. If we are into extremes this year, I hate to see the summer. My son in S. Cal has had so many 80 degree days that it’s hard for him to believe it’s Feb. We are better here in the NW. Snow goes quickly and weather has returned to near normal. I always pick up when I go out. As for fasting, I do it on occasion. Keep trying to get the eating under control. I have the opposite problem. I’m never full. I have to portion my food since the full meter doesn’t work. Trying to find balance. I too could go for days and not have time to eat many years ago. That’s why smoking was so easy to give up. No time for it. Now I have nothing but time and am always looking for food to make me feel better even though I could be doing other things. The eyes just won’t let me do them for long. I’m praying spring shows her pretty face soon. We are closer to it than you are. :(. Too bad we can’t send that snow to Calif to help with their drought.Hugs.


    • Marlene, I would love to send some of my weather to California. It’s funny you mentioned CA as I just hit publish on a story about that state.

      Don’t get me wrong I have enough issues with food. For instance because I know now I have to eat I have to prepare a meal and have nothing I can just eat without preparation as I have been quite low this winter and could snack as a way to feel better, but not because I want food. Does that make any sense?


      • Brain has not been working too well this last couple weeks. I don’t have anything in the house except some nuts and cheese. Too much salt and had to back off. Why is food such an emotional trap? Glad I don’t drink…much. take care of yourself.


        • Marlene, I think we are all suffering from one season lasting too long. I hope you plan to get out and buy some more food. I have the opposite, I still have a freezer full of produce and leftovers I am trying to get through before summer. Today my son and family visited, the little ones commented they were hungry. I hurried and made a peach cobbler from peaches I froze in the summer. They loved the treat of peaches in winter and my son acted like he’d gone to heaven. My family are huge fruit eaters and peaches are a favorite.

          I’d be happy to share a few meals with you. Too bad I can’t send it to you through the computers. :-)


          • I didn’t explain well. I have food, not snacks. But I’m a snacker. I am within walking distance to a market if I need it. I hate to cook and can barely stand to warm things up. Had tomato soup for linner today. That’s lunch and dinner together. Cheese for dessert. Organic, lactose free. Thanks for your kind offer. You have a wonderful heart.


          • I’m glad to hear you have food. :-) I was concerned for you. I hate to cook as well, after 21 years of planning meals for picky eaters I don’t want to be in a kitchen.


          • I have a sign that says “the only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house”. I’m looking for a house with a tiny kitchen and big workspace. I told my last husband when he asked what was for dinner, ” I don’t know, what are you making”? I cooked for 50 years. I cook big now and freeze or go out and make 2 meals from one. Try to go out once a week with my daughter. That’s my one treat in life and feel like I’ve earned it.


          • I need a sign like that. ;-) I use the freezer to store food that is easy to toss in the rice or slow cookers and then I can walk away while it warms. I have one bowl, single utensil and the pan to wash. If only I could find an even simpler method. :-)


  4. It’s in the 60’s here in Denver today… I’m sitting here waiting for CatMan to call me back and hoping he wants to go for a bike ride! It’s supposed to get cold again later tonight though.

    All in all we’ve had a pretty mild winter here – well except for the past few weeks. There have been some REALLY cold spells, but mostly it’s been 50’s and 60’s since November. But the mountains have been hammered with snow – like we’re talking in the 6-7 feet range, which is excellent news because our water all comes from mountain snow melt. I’ll pick up some extra litter for you!

    So how did the going to bed earlier challenge go? I fear I totally fell off the bandwagon again and was up way past 3 last night. Sigh.


    • Crazy weather! :-) We haven’t seen 40 since October forget 60s. We had our first break today reaching 42 from below freezing temps that have been here since before Christmas. I think this is the longest I can ever remember of a cold snap lasting this long.

      I hope you had your bike ride I’d be out all day if I saw 60 again.

      Going to bed well, I’d say it’s been a total failure. I really tried but my body just doesn’t like change. I have moved it up an hour so now I’m going to bed at 2 but any earlier I just can’t fall asleep. What’s worse is when I try to go earlier than 2 the act of lying down is enough rest that I end up awake until 6 am.


  5. It will be a bit warmer here, I hope it will be warm enough for my husband to carry the small covered metal trash can of compost to the main compost pile. We had to start a second pail, a covered plastic cat litter bucket when the first filled, because the first filled. We are considering starting to grow our own mushrooms, which would pull some things like coffee grounds and filters out of the compost. It won’t be warm enough to collect litter by the road. It is disgusting how much litter collects on our rural road, mostly fast food debris and beverage containers that people toss out the car windows. I can no longer collect it, my kids did when they lived at home.
    Fasting can be beneficial, but those with medical issues should discuss it with their health care provider. Of course, HCPs prescribe fasting all the time for lab work and tests, then the phlebotomists have difficulty finding veins in dehydrated patients. Always ask if you may at least have water to keep hydrated.


