Friday Faves, January 10

We have survived the last cold snap and are expecting 44 degrees for a high tomorrow.  I’m planning to escape the confines of the apartment and get some serious nature time in.  We only have a few days before the next cold snap arrives.  What a crazy winter this is turning out to be.

I am seriously missing summer.

I am seriously missing summer.

Before moving on, I need to explain to those who downloaded my son’s free e-book this week that you may have received the wrong file.  It’s a very long story, basically my son and I email his stories back and forth.  He writes, I edit, he makes changes accordingly and then I format and publish.  Somehow, the unedited manuscript was improperly named and led me to upload that one.  If you downloaded Be Mine, please let me know and I will replace your copy with the polished, finished story.  I guess I need to add a final step of reading his work one last time before publishing.  :-)  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Now it’s time for my favorites of this week.

Unfortunately this is what it looks like outside today.

Unfortunately this is what it looks like outside today.


I noticed a few new people stopping by this week and I want to welcome you.  I hope you enjoy what you find here and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

  1. Melanie, who writes at My Eco-centric Life shared the best environmental news this week.  One state has become the first to institute a state-wide ban on checkout plastic bags.  Immediately following the signing of the law, and before the actual ban took effect, plastic bags disappeared in most areas of the state.
Since the deer ate all my tulips last year, I am looking forward to seeing my daffodils bloom.

Since the deer ate all my tulips last year, I am looking forward to seeing my daffodils bloom.

Natural Health

  1. General Mills has finally listened to the people and has taken the first step in banning GMO foods in its products. While only original (plain) Cheerios are now GMO-free, it is a beginning.  If we keep at food manufacturers we may win this battle to have food with real ingredients our bodies know how to use.
  2. Each morning I start my day with a cup of hot water and lemon, in the summer make that cold water.  I knew lemons were important for vitamin C and to help our livers to detoxify.  But here are 16 health benefits of drinking lemon with your water.  Add a dash of raw or organic honey to your lemon water to build up your natural immunity as well.
It has been so quiet, I miss waking to the symphony from the birds.

It has been so quiet, I miss waking to the symphony from the birds.

Joy of the simple things

  1. I don’t recall learning to read. I am told I took a book and wandered off, returning only to ask what a grouping of letters spelled.  I do know I was 3 when handed my first real book. It was Little Women and took me months to read but finish it on my own I did. Okay with the occasional request on what a word was. Books have been my life since then.  I have been known to travel with more books than clothes, and rarely am without a book nearby.  What I miss are the independent bookstores scattered through town. This article sums up exactly how I felt about those bookstores and why I don’t like shopping the chain stores today.
  2. Is there a more versatile product in a home than the Mason Jar?  I stumbled upon this article on 41 easy things to do with a Mason Jar
  3. And if that isn’t enough for you, I have one more Mason Jar use that blew me away.  Want to raise bees and let your little ones watch what happens inside the hive?  Check out this Mason Jar Beehive
I'm itching to get back in the garden and play in the dirt.

I’m itching to get back in the garden and play in the dirt.

Right living

  1. This is a short post with a lot to think about from Single Mom Enough.  It begins As Soon as You Start to Judge
  2. For those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a lightly populated area or on a farm we know nature will heal plenty of our problems.  Did you know it’s not just the little problems nature can  heal?  One combat veteran helps other veterans having trouble adjusting to civilian life by opening his farm to them where they can play in the dirt and watch life grow from it.  If a garden can help heal the wounds of war, just think what it can do for us and our families.
  3. Have you been looking for a new green cleaner, or maybe a room freshener that isn’t loaded with chemicals and want to save money by making them yourself?  Sara at My Merry Messy Life has shared her favorite cleaning recipes but doesn’t stop there.  She has also included numerous ways to detoxify your body at the same time.
  4. Candace was inspired by her 95-year old mother-in-law who climbs a flight of stairs to access her granny flat.  After attending a day-long summit,  she put her plan into action, demolishing the dilapidated garage.  She her lovely home here.
  5. Freedom, shared Amy’s story of ignoring society’s expectations to live the life she and her husband really want to live.
  6. With so few natural resources left the best practice is to use what is available and make it fit our needs.  Standard construction of homes not only uses vast amount of materials but leaves behind massive amounts of waste.  If you think you would like to live in a tiny home why not up-size just a bit to a train caboose?  These are seriously adorable.
Just like this poppy, I am waiting for the return of the suns warmth.

