Friday Faves, It’s 2014

This is the first Friday Faves of 2014.  You may notice a few changes today in what you can expect from now on.  I will still give you a variety of subjects but will cut back on the number of pictures I include.  Sorry about that.  It turns out after only 2 years of blogging I have nearly reached half of the allotted space allowed.  Rather than compromising content I will try to limit the number of pictures.

I mentioned my word for 2014 is “More”.  More of everything which makes life good and enjoyable for myself and those I meet.  Many of you commented you liked this so expect a follow-up post at the end of each month where you can share how you fit “More” into your life.  I hope you will join me, I think we can inspire each other in these monthly collections.

Now on to my Favorites of this week.



  1. I have always loved the color blue, but imagine my surprise when I realized I liked blue paired with orange in art!  Marina has a lovely blog where she showcases her art (available through her store).  Take a peak around and see which images you like.
  2. With resolutions taking center stage it was no surprise to find many blogs discussing ‘going green” as the focus this year. Here are 4 simple green ideas you may want to check out from The Daily Green.
  3. Our identity is tied to who we think we are. For Rara Saur her identity was  being sickly and klutzy. She was always ill or injured until she joined her husband in making a simple change in her life and after more than 20 years it all disappeared.  We can change the course of our lives, sometime intentionally other times by pure accident.  What would you want to change if you could?
  4. Yesterday I asked you to consider another way of looking  at your ecological foot print.  Later, I read this post What is the difference between lifestyle and luxury.  When I came to the end of the article I realized Vikram Roy was saying exactly the same thing I had said, just in another way.

Healthy Living

  1. When I talk about a healthy home I have achieved this by limiting the amount of products I purchase.  Here is a list of reasons to keep Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar on hand.
  2. It has been over a year since I adopted the “no-poo” method for cleaning my hair and scalp.  My choice is a baking soda wash and white vinegar rinse.  I have heard some say baking soda is too drying to their hair, so with that in mind here are some alternatives to a baking soda “shampoo.
  3. Ever wanted to own your own homestead but didn’t think you could afford it?  You might be able to if you are willing to relocate.  Check out the beautiful pictures of this 13 acre homestead which has been operated for the last 8 years as an ecological farmstead. This simple home and property make my heart sing.

Thrifty DIY

  1. Having a beautiful home shouldn’t be expensive or come with a need to purchase a lot of materials.  This beautiful back splash was created using simple paints yet looks like expensive tile, any one can do this with the easy tutorial.
  2. Want a tray you can use every day but don’t want to spend a lot of money.  This DIY tray is from a picture frame, quick head to the thrift shop and make one for your home.
  3. Need a lamp for your bedside table?  Look no further than this tea tin.  Instead of tosssing these old items in the landfill you can repurpose them into something lovely and useful.

Thoughts for a New year

  1. Jean shares a list of her best practices for a happy and healthy life.  No gym membership required. :-)
  2. Letting your light shine to be your happiest this year  This is a rather long article but it spoke to me, I think you might enjoy it.

Good Green News

My schedule was off with the holidays and I missed giving you my Good News of the Week. This week I am excited to learn the EPA found a way around the Dick Cheney exemption for the fracking industry in the Clean Water Act, to levy the largest fine yet in Fracking.   Here is part of the complaint:

The federal government and the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) allege that the company impounded streams and discharged sand, dirt, rocks and other fill material into streams and wetlands without a federal permit in order to construct well pads, impoundments, road crossings and other facilities related to natural gas extraction.”

Here’s how they did it:

Section 404 does not apply directly to fracking brine, which is exempt from federal disclosure regulations under the Clean Water Act. It covers general construction activity common across a wide range of industries.”

Where there is a will there is a way to attack their polluting practices.  You can read the rest of the article here.

I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security.  Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad.  Otherwise what is there to defend?  ~Robert Redford, Yosemite National Park dedication, 1985

Have a wonderful weekend, and please share your good news with us.

40 thoughts on “Friday Faves, It’s 2014

  1. I have read the homecrafting blog before and was interested to go back to it. However I saw nothing about them selling up or what the future holds – do you know? There is no link to the sale site on the blog… Just curious and interested, nothing creepy!!


    • I too am curious and waiting to hear what they will be doing, but have not been brave enough to ask, as I worry I would be intruding on their privacy. They advertise the sale of the property on their weekly email updates, but I couldn’t find any link to the sale on their website either. If I hear I’ll be sure to pass the information to you. :-)


  2. Oh dear, I have serious farm envy. It is so simply beautiful. I think it also pulled on my heart strings as my Hungarian father should have inherited a farm there but it was lost when the borders were changed after the war.


  3. Wow.. this really is such an incredible inventory of tips, ideas, and links to other like-minded writers! Lois, you are a gem. Bless your generous heart for all you do here on this amazing blog.
    Hugs, Gina
    PS – Oh and thank you so much for including a link to my green blog! Yay!


  4. Loved this post! I am going to try the new ph-balanced shampoo. The “no poo” never worked for me and the coconut milk shampoo I am making right now is beginning to feel like it is leaving a waxy film on my hair, something a gal with fine, thin hair does not need!


  5. I love, love, LOVE the blacksplash. I can’t believe I never thought of it myself. I love paint and tape!

    When I’m done massaging olive oil into my kale, I rub it into my hands, lips, and if my make is not yet applied, my face too. It is wonderfully moisturizing. The article has me thinking about including the apple cider vinegar in my regimen. My allergies are off the charts this winter! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to combat them naturally?

