Welcome To Living Simply Free

Visit me at my new online home  The Eco-Grandma

Welcome, Living Simple Free was my first blog and my online home where I shared my life in my 300 sq ft apartment and my goal of sustainable living in my corner of the world.

Times change and it was time to move forward.  I’ve decided it was time to move on both online and in the real world.  My tiny apartment I hope will be a good new home for another person exploring tiny living as I become a homeowner in a new community.  With the changes in my personal life it was time to retire Living Simply Free.  You can find and follow me at The Eco-Grandma, I hope to meet you soon.

Here are just a few of the things you can expect to find at The Eco-Grandma

  • Good News Mondays, the best news concerning the natural world and the environment along with an occasional feel good story.
  • Wednesdays, I will continue the challenges of Change the World Wednesday with Reduce Footprints.
  • Fridays you will find my Friday Faves containing links to the  articles and posts I found most interesting or thought-provoking.
  • Saturdays you may find an occasional guest post.

The rest of the week you will find various posts on environmental stories, upcycling and before and after projects.  Purchasing a home that needs some TLC you can follow along as I restore my home in a sustainable manner (avoiding buying new) and convert my home to use renewable energy.


30 thoughts on “Welcome To Living Simply Free

  1. … Hi Lois … on the 13 Jan 2014 … i read your comment on Amanda Richie’s blog via The Good Human … in which you mentioned switching to no-poo & washing your hair with a baking soda wash & a white vinegar rinse … can you please tell me what is no-poo & how do you use the baking soda & the white vinegar rinse … how much of each … my hair is shoulder blade length … & is it synthetic white vinegar … i live in a very hot country & a very polluted city … so can i wash my hair every day with the soda & the vinegar … i kept coming back to Amanda’s blog to see if you had seen my comment on your comment : ) … but i didn’t see you … so i thought i’d write to you on your site … those were so many questions … i pray that i’m not intruding … that you’re alright with my writing to you & am very grateful for your reply … love & peace to you Lois & God Bless …


    • Hello, Dina. Even with a polluted environment I don’t believe you will need to wash your hair daily. I use a drinking cup and add a tablespoon of baking soda then fill it up with water and stir. I pour the mixture over my hair and massage it in gently. I then rinse the baking soda wash and using a spray bottle spray white vinegar (I try to use organic non-synthetic brand) on my scalp and ends. I comb this through then rinse. Some people have a transition period where their hair feels oily but my skin and hair tends to be dry so I never had that problem.

      If you wash too often the baking soda can dry your hair, so if you feel the need to clean your hair more often I’d recommend rinsing with just white vinegar and only use baking soda once or twice a week.

      I’d enjoy hearing how you fair switching to no-poo, Dina, so please keep in touch.


      • … Hi Lois … thank you very much for your reply … i’m happy :) … i will start tomorrow & let you know how it went … you’re an amazing soul … love & peace to you … God Bless all …


        • Dina, I am glad to share what I know with you. Some people use a sport bottle with the flip top to apply the baking soda and water. I plan on switching to this for easier application, when and if I find such a bottle


          • … Hi Lois … OH MY GOD … is all i can say for my b.soda shampoo & v.rinse experience … i could hear my hair squeak as i was rinsing the soda … & i smiled … my hair felt like a dream … the apple cider smelled good … which surprised me … my whole room smelled nice from that apple cider vin & i don’t have any greasy hair … because for years i’ve been washing my hair with a natural mixture of soap nuts called “reetha” & a hair fruit called “shikakai” … i buy them in their natural form & prepare them my self … that did for my hair exactly what b.soda & v.rinse did for your hair … i need to only wash my hair three times a week … & it cured the scalp problems … i love natural silver hair on everybody & on me … but i did notice that it stopped increasing when i started using my reetha shikakai shampoo … & now i’m so happy to have another natural option for my hair … when some times i run out of my shampoo … but do you think it’s alright to switch from one to the other every now & then … i like & will follow your idea of using a bottle for easier application the next time i wash my hair … i too am looking for the right one … right now i’m hugging you tight with gratitude for this gift you shared with the world … love & peace to all … God Bless you light years Lois … : )


          • Dina, I’m happy to hear you were happy with the no poo method of washing your hair. I found the lack of suds strange at first but like you loved how my hair felt. I also had a flaky scalp that nothing would cure, even prescription shampoos, but the vinegar rinse I’m told is what cured it.

            I don’t care for the smell of apple cider vinegar on my hair which is why I use the white vinegar instead.

            I see no reason why you couldn’t switch between shampooing methods. Even if you used a commercial shampoo the baking soda/vinegar would be a nice change as it would clean the build up of the wax and other ingredients that build up over time.


  2. I guess I must have missed this page Lois as I link via your post comment in my email box mostly… So will keep the DIY projects etc in mind next time I feel the urge to create something.. :-)
    We went a long walk this morning.. Lots of frost.. but patches of clear blue sky for a change… We were talking hubby and I about setting seeds and he is going to find out some terracotta pots as I said if we get a late spring, ( which I think we may ) our seeds may need some warmth in the greenhouse this year germinating.. So we are going to heat via the method you posted and his Dad used to use… So If we do I will let you know how it goes:-) xx


    • Sue, when I changed the theme this year I lost the header which I used to explain what the blog was about. So I created the sticky page for anyone visiting for the first time.

      It doesn’t surprise me that you are already planning ahead for a possible cold spring.

      We have not had such a cold winter in many years. I wonder some days if it will ever end. It’s currently a minus 8F.in the middle of the afternoon! Our normal high is about 34F.

      Looking forward to hearing how the clay pots work if you need to use them.


    • I”m sure a lot will stay the same. I will still share my free finds and of course the garden is my pride in the summer months. but I wanted to add more environmental and health subjects for this year.


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