Friday Faves, Wishing for Summer

I’m cold tonight so I will start with a picture of inspiration to warm you up if you are feeling like I am.


Now that we are all in our happy place it’s time to share this week’s favorites.  It’s a bit shorter than usual, which I know some of you don’t mind, because work took precedence this week over fun computer time.


  1. I was first introduced to Meighan through a giveaway on Reduce Footprints of Meighan’s children’s book on the environment. It’s a beautiful book you may want to take a look at for your little ones.  Since then Meighan and I have begun to follow each others blogs.  Meighan and I share a deep love and concern for the planet but that’s not the only thing you will find visiting Meighan’s blog.  This particular post and short video is so moving it brought tears to my eyes.  It’s called 100 Wishes and reminds us that traditions do matter a lot more than money.
  2. If you are missing spring and summer now while freezing your butt and fingers off Abundance Symphony has an uplifting post with plenty of pictures to warm you up.  The last one in particular I want to create here in my field.


Things we need to face

  1. El Nino describes a particular weather pattern which used to happen once every 20 years.  But scientists are predicting this weather phenomenon to occur once every 10 years and bring us extreme weather patterns.  This map from NOAA shows how the weather is disrupted worldwide.
  2. As if things aren’t bad enough I found more bad news this week thanks to TreeHugger.  We already know radiation from Japan’s destroyed nuclear plant has reached the western part of the US but now the air pollution from China is coming our way.   When you think about giving up on a path of sustainability just remember that what happens in your neighborhood and community affects the rest of the world.
  3. Enough bad news, how about something you can actually do something about?  What is your neighborhood like?  Do you know your neighbors?  This article from New Dream shows how different things are from one community to another and how to initiate changes in your own neighborhood.



  1. When I think about minimalism for me that also came with doing away with the television. John has a witty way of pointing out society’s obsession with news and the “always being connected” mentality.  He also offers a list of activities we can do instead.
  2. What is more minimal than a tiny house. I am still obsessed with wishing I could somehow make my apartment smaller but for now simply striving for that more spacious feel.  This tiny house is named  City Cottage, but if this is a city then I will have to reconsider my feelings on living in a city.  ;-)  I love everything about this house from the views and the simply layout to the brilliant storage ideas.


natural health and beauty

  1. A while back I shared with you a new book titled Glowing that I had won and gifted to my daughter-in-law because of her and my son’s frustration with acne. Yes it worked and their skin is glowing.  But I also came across information on healing a break out with banana peels.
  2. Want more information on a non-toxic home Kirsten is giving away  free a PDF copy of her book Less Toxic Living.


energy needs

    1. Recently I shared a small heating solution using candles and clay pots All About Small took the idea and ran with it.  She found it works quite nicely for her small apartment and with the record lows in the US,  I thought you might want to read more about how she adapted the original idea to add better safety into  her eco-heater.
    2. And finally, this TED-X video Sustainability is fun sums up my feelings that we can start anywhere and know we are making a difference.

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” ~~ Mahatma Ghandhi

Have a Wonderful weekend

16 thoughts on “Friday Faves, Wishing for Summer

  1. Love that city cottage!! Though I’m guessing no running water as there are no taps? But what a great idea to have the kitchen with that all-round view and the quiet zone retreating to the back…


    • I noticed that too.It wouldn’t take much away to add a tap and hook it up from that view. I miss having a view from my kitchen here. I added a window to one of my previous homes because I couldn’t stand working at the sink without seeing the outdoors. It made the entire kitchen feel so much better but it was nothing compared to this span of windows.


  2. Love your warm poppy photo, Lois. I brought a little bit of summer to me this winter by planting some marigold seeds. Lo and behold, I’ve got marigolds! Reminds me summer is not far off.

    Take care and stay warm, Lois.


    • I am finally warming up, although it’s even colder outside. This winter feels as if it will never end unfortunately.

      I had planned to plant my blue hydrangeas this past summer, but the local store didn’t carry them and I wasn’t up to a trip to the city. After seeing that picture I want my hydrangeas even more.


  3. As an aside, I was encouraged by the recent news that China’s industry is slowing because North Americans are consuming less (and saving more of their incomes). The pollution story reminds me of the problems with acid rain in the Northern US and Canada during the heavy smog of the ’70s.


    • That is encouraging. I’d personally love to see people move away from the cheap stuff in the big boxes and dollar stores. They may be cheap but they come with a huge environmental cost and never last.

      I do remember the acid rain it affected my area around the Great Lakes then. We have a large creek that runs through most of the state (north to south) which because of large amounts of limestone in it helped to purify the water. I wonder with everyone wanting limestone for pathways and other uses if we will be depleting this natural substance and doing more damage to the waters.


  4. I find it interesting that Japanese radiation is a concern but many of the Japanese islands haven’t been affected at all. Eden Foods has been testing the organic food them import from Japan through a lab in Oakridge, and the results really surprised me (I figured that was the end of my purchases of Miso from them!)

    Personally not worried about El Niño/La Niña cycle as much as solar cycle and increased reflectivity of the Earth’s surface. Did you know that Mars’ global warming pattern matches ours? I think that before this decade is over, we’ll be rethinking what we know about climate as much as we’ve rethought the ways we treat cancer and obesity.


    • J Balconi, I agree we have so much to worry about right now. Could it be the jet stream that is taking the radiation away from the Japanese islands and that’s why we are finding it along the western coast of the US?

      I did not know Mars’ global warming pattern matches ours, very interesting and something I would like to look up and learn more about so I thank you for that information.


  5. So many inspirational things to be found on your site, Lois! And many thanks for paying forward Long Live Earth and the 100 Wishes Quilt… stay warm everybody!


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