Announcing Militia Book Winner

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on the interview I did with my son.  I enjoyed reading how you found your way to a simpler life and have been inspired by each of you to always look for the opportunities life presents to me.


Each person, unless you asked me not to include you, was included in a a random drawing.

Like my fancy laptop case?

Like my fancy laptop case?

After writing copying down each of your names on some mail and folding them up very small I rolled them on my laptop case like dice then selected one.

And the winner is:  J. Balconi!  Congratulations. You will receive your autographed copy of Militia after I receive your mailing information.


2 thoughts on “Announcing Militia Book Winner

    • Thank you, Sue. I hope he can make a living in time off his writing as he has constant ideas and truly loves the process. I always wanted my boys to find work they would enjoy.

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