Friday Faves, Lend a Hand


Earlier this week I told you NASA is currently accepting applications from businesses to mine the moon for Helium 3 and rare earth metals needed for our electronics, fuel sources and many more, if you missed it you can read it here.  I did my best to hold my feelings in check while writing that post but I was scared and angry about this prospect.  The company who is selected for this job will be notified mid March of this year.  There isn’t much time to prevent this but Linne@A Random Harvest  took action and started the petition Don’t allow mining on the moon. Please  share this with everyone you know, on blogs, social sites and to friends and family.  We’ve done enough damage to the earth please help save the moon from us.

heart for jus7

Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s also the beginning of a long weekend in the US to celebrate President’s Day. Already the flyers have been out enticing us to shop.  I don’t know about you but I won’t be found in or near any store this weekend.  When did we begin to associate a long weekend or the celebration of those who did their best for our country with shopping and spending all our money?

I spotted one flyer for Kohl’s, I’ve never shopped there and took a look through. I don’t need clothes made in China in more than likely a sweat shop.   Kolh’s also advertised a charity program called Kohl’s Cares where for $5 you can purchase a book and stuffed animal where 100% of the net profit is donated to children’s health and education. Really?  Why not start with the education and health of the children who work in their sweat shops?

Enough rant, how about some Friday Faves?



  1. I spotted a lovely poem this week at Soul of a Gypsy which gave me hope for change and helped to pull me out of my anger and sadness.
  2. Andrea’s blog is mostly not in English and this post has no English at all, but I loved the wonderful photos and altered photos of trees. Scroll down just over halfway to see what I am talking about.  The sky is so blue it has me longing for summer.


green and Healthy living

  1. Many areas of the world, including much of the US, is expecting or already experiencing drought conditions.  One family has taken measures to ensure they have enough water for their gardens by creating a Rain Water Catch System.
  2. Stephanie @ Good Girl Gone Green has 10 tips to help you reduce exposure to BPA, it’s not just in plastic utensils but also cans, on receipts, and on canning lids for Mason jars plus more.
  3. There is a new site for passing on items you no longer want or need, and even finding things you do need. It’s called Gifteng.  Gifteng was set up a while back exclusively for New York but is now open across the country and I hear worldwide soon.  For more information on how Gifteng works check out this article on treehugger then go to the Gfiteng site to ask for an invitation.
  4. Small Footprints wrote a wonderful post on the healing qualities of food.  What better time to share this than on a weekend of excess.  You will find spices and foods that will cool you off, warm you up and heal conditions you may not have realized you can treat naturally.



  1. Between the Temples, (isn’t that a great title of a blog?) has come from a different perspective yet arrived at the same conclusion I have concerning minimalism.

Valentine’s Day Foods

  1. Is there a healthy version of cheesecake?  I haven’t found one but this comes closer than most  and only uses 7 ingredients (I would change a few but that’s me)   How about making Mini Nutella Cheesecakes for tonight?
  2. Joann@Woman in Real Life has 10 vegan treats to make this Valentine’s Day.



  1. What would Valentine’s day be without some humor.  Give me a good joke over a present any day.
  2. Valentine’s Day is a popular day to pop the question and ask a loved one to spend the rest of their life with you.  EcoGrrl’s fiance couldn’t wait until today (or maybe he just wanted to be different), but scroll down to see a short video of the best ever wedding proposal which included family, friends and neighbors to propose to one special woman.  I laughed all the way through this.


I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day.  When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.  ~Author Unknown


Have a wonderful weekend and please share the petition to save the moon.

33 thoughts on “Friday Faves, Lend a Hand

  1. Loved this, as usual. The “buy our cr*p and we donate a very small percentage of our profits to charity” marketing ploy really irks me too. Ikea did a similar thing here recently to support a charity. I think you buy a cheap stuffed animal and they give a tiny fraction to animal charities. I think, if you want to support the charity, go and give your money straight to the charity. Don’t buy something you don’t need for far more than it’s worth just because they’re offering to give a few cents to charity! And the irony of the choice of charities that these companies support – don’t get me started on that. Steer clear!


