Change the World Wednesday, for the birds

While Small Footprints is on vacation, I have tried to come up with a few things of interest.  This week I want to challenge you to reconsider items you might toss out.  We can help those less fortunate, such as our visiting birds.  Encourage them to build their homes near you with this simple idea.

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

If you don’t have a suet cage you can make a container from plastic bottles, or other items you have around the house, by cutting holes around it in various places.  Throughout the rest of winter  you can save these scraps for the birds who will collect and use them to make nests with.  These include:

  • pet hair
  • biodegradable string
  • non-toxic paper
  • yarn
  • small scraps of fabric, just make sure it’s not synthetic

A word of caution, do not add human hair which can tangle around the baby birds causing harm.

Just before spring arrives hang your cage filled with the collected scraps.  This will save the landfill and assist birds in quickly building a home for their young.

What do you do to help birds?

27 thoughts on “Change the World Wednesday, for the birds

  1. Hi Lois and thanks for a thoughtful post.

    As I live in an apartment building, I am not allowed to place bird feeders on my balcony.

    However, my sister, who lives in a rural area, has a few bird feeders around which attracts beautiful looking Blue Jays, Crows, Sparrows and even a woodpecker or two.

    I don’t know if they have nests near by but I would assume so.

    It was quite nice to watch them feed and even though it is the dead of winter, there were a lot of them eating away.

    Take care and my best to you and yours.



    • Lyle, that is one of the downfalls of apartment living, we have rules we must follow. I am fortunate to have the field where I have been given the freedom to do what I want with it. I am so missing my birds right now. It’s been months since I have heard the music wake me, the honking of the geese flying overhead to the lake and back, or the screech of our bald eagles. I’m whining aren’t I? Sorry. Just missing summer and my wild neighbors. :-(

      Do you have a nature park nearby, or a place you can visit that is quiet, away from the noises of the city?


      • Hi Lois.

        There are a number of small parks in my hood where I can go if need be…thankfully, in my area, it’s not so big-city-like, and kind of resembles a small town, so the city noise is quieter…and I miss the summer as well so you’re not whining alone :)

        Take care Lois and my best to all.



        • Lyle, I love small town living, you are close enough to be able to get by without a car if wanted yet aren’t surrounded by the noises of city life and all the big box stores everywhere.

          The few times I tried living in the city I was desperately homesick for a piece of nature even if it was a small park. Glad you have a few parks to choose from.


    • Funny, I had it on mine too, a reminder to find a suet cage. last year I used one tray of the bird feeder to put my scraps but the wind blew them all over the ground. Funny, they disappeared completely in the next couple of days so I’m guessing they didn’t mind having to pick them off the ground. :-)


        • We, I should say my granddaughter found a bird nest which had fallen out of a tree last summer. Unfortunately, we had experienced some real down pours and the nest was so soggy we couldn’t safely pick it up.

          I would love to find a bird nest made from man made fibers that would have to be quite an unusual design to hold together. Birds are so creative. I can’t get over how well designed their nests are when they have no hands to build with.


    • That is probably true. How short would you say it needs to be? Human hair is finer than animal/pet hair though so I don’t really know. I will continue to save the human hair for the compost to be safe.


  2. This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this brilliant idea Lois, and especially the tip about human hair – which makes perfect sense when you think about it. Years ago I’d read to use hair from our brushes but now I’ll keep it to just the pet brushes (around here that generates quite enough ;) ). Cheers, Gina


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