Friday Faves, Let’s Stop and Think

I finally had a chance to meet with and get to know  my oldest son’s best friend. Nice guy and wonderful father.  He and I struck up a conversation which spanned several subjects, but it was the one on technology that stayed with me.  It was only when the subject of technology, which he loves, came up that I began to question how people will manage if/when they would no longer have access to the same gadgets.


In a matter of minutes I learned he has 3 televisions (totaling 72 inches if added together), a game system, computer, had an iPhone but got rid of it for an android, and a kindle.  He will be purchasing a second e-reader for his 4 year old son to “have his own device”.

I hadn’t even seen my first computer until I was 19, and asked how he would feel if the materials needed to make these devices were no longer available.  For me this wouldn’t be much of a problem. Yes, I would miss you and the blog but I could easily revert back to a life without all these “toys”

So what was his response to my question?  His exact words were “I hope I am dead by then.”

Is this how most people feel?  Are they willing to use and own each new technology, regardless of the environmental cost while it is available?  Is this how most who won’t accept we are running out of oil or will suffer from climate change very soon see the issue?  Is the response to all our problems; to enjoy everything possible while it lasts and worry about the end when it happens?

Okay enough doom and gloom, how about a peek at my favorites of this week?



  1. All About Small, took on the challenge to heat her bathroom with the candles and flowerpot idea I share with you here.  So far it’s working to heat her bathroom to eliminate turning on the baseboard heating.
  2. Evelyn touched on an issue that I believe is the focal point of society’s discontent.  She highlights 3 comparisons we make that will rob us of feeling thankful for the life we do have.
  3. I Am For Change has a lovely blog full of poetry like this one titled New Dreams which sums up a simple life very nicely.
  4. In Small Things Good an article about the advantages of a smaller kitchen reminded me of my own kitchen and how I had misjudged the storage available before moving in. The result was my purging wasn’t over. There have to be priorities when you have a small kitchen and only you know what they will be.  Take a look around, you will find plenty of wonderfully written articles on minimalism here.



  1. Gina shares her views on the habit of judging others.  It’s not as cut and dried an issue as you may think.
  2. My son likes to laugh about how strange life was for him, actually he says he has all the material he would ever need to do stand-up comedy.   :-)  His mother has Muscular Dystrophy and his father suffers from bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia.  It’s no wonder he is one of the most patient and accepting people I know.  The thing is we (his father and I) see our disabilities differently. I am open about my situation and willing to answer any questions, his father (and his family) believe the terms defining his disability should never be said aloud.  EcoGrrl shares her views on the practice of secrecy surrounding mental health issues.
  3. Vintage Karen takes on the voices in our head, those negative ones that stand out and shine brighter than the positive ones we should be listening to.


Sustainability and gReen Living

  1. Lunny is back this time from Guyana where he is watching supermarket chains being built and asks us to divorce the supermarket. Don’t worry he gives us plenty of reasons to make the change, all of which I agree with.
  2. Don’t know what to do with all your orange peels?  There was a time peels were used in jams and cookies, my grandmother even made candy with some.  The one thing I never heard of was orange sugar, have you?  Any way, here is a list of 10 ways to use Orange peels, including making orange sugar. :-)


food for thought

  1. Thanks to Joy I now have protected my location and that of my family’s.  Did you know if you use your phone’s camera for blog or Facebook pictures your pictures will have an embedded location telling everyone where you were when you took the picture.  There’s a simple fix, learn more here.
  2. The title of this article was what caught my attention, “Would you give up cable TV to retire early?  Is it possible that saving the monthly cable bill could add up to such a huge savings?  Personally, I don’t see giving up cable as a big sacrifice.
  3. Are we about to see the next genetically modified food being released?  Would you buy an apple that never turns brown when cut?
  4. Jean is back with a rant on how society treats its children.  What if we treated them simply as small human beings, equal and deserving of respect?

“We are such spendthrifts with our lives, the trick of living is to slip on and off the planet with the least fuss you can muster. I’m not running for sainthood. I just happen to think that in life we need to be a little like the farmer, who puts back into the soil what he takes out.”  ~~ PAUL nEWMAN

Have a fantastic weekend!