    • I heard something about Ikea’s toy charity program but don’t know any details. I tend to avoid these things. I give my money directly to my charities of choice and by pass the stuff being pushed. Instead of shopping this weekend I took on a job to repair and restore a kitchen’s cabinets for a friend who wanted to tear it all our and start over. She sent me one drawer which was broken and asked me to do what I could, if she liked it they wouldn’t tear out the kitchen. Well, she loved it. :-) So not only didn’t I shop but I saved a friend from shopping too. :-)


      • You’re so talented! You’d have been so mad this morning if you were here – it’s verge collection day and people are putting garage-loads of stuff out for collection. Even stuff that they could easily send to the charity shops like books and crockery. There was some furniture that needed some restoration and I thought of you : ) Thing is, people put stuff out and the sprinklers come on and saturate everything. Was gonna go back out later to see if I could salvage anything but the van had been round already – to take it all to landfill : (


        • You are right I would have been upset. But if I knew this was the day for the verge collections I would have had my friends out collecting everything they could with vans, trucks and trailers. It’s a common thing here with the university which throws so much out in May to see lots of people picking through the stuff to save so no eyebrows would be raised at my friends.

          The really sad part is that in many areas picking up items from a curb is illegal and you can find yourself with a hefty fine and jail time!


          • I can’t believe they can fine you, that’s ridiculous!

            In England (where I’m from) there’s no such thing as verge collections – if you want to get rid of your stuff you have to drive it to the tip or dispose of it properly. I think here every suburb has them 3x per year and seriously, people offload GARAGE-LOADS of stuff every single time. Makes me want to cry : (


          • My town doesn’t have a mass day for these pick ups, but the city I grew up in now does. They have it once a year and it’s horrible to see the waste. In my town you can pay an extra fee and have any amount of stuff picked up that doesn’t fit in your can so there isn’t much reason to have a mass collection. Plus, my town is on the higher end financially so people can afford to pay for pick up of larger items.

            Btw, just let someone try to arrest me for picking up stuff from a curbside. :-)


  2. Happy Valentine’s Weekend! I love the quote at the bottom. I got a real kick out of the video at the end, but I stuck around and clicked on the Because of Yes video. I think that was the name. It is follow-up to the proposal. Tear-jerking, although I’m sure you will have the same thought I had on it. I’m staying vague on purpose so that I don’t spoil it in case you watch it.

    Good links, good post, as usual!


  3. Great shares, as usual Lois. And thanks for the great chuckles too, which helps after the hurt in my heart with contemplating what could happen to the moon next. I will be participating with the link. Thanks for sharing all this great stuff. Cheers, and warm wishes for a great weekend! Hugs, Gina


    • Thank you, Gina. It takes 100,000 signatures I hear so the more who share the better chance we have of reaching the goal.

      I too needed to lighten things up after this week’s news and enjoyed my chuckles myself.


  4. Wow Lois, I hadn’t heard about the drought situation. If ye want, I can ship ye some of the flood water that’s inhabiting Ireland at the moment! We’re having so called “superstorms” (i.e. Winds of 170km – Ireland likes to panic a bit) which is bringing plenty of floods so how about we share our resources? :D


    • Eimear, I heard about your floods. I’d be glad to take some of your water. We have farmers who won’t be planting this year as there isn’t enough water to bother. Already we are hearing this will push food prices up. In California, the situation is bad enough the governor is talking about bringing in water for the farms, but I don’t know how many will trust this and plant the same size acreage.

      Can you believe with all the crazy weather I’m hearing people say this proves there isn’t global warming?


  5. OK… well… I haven’t said anything until now, because I’m sure this won’t go over well, but I have really mixed feelings about the whole mining the moon thing. On the one hand, I totally get the whole “enough already” sentiment, and agree that there could be a whole host of unforeseen consequences. But I also think that Helium3 powered fusion could be the thing that saves the planet from global warming. Seriously, this is like a total game-changer…nuclear power that’s MUCH more efficient than anything we’ve currently got, and that produces no radiation or waste products, and that could be created on a big enough scale to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

    I don’t in any way think it would be a panacea… far from it. It would mean a concentration of power and wealth that would probably surpass anything we’ve seen up until now, and it would allow people to continue on the wasteful path that we’re currently on. I don’t like either of those prospects.