    I loved Rarasaur’s post about limiting carbs. I emailed that to a friend I think might be able to use that. Limiting carbs is on my list of intentions immediately! It’s been a bad fall/winter . .

    What else . . oh yes. The homestead is very romantic. There is a part of me that would love to give that a try and part of me that just wants to sit down with my laptop and my smartphone and drink a cappuccino.

    In closing, love the new look! And thank you for including me once again! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Your Friday Faves are my FAVE! It’s the one post I hate missing when I get busy.


    • Jean, I use coconut oil for my skin now but yet olive oil works well too. I have cut out most carbs as they mess with my body in ways I would rather not have to deal with.

      I feel for you. I have one allergy and that is to cat dander. It’s miserable because I can’t help myself from wanting to pet each one I see.

      I too would love a homestead, but it’s not practical for me to think about home ownership, anywhere, so I will stay where I am.

      Glad you keep coming back for the Friday Faves. I really do have fun sharing what I find and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s out there.

      Have a good weekend and stay warm.


      • Ha! Have we shared our commonality in cat allergies yet? That is my worst allergy by far, and yes, I love petting cats. :-? I am allergic to dust, and Bubba needs a fan going at night. I think the fan might stir up the dust at night. In the summer, it’s grass pollen and ragweed. I can’t win. Just took my first cider vinegar in a glass of water. Not too bad. I can live with that if it helps!


        • My ex has allergies to grass, pollen, mold and ragweed. He lived on medications until he decided to try a vegan diet with me. His allergies disappeared, doctor told him it was due to eliminating milk and cheese. Unfortunately, he returned to his old diet and the bottles of pills. I hope you get some relief soon.


    • Okay, I took some apple cider in water last night, and repeated again twice today. I have had only the tiniest little allergic reaction today. To be fair, I also refrained from refined carbs most of yesterday and today. Something clicked, because yesterday I was ready to remove my eyeballs from my head, scratch them and pop them back in! Today, almost NOTHING!


  6. Hi, Lois! Thank you so much for including me in your beautiful company and thank you for your very kind words too! I’m so happy I gave you a pleasant surprise! ;-)
    Have a great weekend and …a very happy 2014! :-)


  7. Happy New Year Lois, and love your new theme, I change my colour theme only subtly though so you may not even notice.. I tried various blog themes each year I preview them and then stick with what I have :-) May be I should take the plunge LOL ..
    I am going to see about the olive oil and apple cider vinegar, I do have both in stock :-)
    Marina’s Blog is beautiful with her art :-) glad you found it.
    Have a warm snug Friday, as the weather I hear is closing in really bad in parts..
    Thinking of you and again have the most wonderful New Year Lois xxx


    • I did notice you changed your color slightly, I can no longer read the comments left as they blend into the page. :-( I love your layout and all the information you have included, it’s easy to search and find anything I want to read.

      My area wasn’t hit too bad, for once, from this storm, but it’s gotten very very cold. I am staying in today and keeping busy, started painting the bathroom as I have hated the color since the day I moved in. Hope you aren’t hit with any bad weather this weekend and can enjoy it.


      • I have made another adjustment, is that any better for your reading Lois, I have gone more peach..

        and I am so pleased you are not hit as bad with the storm.. We are in for another Wind battering tonight I am afraid..


        • Yes, Sue I can read them very clearly now, thank you. :-) Will be by later today to actually leave a comment as I am only taking a short break from a painting project while it dries.


  8. Thanks Lois. I didn’t know that about the photos. I’ll do better from here on. I just started adding photos in the last year. So there shouldn’t be too many. Resizing as someone suggested, is a good idea. I’ll have to go back and read the rest of your faves after tomorrow. I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning trying to get a few things done. It’s going to be a fun day with the gang.”)


    • I’m happy to have helped, Marlene. I have plans to blog for a long time here, so knowing I’ve used up nearly half my space in 2 years made me stop and think as I would rather not have to pay anything more for the blog than I already have.


  9. I had the same problem with the size of my photos. You probably remember when I lost all of them on the blog when I deleted them in the media file.

    I am gradually retrieving and resizing them before restoring to the blog. It is a long-winded process, though. Good on you for recognising the issue at this early stage.

    I always download the photos from the camera to ‘My Pictures’ then upload to the WordPress media. I now resize them in ‘My Pictures’ to 30% and find that this reduces the file size considerably without appearing to compromise the quality of the photo for the blog. Hopefully, this will get a few more years for me and if I still want to continue I will pay for the Premium package which gives you a lot more storage for photos.


    • Fairy, thank you for the tips. I do remember when you lost all your pictures, your actions may have saved me from making the same mistake.

      I use my phone for all my pictures and do the same by uploading them to my pictures. I will look into how to re-size them now that I know how.


  10. I loved the frame into a tray, and whilst I don’t think I have the zen for it, it’s a great idea to paint the backsplash in a ’tile’ look.

    Have you considered compressing the photos sizes? Or there is some way you can store the ‘big’ image somewhere else, so your page loads faster, and doesn’t store the image itself?


    • I love that tile back splash and would love to replace the huge mirror in the kitchen with a back splash and a couple long shelves instead. I just received approval for a bathroom remodel, so maybe one day. :-)

      I am tech-challenged when it comes to compressing photos and such. Does my page take a long time to load for you?


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