    • I believe the increase in take away food and drinks has added to the littering problem. So many just don’t care where their trash goes as long as it isn’t cluttering up their car sadly.

      It’s nice to hear from a doctor on the issue of fasting. The second day I did eat one meal and continued the water along with a cups of lemon juice.

      I would love to grow mushrooms specifically shiitake as my daughter-in-law loves them but they are so costly at the store to eat regularly. I have enough planned for this year, but it would be a nice thing to try next year. I try to add a bit more each year.


  6. I keep hearing that it is supposed to warm up above freezing here too – and rain. That might make a bit of a difference. But it will take a while to melt all the snow.

    When it does all go away, we usually send the kids along the road around the houses to pick up any trash that people have thrown from cars as they pass. It surprises me that people still do that, but every year we see evidence of it. An hour of two of clean up usually takes care of the area.


    • Heidi, we finally reached the low 40s today and are expecting similar temperatures until Sunday when it falls below freezing again. This is the winter that won’t quit!

      I don’t get why people toss things out of the cars. It doesn’t take that much work to carry your garbage to your own trash can. My grandfather used to take me to Canada a couple of times a year and wanted to move there when he retired all because there was less litter. He would point around to show us there wasn’t any trash along the walks or roads and would remark that Canadians cared enough not to litter. Sadly, my grandmother refused to move when he retired.


      • He might find it a little more littered up here now, though I have to admit it’s not nearly as bad as I have seen it down south in your area. But we are a bit more rural and wide open space, maybe that makes a difference. And all the public service announcements that we grew up with. And the healthy littering fines. Not that they are well enforced.

        We are getting some of that melting weather too – and lots of rain overnight. I can almost tell the difference in the height of the snowbanks.. almost. I am holding out hope that spring can’t be too far away. At least it’s a matter of weeks now instead of months.


        • Yes, I listened to the rain most of the night, which left me tired today. It was nice to hear rain, but oh I want sun. I guess I’m never happy unless it’s warm.

          I will have to start thinking about spring in terms of weeks instead of the open ended “when will it get here” It might help. :-)


  7. I cannot even fathom forgetting to eat! Would probably do me a world of good though…

    As for the trash, I always pick up as I go along – even in this wretched winter! I’m always amazed that people just choose to throw bottles and wrappers anywhere they want…. I feel guilty about an apple core!


    • Dale, I have real issues with food. There are foods I can enjoy and do but none that I have to have. I have always said I wished I didn’t have to eat for my health because I am content to never eat. Think of the savings too. :-)

      I never feel guilty about tossing apple cores here because they are gone in no time by the animals that share the field with us. As for tossing trash, I hate that people still do that but I think when you have the increase in fast foods and take out drinks those who would litter have more to toss. I pick up when I see trash but am waiting for enough snow to melt that I can get out.


  8. Hi Lois,
    re the one day fasting, although I for sure could use getting rid of some “excess”, I doubt I would manage it, sigh.

    I, myself, have never had much of an opinion on fasting, although I did entertain the sneaking thought it was likely good.

    Just a few minutes ago, I happened across this article, and I have to say, it may change my mind. Now, I am thinking that fasting might not be a good idea for anyone with any type of muscle problem (while for anyone else it might be ok).

    “Your body begins to eliminate large quantities of toxins only after it begins to burn your fat reserves at a rapid rate. And this doesn’t happen until you’ve used up the glycogen stores in your liver and muscles.

    So when you fast one day a week, you deplete the stores of sugar in your liver and muscles, and you begin to break down your muscles – these are the main things you accomplish during the first day of water fasting. Significant detoxification only begins to occur if you continue past day one of fasting.”

    However, this article not withstanding (and I have not researched this at all, so no idea if it is basically correct),
    I have become a firm believer in fine tuning one’s skills in “listening” to one’s body. That is, I strongly believe if one does feel a positive effect from something (fasting), there is likely something the body benefits from it.

    Will be interested to read what you find re your body/muscles after fasting, and if you try it again, if the effects repeat.


    • Interesting article, Lynn. I don’t know about the break down of my muscles as I felt better and didn’t tire as quickly as I have been lately. I was very productive the following day and my muscles responded better than they have for a while. As for strength, I didn’t see any decrease there. I may have to look into a 3 day water fast to burn fat and try it once a month if it helps me. Summers I do a lot of raw only days and have a juicer as well so an extended juice fast is possible for me.


