Change the World Wednesday, Small Footprints is Back!!!

I was thrilled to see a new challenge from Small Footprints after an extended holiday break.  This week the challenge is all about food and our rights as consumers to demand truth in labeling.


This week’s challenge calls for a bit of research to become informed.


FIRST … Please visit Organic Consumers Association and read “Tell the FDA: No Watered-Down, Voluntary Federal GMO Labeling Rules!”. For additional information on this topic, scroll to the bottom of the page for links. You can also visit this PAGE for recent articles. Read through the information to lean about the GMO issue.

THEN … If you live in the US and agree, sign the petition.

OR …If you don’t live in the US, please find out what your country’s policies are concerning GMO food and labeling. Are they accepted? If so, must they be labeled? If they aren’t accepted in your country, are there any other food health concerns which you are facing?

What a way to return from holiday, start with a subject that gets me angry. :-)

I, for one, believe I have the right as a consumer to know where my food comes from and how it was grown.   The food industry has become a yes man to Monsanto and Dow Chemical who want to replace food our bodies recognize with GMO crops which our bodies aren’t sure what to do with.

It gets even worse than just eating a crop we believe had its seed modified.  Recent news reports have highlighted the fact that GMO crops are no longer resistant to certain insects, better known as super bugs who have adapted to the pesticides and herbicides genetically inserted into the seeds.  Their big solution is to add 2, 4-D to seeds to beat nature.


So what is 2,4-D?  It was one of the main ingredients in Agent Orange.  Do you remember Agent Orange?  It was used in Vietnam to kill all vegetation to allow soldiers to see the enemy.  Soldiers returned from war only to suffer greatly from ill health, including cancers, as a result of being in the areas sprayed with Agent Orange.

Do you want to eat Agent Orange?  Aren’t we sick enough as a society?  The first crops which are planned to included 2,4-D are soybeans, corn and cotton.  If you walked through your local grocery store and read all the labels you would find that the vast majority of the foods available have either corn or soy products in them, sometimes both.  Sure we can avoid the processed foods but there is no guarantee the produce section or the frozen vegetables won’t contain these dangerous toxins.


For more information on how vast the spread and problems are with GMO seeds see today’s post on Eco-Crap.

Will you help to stop the madness?

13 thoughts on “Change the World Wednesday, Small Footprints is Back!!!

  1. I know its awful Lois, and i see ‘Roundup’ sold in so many stores as weed Killer.. I watched a farming programme the other day .. The seeds were already coated in chemicals to make them germinate.. and then the fields were constantly sprayed.. Not one weed or one pest were evident in the soil on harvesting the carrots..
    We do have a right to know what is in our foods.. I have a good feeling that in 2014 more awareness will be shed especially upon GMO and other chemicals including the pharmaceutical industries who are also using our bodies as guinea-pigs..

    I will check out that link.. Thank you Lois.. xxxx


    • Oh, Sue how horrible to watch. The seeds are bad enough for us but the loss of the insects many of which are beneficial are killed off as well. So many things point to GMOs and things such as Round-up being a cause of the diminishing bee colonies.

      I believe I shared a conversation I had a year ago with the local ag supply store owner. I had gone in to buy lime for the garden. He told me he tries to see the natural ways of controlling pests, like lime, and is dismayed when the customers ask if it’s really safe to use. In the end most still buy the chemical pesticides. He said he would like to carry only natural products but doing so would put him out of business.

      So many never question the safety of the pesticides only the natural products. It’s amazing how brainwashed people are by the marketing.


      • People wonder Lois why Cancers are ripe.. Children Hospices are full.. And so many do not make the connections… We are feeding poisons to our Children, and Big corporations too know of the many Sugar substitutes which are put into foods Aspartame for one.. I am trying to cut Sugar out more and more from our diet.. and even in my baking I am cutting down experimenting to use less than recipes states..
        Hubby got some Free range eggs the other day from a friend.. Oh boy are they good.. Bright Yellow Yokes…
        Those Chickens are looking more and more like coming into our reality.. Hubby has been re-reading his Chicken Keeping books and we are plotting out where they are going.. ;-)


        • Yes, it’s so heartbreaking watching the illnesses so many young children are having to deal with. My son loaned me a book about one of his favorite bands and there was this entire section on the lead singer who lost a daughter to a blood cancer. Her was this man with a boat load of money who thought he did everything right when choosing a lot to build his dream house on. Only after his daughter became ill was it disclosed to him that the property had previously been used to dump toxic wastes. His daughter died as a result.

          Between the processed foods, GMO crops, pesticides, poisoned water and soil do they even have a chance for a healthy life? It makes me so sad.

          I know what you mean about the eggs. During the winter months I buy organic eggs from the store they are better than nothing but no where as delicious as the eggs I get from the local farmers. I hope you do get your chickens they are wonderful animals. I took my children on a 2 week vacation at a working farm. They had a blast (and it was free to us in exchange for our labor), my youngest loved the chickens especially one particular bantam rooster. You should have seen him chasing it to be able to hold and pet it. :-)


  2. Hmmmm…I thought Canada had a strict GMO or GE labeling policy, but upon further investigation it looks like I was wrong :(

    Over the years I have cut out canned foods and try for healthier and more whole grown food, but I cave in every now and then and eat at McDonald’s (my son is a manage at one near my house so the eats are free).

    I think I’ll be visiting the closest farmers market soon to see what other food options I have.

    Thanks for the challenge Lois and I hope all is well and that you are keeping warm :)

    Take care and all the best.



    • I have given up most canned foods due to the BPA in the lining of the cans. Once you start shopping at farmers’ markets you will never want to shop in a grocery store again. Meeting and getting to know the people you buy from is such a different experience from wandering the aisles at a store and searching for help when you need it.


  3. Hi Lois,
    Great points here, thank you for highlighting this problem. I don’t know if you’ve read Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, but it really opened my eyes to the way the corn industry controls much of the food in our country. For example, at McDonald’s, there’s almost nothing you can buy that isn’t influenced by the corn industry. The beef cows are fed corn. The soda contains corn syrup. The fries are fried in corn oil. The list goes on and on. It put me off of McDonald’s completely.


    • I did read the Omnivore’s Dilemma. Good book. McDonald’s is only one example, but a good one, of the way corn subsidies have influenced the foods available.

      Since I don’t see the average person avoiding all processed foods, or fast foods for that matter, the simplest and fastest way to eliminate the amount of corn products being used unnecessarily in our food is to stop the subsidies.

      Aren’t we supposed to live in a capitalist society? If so it would stand to reason that these subsidies are circumventing the way the system is supposed to work.


  4. Many people don’t know that Monsanto, along with Dow, created Agent Orange. Also, Monsanto started out as a producer of plastics. I don’t know … there’s just something not right about a company who produces chemicals and plastic also messing with our food. We are so far behind … many other countries ban GMO products altogether … we’re simply asking that they be labeled. I also have to ask … if there’s no problem with GMO products, why are the “big guys” so afraid to let us know we’re eating them?


    • Yes, when Vietnam ended they needed another use for their chemicals and roundup was created. I didn’t know Monsanto started out as a producer of plastics though.

      I wonder about the double speak. To get a patent Monsanto says their seeds is very different from other seeds, but to prevent labeling they say there is nothing different about the food grown from their seeds.

      I agree chemical and plastic companies have no business touching our food supply.

      Thanks for this challenge, I didn’t know about the petition before.


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