    I would vastly prefer a world with fewer people, where people slowed down, simplified, lived with less, and met their needs locally. But honestly, I just don’t think that’s gonna happen. At least not in time, and I just can’t see society making a complete sea change like that without something really horrific to precipitate it.

    So in a very real sense, as unappealing as the idea of mining the moon may be, I think we have to look at it realistically. I mean if the choice is between fusion power made possible by mining the moon and the total destruction of life on earth from runaway global warming… well… I guess I’d choose mining the moon. Maybe I’m too much of a pessimist, but I just don’t see humanity pulling it together to save itself without some big technical solution like this… as ugly as it would be.


    • Cat, I wondered if this got you thinking. I know you had hoped to see cold fusion replace the other sources of energy we currently have but wondered if you thought the moon should be where we get our energy.

      I do agree that humanity on a whole isn’t about to change and suddenly have a conscience and take the necessary steps needed. But that’s probably where you and I divert.

      I don’t see the infrastructure there to deliver this energy first, what will that cost? Are we going to share with the rest of the world or start a world war over clean energy? How will the other businesses react? Look at how the oil industries protect their sales by limiting how efficient cars can be in the US.

      Besides the fact that this is the moon, NASA is giving this to a private company in a way to subvert a global agreement on laying claim to the moon. Can you see this turning out well?


      • Well, I agree that it does open up a whole interesting nest of worms, and I’m no expert, and not naive enough to believe that fusion power would be some sort of panacea. But, fusion has long been considered the holy grail of green energy production – no greenhouse gas emissions, no air pollution, no nuclear waste, no radiation – it’s infinitely superior to conventional nuclear fission, burning coal, oil or natural gas.

        In terms of infrastructure here on earth… well, it would really just be a matter of building fusion power plants to replace coal, natural gas and fission (conventional nuclear) plants. The delivery systems are already in place.

        While I totally agree that the idea is a bit “out there” and does pose a whole series of challenges and questions, I think we have to weigh that against what we’ve currently got.

        Would you rather have mining on the moon – where there is no life whose habitat can be destroyed, or would you rather we keep blowing up mountains here on earth, ruining countless ecosystems, and poisoning our water supply, all in the service of mining for coal which, when burned, is polluting our air and is quickly making our earth uninhabitable? And don’t EVEN get me started on conventional nuclear power… after Fukashima, I think we all ought to be nervous about that method of energy production.

        I dunno, fusion really does seem like the lesser of many, many evils to me.

        Truth be told, I think it matters little what NASA decides to do here. Don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but China has been ramping up its space program in recent years, most recently by sending an unmanned rover to the moon. If Helium3 fusion really is a practical reality, you can bet your boots that the Chinese won’t be waiting to exploit it.


        • See that’s the problem. We’ve had good solutions but left them die. like the geothermal systems which really did reduce the need for heat and cooling. Then there are building methods such as the earth ships that need very little heat using solar passive and massive walls for good insulation.

          I know helium 3 is found when mining. Since we have long since given up being an industrial country the majority of the helium 3 is being mined in China right now. The article I read said the US doesn’t want to be reliant on China for these substances.

          I don’t know what the answers are, but I know a lot of good technology was killed by the oil industry which I learned more than i wanted to when working with them in the 80s.

          I agree with you on nuclear power. I was never comfortable with it after Three Mile Island, and now to hear our plants were only made to work for 30-40 years maximum and the vast majority of our plants are currently leaking. This is just one example of not thinking through before using the technology.

          I love how this discussion has progressed and thank you for bringing up the other side of the issue. That’s exactly why I included the uses and asked if these things were important enough to look at mining the moon.


  6. Thanks for linking! We’re not big into Valentine’s Day here, and considering he did it around the time of my birthday, I prefer that :) I would never want him following the trends anyhow :)


    • Ecogrrl, I wouldn’t think you would want to follow trends, you are wonderfully unique. I don’t do much for Valentine’s day either. It’s treated as just another day. My son visited with his family, like usual, and I colored and played with the children. No gifts were exchanged, I liked that.


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