Apologies, Quinoa and a Giveaway

Today I want to share something really special with you and offer you an honest-to-goodness giveaway.  Before I do, I have to express disappointment in myself.  Yesterday I introduced you to Okabashi shoes.  I read through their website and was pleased with what I saw.  A closed-loop business model, made in the USA, and zero-waste manufacturing.  What I didn’t find on their information page is the fact that their product is made from a plastic that is made from Microblast.  You can read more here Basically what this means is that the shoes are anti-bacterial and may (I stress “may” because this is a secret formula) contain triclosan which is a dangerous product to our health. My apologies to you for including this company in my good news.

Now to some better news!

Last week Eliza from Happy Simple Living asked me if I would be interested in offering you a chance to win a free copy of her new cookbook, The Quinoa Quookbook, (open to US and Canada).  I have plenty of recipes for quinoa so I wasn’t sure if I would find anything new here, but Yes! I would love to offer you a chance to receive a collection of quinoa recipes.

Quinoa is referred to as the “mother of all grains”.  For a vegetarian or vegan this little grain contains protein, iron,zinc, and calcium.  It is low in fat and modest in calories for anyone who wants to watch their weight. While I am a vegetarian, this Quookbook is not for vegetarians or vegans alone, although there are plenty of recipes that qualify as vegetarian. There are recipes here for any diet and if a recipe sounds good it would be easy to modify to fit your needs.


I have to tell you after looking through Eliza’s book I have been missing out!  Eliza has delicious recipes for breakfast, salads, soups, breads (yes you can use quinoa to make bread), Side dishes,and more, Eliza didn’t forget about desserts either.  I want to try each of the desserts and now want to grow my own rhubarb to use in one dessert.

Even being blown away by the amount of new ways I can now eat quinoa, I still had to test one of the recipes before offering you a copy. :-)  Tonight, not wanting to spend a lot of time preparing a meal I chose to make Quinoa Burrito Bowl.  I don’t used canned beans, but have plenty of every variety on hand from dry beans.  I wish I could have shared it with you :-)  Delicious.

What’s on my list to make next?  I’m not sure, maybe the Lentil Quinoa Soup, it is winter here. But these are also on my must try right away list:

  1. Maple Quinoa Banana Pancakes
  2. Quinoa Hash Browns
  3. Blueberry Quinoa Crunch Muffins (I’ll be calling on a neighbor with an oven soon!)
  4. Quinoa Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
  5. Creamy Carrot Soup with Toasted Quinoa
  6. Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad with Apples, Red Pear, Dried Cranberries and Toasted Pecans
  7. Asian Ginger Quinoa with Snow Peas
  8. Baked French Onion, Quinoa and Cauliflower

That doesn’t even include the desserts.  This is a sampling of what you can try.

  1. Flourless Chocolate Quinoa Cake
  2. Quinoa Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp
  3. Dried Cherry, Almond and Quinoa Cookies
  4. Quinoa Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  5. Raspberry Quinoa Streusel Bars

Have you tried Quinoa?  What is your favorite way to prepare it?

You can win your own copy of The Quinoa Quookbook by leaving a comment below.  I will draw the winner on Monday, December 23rd.  (Open to residents of the US and Canada)

56 thoughts on “Apologies, Quinoa and a Giveaway

  1. I am vegan & quinoa is a wonderful, tasty protein source. I dice cucumbers and onions, and add them to cooked, chilled quinoa. A dash of lime juice & a healthy sprinkle of dill, and voila! If you like salmon, you really can’t beat this as a side dish.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!


  2. I love quinoa, walnut and apricot salads. I have also made quinoa burgers and they were good. I would love to try the Quinoa Hashbrowns as an alternative to potatoes.


    • Jodi, I haven’t tried making burgers with quinoa or anything else. It seemed counterproductive when I became a vegetarian to try to make foods that looked like what I used to eat. Having said that, my youngest son took me out to eat once where they had a black bean and some other bean can’t remember now, that was delicious.


  3. Hi Lois, I hope all is well and that you are warm :)

    Thanks for the heads up regarding Okabashi…and thanks for the giveaway offering. I have been a fan of Quinoa for a long time and try to eat it at least once a week…although I wouldn’t quote me on that!

