Top Ten of 2013

It’s that time again, time to reflect on the past year before moving ahead into 2014.  As I was looking at the top ten posts of 2013 I found a theme to which posts you were most often drawn to.  I found that interesting as I tend to write about whatever moves me at the moment and don’t feel the blog has the same focus.


By the end of 2012 my blog was just starting to get a bit of attention which excited me to no end.  There were zero views for almost six months after which I had a respectable 28,000 views and almost 100 followers.  In 2013, I felt more comfortable blogging and it showed with a total of 177,452 views and over 350 followers.  You rock, thank you for supporting me.

Now the posts you enjoyed the most, in descending order.

10. Walk Down Memory Lane Brings Surprises.: In this post I shared some pictures of my younger years and described the simple lifestyle we enjoyed.

9. Frugal Christmas: Pre-teen boys Three of the Frugal Christmas posts made it in the top 10, which tells me not everyone is standing in lines and fighting for those Black Friday sales.  It is so nice to realize I am not alone.

8. Frugal Christmas: Part 1 This post was a follow-up of a series of posts on the ridiculous items being marketed to us. I shared the items my grandchildren thought they would like from the catalog and then shared the two gifts my one daughter-in-law was receiving for Christmas. I also shared with you how I decide on what to give to each person.

7. Frugal Christmas: Decorating Another Frugal Christmas post, this one was on how to decorate our homes for the holidays without breaking the bank or filling it with stuff made in China. Jen and Sarah shared finished projects they created from the ideas I shared with you in this one.

6. Upcycling 101: The Home Edition In recent months I haven’t given you an upcycling post, sorry about that. This post “The Home Edition” covered ways to use items that would normally be tossed out, or can not be recycled to make functional items for the home from lighting options, to organization and from useful items for the kitchen to artistic pieces for decorating.

5. I Hate Cell Phones, Especially Texting I wrote this in 2012 and it’s still popular. I think its popularity is because even though we see advertising showing cell phones as bringing pleasure, many of us want to disconnect. In this I lamented the feeling expected to answer my phone at all times of the day and the loss of that feeling of being free from the phone when not at home.

4. Upcycling: What to do with that Junk I referred to this one as junk because most people wouldn’t think to reuse a broken belt, or a garden hose that leaked like a sieve. Each item while maybe a bit out of the ordinary they are functional items that make life better.

3. Living Without a Refrigerator I wrote this after my dorm-sized fridge quit working and rather than running out to the store to buy another one I took a look at how much food I really stored in it. The answer was shocking, as it was very little. I knew I didn’t want a full-sized fridge when I moved here as I never filled one. But to realize I didn’t fill a miniature fridge was pretty interesting to me. Of course if you have followed along you know I decided I could use a freezer more than a fridge and purchased a used one. I am very happy with my decision not to replace the fridge January will be one year without a refrigerator in my home.

2. No Stove but I have a Rice Cooker This I wrote in 2012 after Heidi suggested she would like to read how I cook my meals with a rice cooker. It turns out the rice cooker needs better advertising, as it is actually very versatile.

And the top post of 2013 was also the top post of 2012.

Warts of Any Kind, Forget The Doctor, Head to the Kitchen


I shared my experience healing both warts on my son’s hand and my plantar warts on the bottom of my left heel with garlic. The response to this has overwhelmed at times. I have heard horrible stories of people living with warts that return after being treated by doctors but heal with garlic. Recently, a mother shared her story of chemical burns her 2-year-old received when the doctor spilled acid on her son while burning his warts. Not only did he suffer from chemical burns that resulted in a trip to the ER, but the warts returned. She is now using the garlic.  I am glad to see this remains the top viewed post with over 12,000 views.

Did you see the theme?

In addition to these posts being the most popular, so too are each of my pages. Those of my tiny apartment, the before and after which start as trash I pick up and finally the list of everything I have saved from the landfill.

Seeing what you read, I realize there is a societal change happening, now. People are looking for ways to simplify their lives, seeking the lifestyle that many of us grew up which brought us happiness. It didn’t come from designer clothes, or fancy decorated homes.  Neither did it come with purchasing the latest gizmo.  it came from being connected to other people. It came from spending time in nature. People are looking for a less-stressful way to life.

While we may see garbage cans overflowing at the curb, more people are looking to make-do and it shows. There is hope for a future. I believe this is reflected in what people are reading both online and in books. I hope this blog had been and can continue to be an additional resource in finding your own path through these times.

I listened to what you told me you liked, and will try to have a bit more cohesion in the subjects I share here.  I want to focus more on living lightly, natural living, and zero waste as a goal.  I will continue to share Upcycling projects and ideas and would like to share some of your projects from time to time as well.  So with those goals I have decided to start over fresh with a whole new look. I hope you will enjoy the direction the blog heads, and keep on sharing your opinions!!

Did you have a favorite post from 2013 on Living Simply Free?

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