Friday Faves, TGIF

I took a day off from the blog this week, I simply needed a no-technology day.  I’ve finally gotten caught up with the work I was doing. Glad to have that project behind me and now I’m refreshed after a do-nothing day yesterday.


The ongoing saga of my ceiling is turning into everyone’s calendar of the weather.  People are marking the number of below freezing days by how long it remains above my head.  The laugh will be on them as we are expecting our first day of above freezing temps Saturday, a high of 36 is expected!!!   But here’s where it will mess up my friends and family.  Saturday is a weekend, and plumbers (when they work) charge double to work the weekend this plumber will not be here Saturday.  By Sunday we will be back to below freezing for at least another week and a half I hear.

I have a shorter list again this week, but I found some real gems hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



  1. If I had to pick only one post to share with you it would be Mefurr’s about Possums.  We forget that every living thing is here for a reason.  I’ve grown up with possums and never knew most of this information.
  2. Think people invented upcycling and reusing?  Nope it comes naturally as Jen showed us this week what can be made with old coat hangers and no hands.
  3. My friend Joy, Joyfully Green, has put together an online photography course to teach us how to take better pictures of nature.  You can see her lovely photographs on her blog or at society 6
  4. David at the Good Human, has given us several free online sources to teach children of all ages about climate change.


Finding the right fit

  1. Do you enjoy taking quizzes?  I used to complete everyone I spotted in magazines when I was younger. I forgot all about those quizzes until I spotted this quiz which helps you to see if your personality fits downsizing your home.
  2. Carmella and her family (with 3 boys) live in 665 sq ft.  This week I saw her recently completed loft area which is now bedroom and study area for all 3 of her sons.  If you ever wondered how to blend children’s personalities into one room you don’t want to miss this.
  3. Lessons come from some surprising places.  This week I was spellbound by this young, barely teen, in his TED talk. Thanks, Alex for sharing this.
  4. I laughed all the way through this post by Live and Learn as she talked about her son taking everything apart to learn how they were made. I had one child just like that, oh the stories I could tell about him.  But while I reminisced, and enjoyed myself, the reason I am sharing this here is to bring attention to what a thoughtful young man he became and how he found his calling in life.


Making do, DIY

  1. I found this story inspiring.  Women from Japan who lost so much in the Tsunami are now making jewelry from shards of pottery broken in the quakes that followed.   The examples are beautiful and it inspired me to look at broken objects differently.
  2. Mari shared some of the local fashions she recently saw. Now I almost didn’t read this one as I have no interest in the world of fashion and to tell the truth I can’t see myself wearing any of these…..except one crocheted item caught my interest and has been bugging me as to how I could make my own.  I’m thinking some cotton t-shirt fabric (used of course) would make a good liner.  What do you think?



  1. It’s been awhile since I included a bit of humor to my Friday post.  Last Saturday I was exhausted, having a bad day and took a break from work hoping to clear my  head when I spotted this from Eco-crap. It’s a short video of less than three minutes but it gave me my one good laugh of the day and helped me to finally solve the issues I had with work.  Thanks, AV, I needed that.

Nature has no mercy at all. Nature says, “I’m going to snow. If you have on a bikini and no snowshoes, that’s tough. I am going to snow anyway.
Maya Angelou

Have a wonderful weekend

20 thoughts on “Friday Faves, TGIF

  1. Another wonderful Friday Faves my friend! And how delightful to come here with some time to catch up, and soak up all these great ideas and other writers you share about. All these other posts look enticing, and making jewelry from broken pottery? How resourceful! And you find such great quotes to share too. Bless your heart for adding even more joy to my Friday (a week behind perhaps but I’m enjoying catching up!). Big hugs, Gina

    • Gina, no worries they will be there any time you have the free time to visit. I’ve been considering adding a page that would catalog the Friday posts with a small description of the subjects covered that week to help if you ever wanted to go back and find a particular article.

    • Jen, I’ve spent countless hours watching animals in nature and it amazes me what they can do without the so-called brains and opposable thumb. I look at birds who look so fragile and can create such sturdy homes, or horses who have such limitations to their sight yet know exactly where the food is that is offered. I feel humbled by nature as I guess you can tell.

  2. Thank you so much for including my ‘possum post in your faves this week. I’m very appreciative. I always enjoy your posts! Lots of interesting links in this one.

    • Christy, my son went from taking everything apart to building computers. I finally relaxed at that point. :-) I have such a fear of electrical I would have freaked if I found my son messing with the electrical outlets. I see you have survived his experiments.

    • In fourth grade, my son got in trouble because he was experimenting with building his own circuit during the electricity unit and started a small fire. On, those were the days.:)

      • Oh wow, you must have enjoyed these years. I was fortunate in that my son saved his experiments for home or with his one friend who’s parents were used to their son experimenting.

  3. Lois, thank you kindly for including the links to my nature photography course and work at society6. Deeply appreciated, especially the part about “my friend.” It’s funny how we strike up these friendships across the blogosphere, but it’s really comforting nonetheless.

    I saw that article about the shards of pottery–so wonderful. I love the thought of making something beautiful out of a bad situation.

    Looking forward to reading the links you collected this weekend. Wishing you a good one–stay warm! Yes, we are “tropical plants” indeed!

    • Joy, you are very welcome. So much of blogging depends on good images to keep readers. When I got my new phone I had so many comments on how much better my photos looked.

      Yes, it is funny how we can feel friendship for people we have never met in real life, but it works for me and I do count you as one of my online friends.

      The only concern I have about the pottery shards is where they come from. Some areas were not affected by the radiation, but wonder if the radiation could be in pottery from areas hit hard by the melt-down. Having said that, I love how they are learning to make things with the broken keepsakes. Can you imagine how much was damaged beyond the point of use in those quakes?

        • My mind tends to come up with these questions. I have no idea if the pottery could be affected, just a thought I had but wanted to share the link to give people ideas for upcycling items broken they might have sent to the trash.

          The cold face she invented and uses to show when she is cold. Getting out of the tub each night she does her cold face until she’s in the towel. She’s a stitch.

      • I did a post in the fall about uses for broken pottery. I’ve used it in my house plants to keep the cats from digging in them, but my post also mentioned jewelry and mosaics, among other uses. That post was met by “crickets,” but I still think I had a good idea. ;). Adding nice pictures and links may have helped, but I was brand new to blogging then.

        • I will have to look it up. I have been slowly editing some of my earlier posts and have tried republishing a couple of them to find they ended up with more readers and comments than some of my more current writing. We give so much of ourselves right from the beginning and have to accept those early posts won’t get much attention.

  4. Once again, an interesting list of posts to check out. I haven’t had a chance to read them all yet, but I loved the magpie nest made with coat hangers. Also, thanks for the mention.

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