    Take care and my best to all.



    • Lyle it warmed up some here but was replaced by rain. I had been cooped up long enough by the cold I grabbed an umbrella and went out today. It was nice to smell the fresh air and see the swollen streams from the melting plus the rain. One more nice day and winter will be back. We are expected to go from a high of almost 60 Sunday to a high of 28 Monday. Crazy weather.

      Quinoa has such a nice flavor compared to other grains it’s nice to know how good it is for us too.


  4. have never actually tried to cook quinoa, only read about it. Would love to have some instruction from a good cookbook. please enter me in the drawing.


  5. Lois the cook book looks fantastic, shame I live too far away… :-) My daughter though I know gave me some recipes for Quinoa, I am still experimenting :-) And don’t feel bad about the apologies, at least they are trying within their firm to recycle all be it some of its products not eco friendly ..


    • Sue, I felt bad knowing so many of my readers live outside the area, but after shipping a book to a reader in Australia I understand the limits. I mailed my copy of Zero Waste Home to a reader/friend and it cost me $30!

      Sue, I refuse to use anti-microbial products myself because of the harm they can do, I had to write a follow up. I am so disappointed, I thought I found a company that was doing everything right and this was a healthy product as a fair price to reach the average person. It’s a step in the right direction, and maybe other businesses will look into the closed-loop business model as a result.


    • Peggy, you are most definitely in the drawing and good luck to you. I am thrilled to hear from so many people who are new to trying quinoa and to have this chance to offer you this book to expand your options.


    • Alexis, when Eliza first announced a chance to win this book on her website I didn’t comment because I didn’t want to win the book when so many others left comments like yours here that showed me others could use it more. I figured I had enough recipes for quinoa that I could pass on this one. But I was so surprised by her book, there are only a couple of recipes even remotely similar to what I have been using quinoa for. And the desserts and breads, I never knew I could use it in these foods. My best wishes to you in the drawing, I think you would very much enjoy this “quookbook”.


  6. I love quinoa and I’m always looking for new recipes. Would love to have some new recipes as we general eat it quite plain or i can usually find some recipes on line. I would really love to win this book.


    • Sheri, I wish you all the best in the drawing. You should know quinoa is very easy to cook with. The key to its flavor is to rinse it well. Quinoa has a protective coating that if isn’t rinsed off can leave a bitter taste. Simply pour quinoa in a bowl and fill with water. Swish it around then rinse well. After that follow the directions on the package, or recipe. It has a fuller flavor than rice so I enjoy it more and use it to replace rice and barley when recipes call for it, or in a salad or wrap.


  7. I a 59 yrs old and am reinviting my life and part of that is learning to eat healthy. I am new to cooking with all these great foods. So I am hoping I win this book, cuz I really have no idea what I am doing, but I am eager to learn.


    • Rebecca, I will turn 51 this month and am still trying new things so I completely understand. Quinoa can be used in place of barley or rice in any recipe you have, except rice pudding which is a bit difficult to modify. You may want to experiment with some of the recipes you have for these other grains for now. Best wishes to you in the drawing.


  8. Just recently tasted quinoa for the first time (yes…a bit of a picky eater here!) and haven’t branched out beyond pilaf with it. Would love to win this book! Thanks for the opportunity.


    • Kim, it’s always good to hear from new people who are just trying quinoa. I started using quinoa when I was trying to eat a healthier vegetarian diet and kept coming across information on how good this was nutritionally. Good luck to you.


  9. These recipes sound great! My only experience with this grain is boiling and eating as a side dish. Thanks for offering this giveaway and for sparking my imagination for ways to use quinoa.


  10. My quinoa repertoire is not very large and some of the titles of these recipes sound really good. If I happen to win the cookbook, I’m going to have to look for a cheaper source of it. It is priced like a specialty item at my local grocery store.


    • I hope you find a cheaper source. Our local grocery store charges more than the whole foods co-op in the city but the Mennonite bulk foods store sells it at the lowest price. Have you looked online, I know Amazon carries food products now. Good luck to you, Live and Learn in the drawing.