45 thoughts on “Friday Faves, Let’s Stop and Think

    • Sheila, I see pockets of people who are still holding on to relationships but then I see others who live by their gadgets instead. I don’t get believing you have made connections because you have 100 friends on your Facebook page. I see an end coming soon to our ability to keep up with demand for the components for these gadgets which would be a good thing, imo. Thanks for commenting.


  1. Such a thought-provoking post Lois. Thank you! And if I may say about your honest opening – it’s not ‘doom and gloom’ but rather one of those uncomfortable topics that need to be broached at times. And then you switch to your latest faves and how delighted am I to discover my own post in here with so many wonderful writers in your faves?! Have I told you lately that you rock?! ;) Big gentle hugs for you my friend, Gina


    • Gina, I think we do need to bring up these subjects from time to time. For some they may not know that the resources used to make these gadgets are in limited supply. In the discussion with my son’s friend his little 4 year old found a receipt from a store and jokingly put it in his mouth. I, in a gentle manner, said “eww, don’t put that in your mouth” Then apologized to his father for saying anything but the idea of the BPA going directly into his son’s bloodstream frightened me. He then asked me about the receipts and told me he didn’t know they were coated with BPA and thanked me for bringing it to his attention. I like to think I can simply model behaviors but some times we need to share information too.

      Hugs right back to you. :-)


  2. Hi Lois and thanks for taking the time to dig up these insightful, enjoyable and entertaining reads :)

    “Is this how most who won’t accept we are running out of oil or will suffer from climate change very soon see the issue?” – For many, it is way easier to look the other war or to remain ignorant of our planets plight. I may not be the best steward of this planet, but I try and do what I can in my limited way to ease some of the pressure on Mother Earth. And to be honest, the less I have to deal with, the better I am.

    Take care and thanks for caring. My best to all.



    • Lyle, I try not to compare even myself to others who are trying to live lightly. It’s not a competition in my opinion, but it’s good to try to live with awareness which is so much better than sticking our heads in the sand. And I agree, the less I have the less I have to deal with and the less I want.

      Thanks Lyle.


  3. Hi Lois! I’ve been busy lately and haven’t been over to check some of your links but I ALWAYS find something that I enjoy reading so thank you! And in answer to your question, I do think I could get by without all my gadgets but I would miss them for sure! Something tells me that regardless of what happens in the future we humans will figure out a way to make our technology part of our lives…didn’t I just read recently that some people in 3rd world countries still don’t have indoor plumbing but they have a TV and a cell phone! I guess we all decide what is important to us! ~Kathy


    • Kathy, I did hear that many in the developing world have cell phones and TVs yet don’t have the basics we take for granted such as safe water. It boggles my mind. Are they simply trying to emulate us by owning these?


  4. I enjoyed these links, thanks! I have to say I am very thankful for the kindle because with my old eyes I can make the print as large as I desire which is so helpful!! It has also simplified my life–when we downsized we couldn’t take all of our books with us. Yes, we still have loads of physical books, but not like we once had. The kindle was helpful in this way for sure!

    We downsized to a Condo and the cable is free with our monthly hoa fees. But going to the Condo has saved us enormously even with the HOA fees. We were once living in a little ole drafty house. Our heating and cooling bills are way cheaper, our insurance is cheaper, and upkeep and garbage pick up etc all cheaper. It was the best decision we have made now that our children are grown ;-).

    My hubby was given a smart phone for work for a year. Then they took it back. HE WAS so happy—he hated it. Now he does not have to be pestered with all the unwanted email, and texting he was receiving while he was at home and traveling. Much simpler having a basic phone! So I would say he is fine without all the gadgets ;-)/


    • I think you found the perfect mix of technology that makes your life better and not overdoing it. I am still having trouble enjoying reading from a device as I love to finger the pages of a book and the feel of the bulk of a good book in my hands.

