Good News Monday

Today we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.  MLK fought for equality for all. He sought to bring about change in a peaceful manner, something we still need to work on.  In honor of King, today’s good news is a group of 3 different ways to create change which have come about as a result of using our voices and our pocketbooks, not violence.


Shop easier, shop better

Have you ever wondered if the item you would like to buy fits with your values?  Now you can download an app for that.  Buycott works on android and iPhone.  The following paragraph is from their website:

When you use Buycott to scan a product, it will look up the product, determine what brand it belongs to, and figure out what company owns that brand (and who owns that company, ad infinitum). It will then cross-check the product owners against the companies and brands included in the campaigns you’ve joined, in order to tell you if the scanned product conflicts with one of your campaign commitments.

FDA finally does their job


The FDA finally announced “…artificial trans fat in processed foods, are not ‘generally recognized as safe’ for use in food” while an actual ban on trans fats is still in the works this is the first step to removing them from the foods found on store shelves.  No more hydrogenated oils would be allowed in food.  Let’s get behind this and see that a ban comes soon. Next up, let’s remove high fructose corn syrup.

One country doesn’t trust fast food


One country isn’t buying the fast food marketing.  In Bolivia, which is made up of 60% indigenous people,  “Bolivians simply don’t trust food prepared in such little time. The quick and easy, mass production method of fast food actually turns Bolivians off altogether.”  McDonald’s gave it their best.  After a decade of losses every single restaurant was closed in this country.  “Bolivians more so respect their bodies, valuing the quality of what goes into their stomach. The time it takes for fast food to be prepared throws up a warning flag in their minds.”  We can learn from this country and show some respect for our bodies and those of our families. If one country can push the golden arches out we can do the same, one community at a time.

What good news did you hear this week?

32 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Great post and news Lois.. and loved that the “Bolivians more so respect their bodies, valuing the quality of what goes into their stomach.”…. I think if more saw what went into making fast foods they too would respect what they ate and put into their stomachs…
    I wonder if they know how chicken nuggets etc is meat blown from the carcasses and its pumped full of fluid not to mention all the salt and E numbers to add flavour so it tastes like chicken…

    The McDonalds food never appealed to us as my family were younger.. They would ask to go, as lots of their friends went, but it was in my opinion then and now.. Rubbish food and when my children were younger we just couldn’t afford to eat out..

    I would Cook proper meals with fresh veggies from the garden and that’s one thing both my children remember.. We all sat down together for a evening meal.. I always went to the butchers if I bought meat…

    Good to see they can not get their claws into every country :-) Really good news too about proper information of what they have long known isn’t safe….

    I hope 2014 brings out more disclosures Lois.. I hope to see big strides in revelations of what goes into food.. Here last year in the UK we had the big scandal of horse meat being past off as beef.. especially in fast foods such as beef burgers and other fast food products such as cottage pies, Meat balls etc..

    • Sue, I am so glad I wasn’t eating when I read about the chicken nuggets, how gross! McDonald’s recently announced it would only serve sustainable meat from now on. I’d like to know how they plan to do that. Is there such a thing in mass amounts?

      Don’t get me wrong I’ve eaten there in the past but the food tasted unlike real food. The bread tasted like cardboard so dry and stale. The amount of salt was off putting. I have a very strong aversion to salt so eating fast food is something I can’t stand.

      When traveling if I had to get something to eat I would stop at Wendy’s and order a plain baked potato. It was pricey but at least it was something real until I could stop to eat a proper meal.

      I heard about your horse meat scandal, here it’s not even talked about, yet I knew someone who raised horses just for McDonald’s meats. They add it to make it to get their particular texture of their burgers. We should be told what we are eating and allow us to make an informed decision on whether we want to eat it or not.

      Have you ever seen the documentary Earthlings? It has stayed with me for more than a year. It’s very sad and horrible to watch. It’s like a train wreck you don’t want to see it but you can’t look away. I had tears running down my face throughout. It should be mandatory to watch, we’d see a huge change in how people show and eat.

      • Hi Lois, I am not surprised about the horse meat in McDonald’s meats.. I have not seen Earthlings… perhaps I would be too upset if you say its still stayed with you… I know I watched a video on Youtube once about the cruelty in slaughter houses… I can only say some of Mankind is SICK.. and that too has stayed with me…. And that is why our way of being is in need of Change… But I so see why you say it should be Mandatory to watch… Many have no clue what so ever where meat comes from.. They think it comes ready packed in supermarkets… And I was amazed some years ago when a TV programme took a classroom full of City children to a farm.. They had never seen a cow, or sheep or hen… Chickens to them came frozen…
        Thankfully now I think children are more aware and in schools near us.. As I have said before.. They have their own allotment now… So are teaching 5 yr olds how to grow their own food..
        This is what needs to happen and I hope I am able to pass on knowledge this way to my Granddaughter..

        • I do believe Earthlings would upset you greatly, it did me. I can still see some of the images clearly. But at the same time it was educational. For instance, a lot of the leather we buy whether in clothing or furniture comes from animals that are bought in India where they treat the animal like a member of their family. The buyers promise to care for the animal the same and not kill it. As soon as they have the animal the way they care for the animals is starvation, unbelievable cruelty and often they are dead before they arrive to be slaughtered. I never liked leather furnishings or clothing but now I could never buy anything made of leather even as a gift for someone who does like it as a result of that movie.

