Change The World Wednesday, filling a need

This is the last week before Small Footprints returns with her weekly challenges. This week I want to challenge you to take a look at something not needed and turn it into something needed and useful.  Some days it’s the little things that get in our way.  Today one such little bother was solved with a free solution.


There was a lot of activity going on at my house today.  My son was using the internet to look for a job; his wife was painting the bathroom walls where I couldn’t reach; my grandson was sanding a headboard; and my granddaughter was creating more art while I was folding a load of laundry.

I came to an old shirt which while I loved was stained and had paint on it in spots. It was time to give up and cut this up as rags.   As is my habit I look to cut off the neckline to use as a headband to hold long hair back or to replace ribbons on  packages and cut the sleeves off to use for small sewing jobs.  But as I cut the short cap sleeve off of this particular shirt I looked at the shape of it and realized it would do a better job at holding my granddaughter’s long hair out of her face when painting and crafting.

I asked her to let me try something, she was game.  I put this on her head.  Mom spotted it and told her she looked just like Cinderella.  That was all it took. She happily wore this the rest of the afternoon.  Having 2 sleeves I sent one home with her, the other is still here. Now no matter where she is her hair will be safe from paint and glue.   I’m thinking it will also serve well on windy days when she finds her hair in her face but doesn’t want to have it up in a pony tail.

As an added incentive to help you find new uses for unneeded things lying around your house I have now added a link on the sidebar to my Pinterest boards.  The vast majority are upcycling ideas which I found interesting. Most are broken down by item.  I hope this can become a resource for you to reduce your trash and recycling needs.

Do you have a need that could be filled by using something you already have?

26 thoughts on “Change The World Wednesday, filling a need

  1. I take crummy t-shirts, cut the neck out and the short sleeves off (resembling a tank top), then sew the bottom shut, and now you have a grocery tote! :D
    Do it with tank tops too! It’s fun and easy and repurposing!


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  3. What a cute idea. And I found your Pinterest board to follow. I’ve always liked headband like that but they never stay on. They are wonderful when you are painting or working outside to keep the bugs out of my hair. :)


    • Thanks, Marlene. I love my granddaughter’s hair but she forgets when she’s painting and will push it back getting paint all through it. I may use one in the summer to keep my hair out of my face when working in the garden, too.


  4. I’m sure there are loads of things that can be repurposed, re-designed. We (unfortunately at times) have the bad habit of keeping everything…. sigh…. causes so much clutter. I mean, really, how many battery-operated toothbrushes that don’t work do you really need?


    • Dale, it’s true, I could easily pick up so much to keep out of the waste but with such a tiny apartment I have to have a use for it or I would quickly be overflowing in “stuff'”

      One that caught my eye was the crib rails used as a drying rack. If I found a set of rails I would definitely do this and not use the dryers here.


    • Gill, while there are many boards you will find that most have less than 100 many less than 50 pins. I don’t get the idea of having thousands of pins, would you even be able to find the one you wanted to try?

      My goal with the Pinterest boards was to give a variety of examples of ways to use something in a new way to reduce the amount of stuff ending up in the landfills.


    • Wendy, I held off on Facebook for so long not wanting to add social media. The blogger who convinced me to give it a try has since quit not only social media but isn’t blogging now either.


      • I have to be honest and say I often wonder why I do either :) I am not a talker and like my space and privacy but then I get on and blog and started Facebook :)
        Social media was never my thing so I have a bit of conflict about it, but…I think it’s a great way to spread a message and interact with likeminded people. I dunno!!!


  5. Sounds good, Lois, will give it some thought.

    something popped into my mind, when you mentioned a stained shirt, with paint already on it.

    read this idea somewhere, for such an item, if the item itself is still “wearable” (pants/shirt/runners etc)

    well, if it has some paint on, put more on, and make it artistic…grin..


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