      • Drinking plenty of fluids is important for any kind of fasting for detox or health to flush out any waste products or toxins, many toxins are stored in fat tissue and as the fat is mobilized, there may be a temporary increase in the circulating toxins until your liver,kidneys or skin excrete them. Short term fasts may be counterproductive for weight loss, the body may interpret the sudden drop in calorie intake as starvation and lower metabolism to conserve resources, so when you resume your usual eating you end up gaining weight on the calorie intake that previously kept your weight steady. The human body is remarkable, it has many survival mechanisms, but these are not in line with the present easy availability of food and the mainly sedentary life with labor saving devices. We are meant to wake up, go gather breakfast and find water (without pails or baskets to carry it), collect fuel for cooking food, start fire, cook food, eat then collect more food and fuel, feed other family members, make clothing by tanning hides or spinning thread by hand and weaving it into cloth, collecting food and fuel to last through winter months or drought, make storage containers by hand from what you gather and store without refrigeration. If you are at agricultural stage, you grow food without benefit of metal plows or scythes, you have to guard your animals from predators without firearms, you also have to guard your food from other humans taking it. Until the last century, obesity was a sign of wealth, because most people could not afford enough food to be overweight. Much of our modern disease is a direct result of moving off the farm, too easy access to refined foods with concentrated calories, and our sedentary life style with constant need for entertainment and labor saving devices. It was not long ago that any music had to be provided live, no recordings or radio, books have only been generally available beyond the very wealthy and monasteries since Guttenberg just a few centuries ago. The human body and how it handles nutrients has not adjusted to modern times, nor should it. Reading your post about drought in California reminds us, we may not be far from scarce food supplies at any time. People starved to death during the Great Depression and WWII. Those of us who are overweight may survive longer in famine conditions.


        • I am enjoying this conversation about fasting and the history of how our metabolisms were designed. I’ve had a harder time with my weight now that I am not mobile. But I’ve always wondered why we should have to eat 3 meals a day when our ancestors didn’t have regular meals.

          It’s just like the domestication of grains, I can’t see early humans growing and harvesting grains. They wouldn’t have had the ability to do much with it. By the time we moved to agricultural period then yes grains were added. But today our food from grains to corn to potatoes and then add processed foods our bodies haven’t had time to adapt.

          We are the most overfed, malnourished people.

          My grandparents and their families survived the great depression because they were fairly self sufficient and had large gardens already and traded extras for meat and milk from farmers. Today the majority of people live in cities so yes, food insecurity is a much bigger threat to us today than it was during the Great Depression.

          Back to fasting and how our bodies were designed, what do you believe, coming from a medical background as the best way to eat and how often?


          • It may sound weasely but it depends on several factors. One is genetics. I strongly believe that why some diet plans work for some and not others is that depending on where your ancestors come from, your body has adapted to use certain foods more efficently than others. I think that now that the human genome has been mapped we will find that it will be easier to predict what diseases to screen for in a patient, what meds will work better and what diet will be healthiest. My fear is that this will be misused to do prenatal evaluation in the wrong way, deny insurance, jobs and education to some and develop a genetic elite (ever see the movie Gattaca? It will freak you out). Someone as brilliant as Stephen Hawking would not exist. But as usual, I am getting off topic. I think in general, it makes more sense to graze, ie eat small frequent meals, if you consider the hunter gatherer. You would eat very fresh food as you found it, and dry any bounty for the winter if you lived in latitudes with winter. You would eat what was seasonally available. I agree that in pre agricultural societies there would be little grain, your carbs would come from starchy roots and from fruit, but the fruit would be much smaller and less sweet. Protein would more likely be bird eggs in season, edible insects, small wild game such as birds, rodents, squirrels, rabbits, fish and shellfish, rarely a larger animal found freshly killed or dead. Cooking foods would allow better digestion and more nutrients, but there would not be metal cooking pots. Food was more likely roasted or baked on rocks or buried in coals. The human GI tract is that of an omnivore, not set up to digest plant matter enough to get sufficient nutrients solely from grass and woody plants, but not solely carnivorous. We do in modern times and with agriculture have access to enough variety in plants to get all our essential nutrients from plants, but if you were restricted to gathering only plants locally available in some areas, there is the potential for deficiencies in some essential amino acids. Because animals are more nutritionally dense in terms of fat and protein, they are a dietary advantage if you have to struggle to get enough food. But in the modern industrial world, in most cases we can get all we need from plant sources. The way that animals are raised in corporate farms, they are a drain on the environment. In non industrialized cultures with smaller family run farms, they can convert untillable land and forage into usable digestible proteins and fats. Chickens especially can eat insects, weeds and compost, turning it into eggs, a wonderful and inexpensive source of protein. Sheep and goats can graze in areas inaccessible to cultivation or live on seaweed as in the Shetland islands so they can provide meat, milk and fiber from food souces that are undigestible by humans. So that’s my long winded way of saying that choosing to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet is healthy and good for the environment, but so is eating eggs from chickens raised free range, or grass/forage fed meat animals from smaller farms that are more in tune with the environment. My concern is the big corporate run farms with no crop rotation, growing the same crops year after year in the same fields, depleting nutrients from the soil then trying to replace them artificially, livestock fed grain that could have fed humans, taking several pounds to produce one pound of useable animal, plus producing a large density of excrement and urine that contaminates water supplies instead of being able to compost and return nutrients to the soil. The well run small farm provides for natural cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients to keep all aspects healthy, not just this years profits. Sorry to get so far off topic from diet and fasting, just got off into one of my favorite topics of discussion close to my heart, how big corporate farms are destroying the quality of our food, our nutrition and the environment, as opposed to the smaller family run farm such as the one where I grew up. We cannot all go back to the farm or grow all our own food, but I am gratified to read more and more about people who are trying to grow some of their own food. If you worked to grow that food, you are less likely to waste it, your children are more likely to eat their veggies they helped with growing, and that food will be fresher and more nutritious. Plus less expensive.