      When I downsized I got rid of most of my books. I had a lot of fiction which I realized I could borrow anytime from the library so that was easy to get rid of. Some books I was saving for a paragraph or two so I copied that information and passed on the book.

      I think a condo is a great idea and would love if my apartment allowed me to own the unit I lived in but there are very few condos in my area and the ones that are are much larger than my needs.

      I like to think that when we downsize, the home we left is being loved by someone who needed the extra space we didn’t.

      Like your husband, I would be perfectly happy without a smart phone. I do need a phone that I can take with me in case I need to call for help, but it doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles on it for that.


  5. Thanks so much for the link! You have a beautiful blog here and of course I’ll be checking back in frequently. I’m so passionate about minimalism and small space living, and it’s great to stumble across other people in the blogosphere who are into it too!


    • I too love to find like-minded people who are passionate about living minimally and especially finding smaller spaces that work well for their needs. You have a lovely blog, which I will be back to visit more.


  6. Lois love you F’Favourites as always, and its scary how this generation of children we brought up in the world are reliant upon their gadgets.. My Son bought our 3 yr old little one a ‘Tablet’ for Christmas, they each now have one, plus a Kindle and laptop, XBox and Huge TV screen, Its scary as he brings his gadgets when visiting and scarcely looks up to speak
    I didnt bring him up with gadgets, and I never had a computer in my home until 2006… When I treated myself, It took me a year before I hooked it to the internet, LOL, I used to type and print out mainly in the beginning..
    I wonder what they would do without electricity? Would they know how to cope?

    I am more and more convinced we need to embrace technology yes, but not let our lives be ruled by it.. Families no longer communicate only via their devices.. Sad..
    I know I would Miss my online community of friends here on WP should I not be able to connect, But my life would be steered into the garden more and probably knitting and preserving ect… things which I have left as I wonder the pages of blogs..

    I would love nothing better than sitting knitting as you sat quilting LOL.. as we would chat and put the world to rights Lois.. :-)

    Loved my drop in time here again.. Hugs Sue xox


    • Sue, I too am dismayed with how technology has taken over. My oldest son is sucked into his phone. One day I asked him what he was doing, that I thought he stopped to visit not play with his phone. His wife was sitting next to him on my couch yet here they were texting each other. I had a few thoughts I shared with the two of them at that point.

      Only my youngest grandchild has a tablet of her own, and even then it is put up and only brought out once or twice a week. When I was down there for 6 days she only had it once for about an hour. They have a few educational games on it and allow her to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on it as they no longer have cable. She acquired this when her dad upgraded to a tablet/laptop in one for work. I guess if they are going to be issued mini iPads at school they need to know how to operate them but I don’t care for children having them.

      Sue, I would so enjoy and afternoon of crafting and visiting with you. I have one neighbor who will visit from time to time with a project she’s working on and we visit while we work on whatever is our project at the moment. It’s a relaxing time that I enjoy.


  7. It would be a bummer, since my fiancé works in IT and so would loose his job by then… but we’d find other ways and jobs somehow, I’m sure. We’re both fond of gadgets, although I firstly got an old third-hand ‘smart’-phone about a month ago, and still use it for WhatsApp, texting and calling, and that’s all, I really love my ipad and computer. On the other hand, if they’d be gone… I’d find other things to do too. I’d knit and crochet more, read more ‘real’ books etc.


    • What is WhatsApp? I would hate to see your fiance lose his job as so many jobs have disappeared in so many fields already. I love my computer so I’m not completely against technology, but some such as the e-readers, gaming devices and the like just don’t interest me much.

      What I was trying to get across was more of an attitude to embrace the technology you enjoy and that benefits your life, but think if one device could be used for multiple purposes, such as I have the Kindle reader on my phone instead of buying a Kindle, saving precious resources to make another device. Since the only time I find myself reading on the kindle would be when traveling having a small device works well for me.

      The one thing I gave up was the TV and found myself reading even more along with exploring other crafts. I sew more for instance and my house has been so much cleaner. :-)


  8. I don’t have a smart phone. I think I’m smarter. I don’t even text. I want to hear a voice. Sometimes one becomes a prisoner to progress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against it, but should all these things disappear, I’ll still survive. I’m old school, therefore, I would be able to function. Good post. Blessings.


