Back to the Stash

Children don’t forget a promise made to them.  I was reminded of this Saturday when my granddaughter was here and asked to sew. I had promised I’d let them each sew something on the machine, supervised that is. It was her turn and she hadn’t forgotten.  She wasn’t sure what she wanted to make, at least until I opened the bag of fabric.


As I opened the bag of fabric I bought last summer (yes this is still fabric from the $3 bag)  she spotted a house dress,  I meant to give it to my neighbor who loves wearing them.  Little one didn’t want to see any other fabric, this was the one.  She pointed to the pocket on the front and informed me it would make a nice purse and she could have a pocket on the outside.  I watched as she worked out what she wanted.  A strap to hang from her shoulder was another must.


I was informed I could help by making the shoulder strap but she wanted to make the rest of it.

I simply cut one side of the dress leaving 1/4 inch more fabric on the one side to allow for assembly.  Not prepared to allow her to use a hot iron I pressed the seams then joined her in front of the machine and showed her how to hold and guide the fabric while I worked the foot pedal.

She is so proud of her first sewn project.  Mom and Dad tell me she’s still carrying it around with her every where she goes, even through the house.

Once we cut into the dress I needed something else to make with the fabric. I realized there was enough fabric on the other  half  to make a sundress for the youngest granddaughter.  I still have to add a zipper to the back of the sun dress, no problem  I have one I carefully removed from the original dress.  I’ll show you that one when it’s finished.


A dress for one child a purse for another, total cost I’m guessing is less than $0.05 for both.

how did you spend your weekend?  Any New creations?

18 thoughts on “Back to the Stash

  1. The bag matches your granddaughter’s stripey top perfectly, I can see why she chose it! I can remember my step mother teaching me to sew by doing fun projects like this. I think it’s wonderful that she came up with her own design too.


    • Jen, she does have an artistic streak in her. :-) Sunday my son and family came over to watch the Super Bowl and we ordered out. My sewing machine was still out and the delivery guy shared that his 11 year old daughter had asked for and received a sewing machine. You could see how proud he was as he talked about the things she’s been designing. I believe we have a very creative young generation growing up right now.


  2. What a fun post!!! Your beautiful Granddaughter looks so very proud of her first sewing achievement!! Congratulations!! :D
    My weekend project consisted of fancying a draft blocker for my door. :-/ trust me, this was no easy project. Ugh. The entire door is one gigantic draft. I had even put the adhesive stripping in the jam and it’s still drafty. The door and jam are warped. I’m losing heat and money! I temporarily suspended two full size flat sheets from the hung ceiling framework in my studio basement apartment and boxed in part of my little foyer. It’s only a quick fix, mainly because it’s unattractive and annoying. This coming weekend I’m going to thoroughly assess the draft situation!
    Again, congrats on the wonderful sewing project!!


    • Past generations used to hang heavy draperies over the doors to keep the drafts out. Maybe you could find some lovely fabric, line it if you have to and hang it for next year.

      One curtain I recently saw was made using bubble wrap sandwiched between two fabrics for extra insulation.

      I need to redo the weather stripping in my one door too.


      • Wow! Bubble wrap in between!! How clever and eco-wise!!
        I just brought home two huge strips of large bubble wrap from the store I work at. Each piece measures 4 feet by 2 feet. I asked if I could upcycle it for my basement apartment windows, and they said sure! Better insulating my little windows then having them decorate a landfill! I just finished blocking up the two little windows in my bedroom cubby. I expect to be toasty all night long! Upcycling is the greatest! I’ll be saving these pieces for next winter as well!


  3. Your granddaughter really has a talent for seeing things from the pieces and parts. She has demonstrated that many times including with this purse. I can remember the first bag I sewed when I was little. I was just a little older than your granddaughter and I still have it. I use it to carry my socks when I pack for a trip. Who knows how long she will keep this bag.


    • I hope she keeps her purse just as long to remember her first experience with the sewing machine. I wish I had learned to sew when I was young, I was too stubborn at the time. She does have an artist’s eye. :-)

      It’s good you still have your bag and can share it with your children to show them how long a handmade item can last.


  4. Wow, your little one looks so proud of her achievements Lois, and it just shows what can be made from odd bits of fabric.. I know Once upon a time I had lots and lots of fabric pieces, working as I did in the textile industries and within the design department we were privy to many offcuts and in the 80’s when bright patterned shorts were all the rage for both sex’s I made various shorts form my daughter and son too who loved them and played in them… My son thought he was really ‘Cool’ as he rode his skateboard up and down our Avenue.. :-)
    I lost count of the dresses I made for my daughter, Its so good your little one is taking a keen interest in sewing, and wanting to learn how to use a sewing machine.. She will never forget the day she made her first Purse :-)
    Wonderful photos too :-)


    • Sue, it’s funny the little things that make our children the happiest. I can picture your son on his skateboard, Justin took to the skateboard as well.

      My granddaughter is so funny. She’s at that stage where everything is big and important. She gave us her list of what she will be doing when she grows up. She’s going to be a baker and make pretty cakes, she’s going to garden and grow lots of food and flowers to share, she’s going to be a ballerina, and she’s going to have a business with me restoring furniture. She added sewing dresses and purses this weekend and recently informed us she’s going to be an astronaut because she wants to fly up to the moon and see what it’s like there. :-)

      I just hope she’s happy when she grows up, everything else will fall into place then.


      • Awww, its so good she is enjoying such a variety of things, each one you are giving her the grounding in to appreciate and explore.. My little one came on Tuesday afternoon after School , her Daddy was off work and so we didnt have her, so he called in on his way home with her..
        The first thing she asked was ” Can we Bake?” so I got her to mix up some Yorkshire Pudding mixture, as we can freeze them when baked for use later.. It only took 20 minutes, and showed her Dad the results.. She loved it…
        On Sunday they all called again, but I had been busy doing some online course work to do with my job, and wasn’t up to baking for real.. So I got out her Baking toys of whisk and battery opperated blender, we used the box for an oven and she presented everyone with her imaginary cup cakes.. :-) Treasured Moments for sure :-)


        • Sue, you too are giving your granddaughter a gift not only of working along side you while learning but of having your full attention and knowing she is special.

          The imaginary baked goods are so much better for our waistlines. :-)


  5. What fun! If they are old enough to ask to learn, I think they are old enough to be taught. My oldest granddaughter taught herself to handsew by age 5. She is now around 13 and making wire jewellery for her classmates; most of it is custom orders. I love to see the wee ones start on the crafting journey. Thanks for sharing yours. ~ Linne


    • Linne, your granddaughter is so lucky to have been allowed to explore her creative side so young. She now has skills and know-how to realize she can make a living without a 9-5 job should she desire to. If nothing else her skills will be something she can always fall back on.

      To have her own business enterprise by age 13 is fantastic!


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