  11. Lois, thank you so much for coming back to mention the triclosan that may be in the shoes. I just read an eye-opening article on environmental toxins in so many of our materials. The studies they sited in the latest Prevention magazine are suggesting that obesogens (sp?) are affecting our future generations predisposition for obesity. It could make me neurotic just thinking about it all, but I do think it’s important that we share the information when possible. I really appreciate you mentioning that here!!!

    On a lighter note, I love quinoa. My favorite way to prepare it is to go out to eat and order it! :)
    Eliza has really made it impossible not to find a way to enjoy this delicious grain!


    • Tammy, I was so disappointed to find that information but once I did I had to pass it along in good conscience. If you are interested I am doing a series on the toxins highlighted in the book Slow Death by Rubber Duck on my other blog http://inexpensive-eco-living.blogspot.com/ I don’t post there as often as I do here, about every couple of days if you want to learn more. The authors in the end do a good job showing little things we can change to reduce our exposure. Little things like my old thermostat are loaded with them. So a few dollars to replace it with a newer model would help. Who knew these chemicals were everywhere.

      Good luck to you in the drawing, it could save you some money being able to stay home to eat your quinoa. :-)


  12. That looks fantastic. Who isn’t looking for different ways to spice up their quinoa? Curried lentils on quinoa is probably one of my favorite recipes. Thanks for the chance to enter!


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  14. I love quinoa and only discovered it a few years ago. But I am not creative and recipes were scarce so I have limited myself to cold veg salads with raw veggies topping the quinoa with a lemon olive oil dressing. I would love to win a copy of this book.


  15. I have to tell you that the word quinoa always makes me giggle, because when I first discovered the stuff about 20 years ago I didn’t know how to pronounce it… and let’s just say that making the connection between written and spoken words is not exactly my strong suit to begin with – for years I thought I was feeding my cat “simmered safari” flavor cat food… one time I couldn’t find it and asked the lady at the counter who responded with a puzzled look… “You mean Simmered Seafare?” Oh my. So, I was just sure that “quinoa” was pronounced “qui-no-na” like “Winona” with a Q on the front, and pretty soon my friends were all teasing me that I was cooking with Quinona Ryder again. Oh well, at least I provide amusement for those around me.

    Anyhow, while those recipes sound delicious, and you know I always love to comment, I don’t want to be entered in the drawing. Cookbooks always sorta depress me because there is seldom a recipe without numerous ingredients that I’m allergic to.

    And major bummer about the anti-bacterial shoes. I just discovered this year that my garden hoses are made with that stuff too…. AAARRRGGGHHHH!


    • Love your simmered safari, bet the lady at the counter enjoyed that. When I first found quinoa I pronounced it exactly as you did. Come on I grew up during the Phonics path to reading. :-)

      I just read in Slow Death by Rubber Duck that garden hoses can be made with it too. Is there anything they haven’t touched with this stuff?

      I understand your food allergies, so won’t enter you in the drawing. Glad you still stopped to comment.


      • That is funny, I think unless we find it in a cookbook or such where the pronunciation is spelled out the word is just too different from others in our language to have any concept of how to pronounce it.


  16. I too have been eating quinoa for a short while, but have not gotten very creative with recipes. mostly plain and in soup…Some new ideas would be great.

    while you have the book to look at Lois, can you check if there is a recipe to make a “sauce type of thing” to go on the plain quinoa? have been looking for something like that. if there is, maybe you might stretch to post it here?


  17. Our family discovered quinoa a while back, but we haven’t really expanded on our basic recipe, which is to simply pile our veggies atop the quinoa. It’s simply a staple, but we’d love to make it something special. The recipes sound yummy.

    I know all too well the challenges of finding products that are clean and green and fair from design through my purchase. I feel like it’s impossible. I often end up emailing the companies and asking them to disclose more information (from where the raw materials originated, with what chemicals the product is manufactured, etc). They are reluctant sometimes, but respond to my inquiries truthfully. Then it’s off on a search again!

    Thanks for all your efforts here at your blog. You are appreciated.


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