          • Thank you, Maryalma. I am a vegetarian. The only animal products I have here are local honey, local free-range eggs occasionally and butter that is salt-free (I have a problem with salt) and from grass fed cows. I’ve looked into vegan butter choices but there are so many ingredients that I stick with real butter, never margarine. Oh and very occasionally I will have some cheese. When I do the cheese comes from local farms where I know how it was made and how the animals were raised.

            I tend to eat only one meal a day. Today it was quinoa, onions and broccoli and then drink water the rest of the day with some lemon water in the morning.

            Industrial farming is a scourge on the earth and on us. It doesn’t matter to me if you are talking animals or plants when the natural methods are not used or animals aren’t given enough room and allowed a diet consistent with their needs there is a problem both for them and those who eat the meat from them.

            My area has no industrial farms. The farms are small and take into consideration an animal’s needs. One man has 45 acres but says that’s only enough land for 5-6 cows. Can you see an industrial farmer leaving that much land open for grazing? The animals barely have room to turn around.

            The only fields that don’t use much crop rotation are the feed crops. Some farmers plant the same field with corn each year. Others if they have enough access to land will either leave the field unplanted every other year or rotate soybean and corn crops.


  9. Good Morning Lois, I thought I would pop by bright and early, and yes I have had a day of fasting, and detoxing the system with lots of water is very good, But I did end up with a headache, but my daughter reassured me that when we do detox we can tend to get headaches.. I have to say I could do with another detox right now as I still feel sluggish some days..

    The weather has not been Cold, except for biting winds… We have been luck in the fact we have only had showers of snow inbetween the constant rain, and it hasn’t settled and only a few mornings of sharp frosts..
    The rain has been the bane here, and down south of the country its been misery for thousands of homes which are flooded and have been since Christmas… Its heart breaking, for families, farmers, animals alike… And there seems no end to it..

    When the Sun does peep out behind a cloud we fling the windows open to air the house.. And on Monday it was nice enough even though we had wellies on, to walk through the muddy fields, we took Isobella a walk.. to see the horses whose field was muddy, but they are well looked after with waterproof coats on and feed. There are five in a field and one little Shetland Pony.. The owners come every morning and night to take care of them.

    The Signs of Spring are the bulbs pushing through the snow drops are out and the crocuses are pushing through as are the daffodils, The weather usually waits until they are in bloom when we get snow to dash them down…

    I hope you are keeping warm, and hope it warms up soon and melts so that you can get out and about again…

    Much love and thank you for your lovely visit Lois…. Hugs Sue xxx


    • Hi, Sue. I am considering another fast, this one intentional. I felt so much clearer and lighter it was lovely.

      We finally have a day of 40 degree weather so things are melting which is nice and expect two more days of similar temps before it falls back below freezing. I’m going to try to spend some time outdoors tomorrow if I can get my chair through the slush.

      We aren’t seeing any signs of spring here, it’s been too cold for anything to start growing but I look forward to seeing my daffodils sprout, the tulips were eaten so I need to purchase other bulbs this year the deer won’t touch. I’m looking at crocus to start with.


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