I Fib

This should be labeled humor but unfortunately I believe too much of what is said has a grain of truth to it.  Watch this short 3 minute video skit with Larry King and find out why GMOs shouldn’t be labeled, why animals are given growth hormones and why people are banned from spying on factory farming.

What do you think, pure humor or truth masquerading as humor?

15 thoughts on “I Fib

    • Jen I spotted that on the side, but didn’t watch it until you pointed it out. I loved his take on Stephen Hawking’s fear of how aliens would treat us. Makes humankind look pretty bad.

      I don’t know how popular Larry King is, I don’t watch him but if that video helps to get people talking and thinking then I’m all for it.

  1. I felt my blood pressure and my pulse rate rise as I watched this. Disgusting behavior…total truth as spoken by Larry King masquerading as humor or better yet, arrogance, by this man!

    • LuAnn it is a humorous skit written by Larry King. The man he interviews is an actor playing a role. I was both bothered by it and at the same time wondered if the subject would now be considered by some who haven’t thought about these issues.

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