          There are still many children in the US who have no idea where there food comes from, can’t even identify an actual fruit or vegetable. Jamie Oliver, the naked chef, went into a school in West Virginia where he found children didn’t even recognize a real potato. When he asked if they ate mashed potatoes the looks on their faces were blank. Finally, french fries came up and he learned they only ate them from fast food restaurants or frozen and popped into an oven. I was shocked, who doesn’t know what a potato looks like.

          We have a grocery store in the city nearest us that carries a lot of organic meats and healthy foods. They cook fish daily and offer samples. One day I took the children to the seafood counter to watch the lobsters. A worker took one out and let the children touch it, then asked if they ever saw the teeth on a salmon. He opened the salmon’s mouth to show the teeth and tongue, the kids were rapt with this new information.

          We turned and saw the cooking area where salmon was being prepared and samples given out. My granddaughter, the curious one, had to try it after seeing the teeth of the one on ice. She loves salmon and looks forward to returning often to try other fish. It’s almost always salmon and she gets so excited by that sampling each different way it is prepared.

  2. I sent that McD link to my brother who’s in South America. I love that EcoCatLady reference our local paper (SMH). Aww…

    I actually sort of craved a donut when I saw it – and it’s been at least two weeks without regular sugar intake (I did bend on treat night Saturday for some Tiramisu). Shame on me to covert a donut!!

  3. I love this post Lois! How excellent to focus on ‘Good news’ on Mondays or any day. These are all great things happening, and Bolivia makes us ponder why we can’t wait a little longer and get some real food. For more good news, I celebrate every city added to the growing number banning plastic bags. I pretend they’re banned where I live and use all shapes, sizes and colors when I bring home groceries. And I’m noticing more and more other shoppers like me bringing their own bags. Hooray! :) Gina

    • Gina, I love the idea of keeping a list and celebrating every city that bans plastic bags. I notice more people in my town are bringing their own bags which makes me very happy. Of my bags the one that gets the most attention are the ones I have made from old t shirts. You simply cut the arms off and square off the neck area both front and back, then simply sew the hem at the bottom of the shirt closed. They hold up exceptionally well and wash easily.

      • Oh my gosh – I adore this idea so much! I have great t-shirts that no one around here wears but I like the colors or the art. Now I’ll do your example! Have I missed you post about your t-shirt bags? If you haven’t, maybe some day? ;)

          • You are welcome. I have to laugh when people see my t-shirt bags and remark how they have plenty in their homes they planned to donate to a thrift shop as they couldn’t think of a use for them but once seeing my bag plan to go home and make their own.

            Some are intimidated by making a bag that needs a lot of sewing but these are so simple anyone can make them.

  4. Wow! A plethora of good news. Go Bolivia!

    So my good news for the week is… The Denver Broncos are going to the stupor-bowl!!!! Oh wait… I guess that’s not entirely good news for the environment. It does make me happy though.

    So my good news for reals is that researchers at MIT are working on a new kind of solar panel that would be 80% efficient, which is more than double the efficiency of the best solar panels available today. This would be a HUGE step forward and might start making solar power a more cost effective method of producing electricity. Woo Hoo!

    • Cat, I thought of you yesterday as I watched the Broncos win. I think you will be annoyed by one thing in the super bowl and that will be the reminders Peyton is playing in his brother’s stadium. I was so jealous of you at the same time as I saw it was 63 degrees at the start of the game in Denver while we had a high of 13!

      That is great news about the solar panels. I would love to add panels here, but that will never happen as long as I rent. The only good thing is that I have my usage down to bare essentials to offset not being able to produce my own clean energy.

      P.S. Thanks for the help, it looks so much better.

      • Ha! I was hoping Eli might be able to give Peyton some pointers on the stadium. But I’ve gotta say… whose crazy idea was it to hold the superbowl in New Jersey?!? I’m half way expecting the polar vortex to return and they’ll be playing in sub zero weather. Sigh. Guess not everybody gets to enjoy Denver’s sunny climate!

        p.s. Glad my unsolicited “help” didn’t offend you. :-)

        • According to the Farmer’s Almanac that area is supposed to have very cold weather for that weekend with snow, so your gut may be right. Blame Gooddell it was his bright idea. I don’t mind being home watching a cold winter game but wonder if the vendors are going to complain about lack of money earned from the extra activities that usually surround this weekend. It may be the last cold weather site to be used for a long time.

          On the contrary I appreciated your help. Thank you.

  5. interesting information. I had to gulp though when I saw the picture of the ‘vanilla iced sprinkle donut’… my grandson’s favorite treat for special, occasional outings. accompanied by a ‘protein sandwich’ and ‘white milk’ (the quote signs are around the words as he orders). Gave me a kick to my awareness of the contents. Thanks… I think.

    • Oops sorry about that. Donuts are considered to be the worst food we can eat because of what the combination of fat and sugar entering our body at the same time does to it. I can’t tell you the last time I had a donut, but then I was never big on pastries of any sort, just not my thing I’d rather have a good piece of chocolate.

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