Just like this poppy, I am waiting for the return of the sun’s warmth.


FRugal crafts

  1. Working with fabric if you have to buy it new is expensive.  One fabric which is versatile and inexpensive is the much under-appreciated fabric drop cloth.  If you haven’t used a drop cloth they are normally unbleached, while not organic many are made right here in the USA, and I can buy a 12 foot by 18 foot piece for under $20. That’s a lot of crafting.  Here are 8 drop cloth projects to get you started.


Don’t forget you still have time to enter the giveaway for a free month-long e-course in Simple Living from Roland and Cheryl at Handcrafted Travellers to learn more  click here.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
―E.f. Schumacher


Have a wonderful weekend.

16 thoughts on “Friday Faves, January 10

  1. Thanks for all those interesting links – by the way I LOVE the snow-covered branch photo, although I can imagine you’re fed up with the snow and wanting to get back out into the garden :)

    The plastic bag ban is definitely a good thing because since it’s been in effect in Ireland there are definitely far far fewer plastic bags fluttering in the trees and hedgerows. Now, only if we could get a deposit system for all those plastic bottles too… the effect that something like just twenty cents can have on our behaviour and how we think about rubbish is unbelievable.


    • P, I am SO ready to get back outside and in the garden again. Snow is lovely for a while, but I miss the multitude of colors of the other 3 seasons.

      I am impressed Ireland imposed a plastic bag ban, I wish every country and community would follow suit. I do most of my shopping at small locally owned businesses who appreciate my bringing my own reusable bags. It is not only better for the environment but saves small businesses a tidy sum over time.

      I agree, we definitely need to do something about the plastic bottles. The first 25 or so years of my life we had glass bottles for everything, pop and milk being the main ones.. It didn’t bother us to bring back the bottles to collect our deposit and we knew the bottles would be sterilized and reused. I still wish we had those glass bottles.


      • I actually hadn’t considered the cost to the small business for supplying a plastic bag!

        In many European countries like Germany and also in Scandinavia they have a deposit on plastic bottles as well as glass, and you just don’t see the bottles lying around as litter everywhere.

        One or two dairy producers here in Germany have glass milk bottles for the fresh milk and also glass jars for yoghurt


        • P, I haven’t seen glass milk bottles in decades here and it’s a shame. There was an entire industry in my hometown built around the dairy business. My uncle delivered milk to the homes and picked up the empties that were set out. Many people were hired to sterilize the bottles (same with the Pepsi plant that was here). All these people are without work and the result is plastic everywhere. I would much rather see door to door milk delivery, which uses gas, than the plastic which never goes away.

          As for yogurt, my family referred to yogurt as hippie food and never bought it. My first taste was in the mid 80s when I heard it was a healthy food and bought it for my boys. It was in plastic containers then, I don’t know if it was ever in glass.


  2. Hi Lois and thank you once again for the great finds :)

    In fact, I am about to leave for the grocery store to buy lemons so that I too can start my day with a warm water and lemon drink. Do you know if I have to add the juice of a whole lemon or just half?

    I also loved Amy’s story over at Rethinking The Dream. I love that she’s doing what works best for her and her family. I was also featured in a Rethinking the Dream Chronicles post and I really enjoy what Freedom has to write about.

    Thanks again for all your efforts and take care. Hope all is well.



  3. You read Little Women when you were 3??
    I love this item on train carriages, I always wanted to live in one myself! I saw one about 30 years ago people lived in and was sold but have never got there :)
    Nice story from Amy too.


    • Well, I didn’t learn to walk until I was almost 4, just like today I get bored easily if I don’t have something to do. I believe because I was the oldest surrounded by lots of adults I wanted to emulate them and took to books. Yes, I really did read it at 3 and still remember the hours with that book. it took a long time to finish, unlike books today.


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