    • Parrillaturi, I held off on a smart phone until just a couple of years ago. I never buy a new phone when one dies. I put out the word I need a phone to my youngest son who gives me used ones from his store. That was how I ended up with a smart phone, it was something he had available at the time.

      I do have texting and hate it, even wrote a post about it a while back, but so many text that I had to add it after failing to convince them to stop as it added to my bill each time. I much prefer a voice and find it’s quicker to say what needs to be said when you call than texting.


  9. As usual, you’ve got some great finds in here, Lois. Glad you found the camera-location item useful–talk about too much technology, huh? Sometimes, I am really shaken by how far we’ve “advanced.” On those times, I harken back to growing up before cell phones, handheld game systems, and their ilk were so prevalent. I can’t help being sad that your son’s friend wants to get an e-reader for his 4-year-old. My children love books, and I love the pure simplicity of seeing them curled up in a chair for a good read. We are at the library at least a couple of times a week. Have a good weekend, Lois.


    • Joy, I agree with you. technology while a good thing in many ways, I’d really miss the internet and my netbook, I don’t like how it’s taken over our lives.

      Every year for Christmas I purchase a book for each of my grandchildren, who love books. I buy the book they found that year from the library and hated to give back wanting to renew time and again. This year, it was my granddaughter who asked if she really got to keep it, then asked if she had to give it back, and various rewordings of the same question. Each time when told this was a gift she got to keep I received the biggest hug and was told how much she loved me. That is priceless and couldn’t be replicated by downloading books on to an ereader for her.

      Have you seen the new potty chairs and baby furniture that hold a tablet or ipad? This has gone way too far.


  10. Lois, Kudos on the link :D <3
    So much to talk about here. This is a wonderful post. :D
    I will touch briefly on the technology portion. I'm a major techno-geek. I LOVE my iphone!! I have apps for just about everything! However, if one day it was gone then I'd have to deal with the absence and admit myself into detox!!
    I used to be a TV junkie. When I moved to a new apartment I didn't bother setting up my tv. It's been 5 years now without TV!! My motto is; Improvise and Overcome :)


    • There is nothing wrong with technology as long as we stop to think about our needs and not simply buy each new device because it’s available. I have apps on my phone as well. I have held off on an e-reader because I still don’t love reading from a device. While I “practice” I have a kindle app on my phone, using one device for many purposes.

      Kudos to you for giving up your TV. I have had many periods in my life without a television and preferred it. I find myself procrastinating by sitting in front of a TV rather than doing things I need to do. I am much more productive without one. Plus most of what is on today is in my opinion junk.

      As for improvising and overcoming there is one program I found I love, The Following, which I can watch on the Fox website. :-)


      • I’ve noticed that my eye sight has changed since I’ve been texting and reading with my phone. I think it’s the glare. My phone has speech to text now and use that way more now. Plus it’s convenient and spares my thumbs :-/


        • I think we are all going to find changes in our eyesight as a result. I had a lot of trouble with my eyes when using the older monitors, the strain was really bad. The netbook is better but my phone does strain my eyes. I will have to check into the speech options available, thanks for bringing it up.


  11. you know Lois, I wonder about this technology stuff too…scary sometimes.

    I have a question, about a new technology, was not aware it is apparently mandatory, hope it is ok if I post this question, wonder if you or your readers might know. of course I do realise that one easy way to avoid it, is chuck my credit card…but…
    here goes..

    recently got a credit card replacement. it has the little “wave” symbol on it, which indicates it can just be waved over the store machine, to pay for purchase (no pin number etc required).. When I activated the card, was told, I was “now” given this feature.

    myself, I do not feel this is safe. I called the credit card company, and said I did not want this, take it off/issue another card without it.

    I was told, emphatically, that ALL credit cards now have this, and there was no way to avoid it.

    anyone know if this is true?
    – can I disable this feature somehow?



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